All about Resume Writing

What do employers look for? What skills do you need to highlight on your resume? What shouldn’t you include on a resume? These are all questions you must know the answers to. Here you will find useful information about resume writing, tips, examples and the latest trends that both, joobsekeers and employers, expect on a resume. 

Whether, you’re a student looking for your first job, or a seasoned professional, we have the expertise you need to reach your next career goal.

How to Tailor Your Resume For Any Job

how to tailor your resume for a job

One of the biggest mistakes that prospective candidates make in a job search is making their resume too generic. Whilst a scatter gun approach can

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How to Explain Gaps on Your Resume

explaining-gaps-in-your employment

Explaining gaps on your resume can be difficult. Learn how to answer tricky questions about resume gaps and nail your next job interview.

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Adding Computer Skills to Your Resume


Highlighting resume computer skills is essential as the vast majority of jobs involve using computers. Learn how to add computer skills to your resume.

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What Does CV Mean?


What is the meaning of CV? Find out what a Curriculum Vitae is and how it is different from a resume. Learn the difference between US and UK English.

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