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Whether you’re trying to reach a higher position, trying to change career, or looking for your first job, it’s always to good to get some expert career advice.

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Christmas Jobs

christmas jobs

Different types of Christmas jobs vary and can be good for getting work experience for a resume, to have a break from another job or switching to different work hours. Browse our list of Christmas jobs to understand more about winter jobs and Christmas seasonal jobs.

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The 10 Best Jobs of the Future

What are the best jobs to do in the future? Which jobs will be highly-paid and be in demand? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

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What Do Employers Look For?

What do employers look for? The qualities employers look for in a job applicant explained. Learn about tailoring your resume to maximize your employability.

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The Importance of Professional Networking


The importance of the professional network shouldn’t be underestimated. It is hugely advantageous for job hunters in particular as a personal recommendation to an employer from a

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Top Skills Employers Want

Most wanted skills on a resume

Companies look for candidates with a range of skills. Every job role is different but there are some key transferable skills which employers want. Find out which ones are the most wanted.

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