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  • I tried a few of these websites but ResumeCoach was the easiest to use. Plus it worked! 🔥 #resumecoach


    Matt Jackson

  • I signed up for ResumeCoach and within 10 days 3 companies got back to me, including my current employer! 👏 #resumecoach


    Maria Hernandez

  • ResumeCoach was ideal for me because I struggle with computers. I just followed the instructions and ended up with a great resume :) #resumecoach


    Kevin Brooks

  • Saved me the hassle of spending ages formatting and editing and let me focus on actually finding a job 👊 #resumecoach is really cool


    Eliza Murphy

  • It worked even better than I thought!!!!!! 😁 It’s day 12 and I’ve just had a job offer!!!! Thank you #resumecoach!!!!!


    Kimberly Gonzalez

  • Really cool features that let you quickly build an a top-notch resume. Got 3 interviews lined up already!!!!! 💪


    Brian Martin

  • Signed up for the 7-day plan for just $1.95! 1st resume since college and was so easy! Tips and examples make it easy 😏


    Jeff Campbell

  • Just followed the administrative assistant resume example and the instructions. Start my new job on Wednesday!!!!!! Would recommend #resumecoach


    Lauren Scott

  • Feeling proud of my #resumecoach resume! Didn’t take long but looks like a professional has created it! :)


    Patricia Brown

  • Love #resumecoach!!! Just made an awesome resume in 10 minutes using my iPhone!!! 🔥 Next step is to start applying 🤞


    Michelle Davis

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    Follow expert tips and examples
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    Wide range of proven templates
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use ResumeCoach to create your resume?

    Because our resume maker is so fast and easy to produce impressive resumes which work. Our resumes give you a 67% better chance of getting a job compared to a resume made on Word. You don’t need to have any design skills and our easy-to-follow expert tips and examples mean that your resume will basically write itself! It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience or you’re a guru in your field, we have the template to land your next job!
  • Do I need to create a different resume for every job application?

    Yes, there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all resume’. Every job has different requirements (even when the job title is the same!). To maximize your chances of success, each time you apply for a job you should send a resume which is tailored to meet the specific needs of each job. This will make your resume shine as employers will clearly see why your’e the perfect fit for the job. This can take time to do, but with ResumeCoach you can quickly adapt your resume for each application.
  • Which resume template should I use?

    All our templates have been proven to work so you can’t go wrong! The template you choose depends on your preference and the impression you want to give employers. Some templates are better for specific industries but all of them give a professional look and feel which employers love. When you use our resume creator you have the flexibility to make your resume your own, our editor couldn’t be easier to use and it gives you absolute control.
  • What should I include on my resume?

    What you should include on your resume depends on your experience and achievements, as well as the requirements of the job you’re applying for (each resume should be tailored to each position). The five most important sections which you should include on every resume are: contact info, resume objective, experience, education, and skills. When you join Resume Coach you get insightful step-by-step guidance for each section of your resume so it couldn’t be easier.
  • Can I write a cover letters using ResumeCoach?

    Yes, when you use ResumeCoach there is a separate editor to create attractive cover letters which stand out. It is just as easy as making your resume and just as important. The great thing about using ResumeCoach to create both your resumes and cover letters is that they will have the same look and will work hand-in-hand to impress employers and land you the interviews (and jobs!) you deserve.
  • Are there examples of winning resumes I can look at?

    Yes, we have a library of resumes which have landed jobs in a range of different industries. You can use these to see what works and to give you inspiration. By using proven resumes for guidance you can create impressive resumes with the confidence they’ll impress employers and land interviews. When you use Resume Coach you’re also given insightful tips at each stage to make it easy to nail your resume.
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