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A teacher resume must ensure to show dedication and passion towards the specific field of teaching and also demonstrate the individual’s ability and enthusiasm for constant learning.

Teachers of all ages and backgrounds need to include a wide range of abilities including technical, digital and interpersonal skills on their resumes as well as demonstrate their specialist knowledge area and qualifications in each field. This means it’s essential to highlight a teacher’s academic and professional trajectory including any extra training and methods they adhere to.

Teaching is a vocational profession in the sense that teachers often feel a calling towards educating and as it is a lifelong occupation it is necessary that the teacher’s resume reflects the candidate’s styles, strategies, experience and objectives within the industry.

There are various levels and niches in teaching that require adapted teacher resumes such as a high school or middle school teacher resume, elementary or preschool teacher resume, a substitute teacher resume or even a special education teacher resume. Find out how best to structure and create your personalized teacher resume in our guide to writing a teacher resume with expert tips and practical examples.

Top Tips

  • Ideal resume format = Chronological format
  • Combination resume format is a possibility for certain candidates
  • Functional resume formats are not recommended

Important factors to consider:
Page layout
Adapt to specific teacher type





  • Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Core competencies
  • Education
  • Honors and Awards


  • Languages
  • IT skills
  • Volunteer work
  • Qualifications/Certifications
  • Publications
  • Seminars/Conferences
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


When writing a teaching resume, it is important to consider the resume format which best suits the information contained within. Each jobseeker will need to review their own professional profile and the position they’re interested in, in order to know which format is ideal for their needs.

Generally speaking, a chronological resume would be the most recommended format for teachers. Neither a functional nor a combination resume layout would be advisable as these do not portray the experience a teacher has had in an organized manner that will please prospective employers in the academic sector.

The chronological format allows applicants to present their own academic and professional trajectory in a reverse chronological order that permits employers to have a clear understanding of the candidate’s background and how they have come to be in their current position.

However, this is a subjective matter and there are cases when a combination resume could be more beneficial for some candidates given the possibility to not only present this information but also address each unique requirement of the vacancy by indicating how the applicant tackles certain situations with their abilities and expertise.

Candidates should also consider the text formatting when creating their teacher resume as it is of vital importance that the hiring manager is able to clearly read the information included and essentially see at first glance all of the most relevant facts. Therefore, it is essential to use bold and italics carefully to ensure maximum readability.


The design of a teacher resume very much depends on the type of educator the candidate is applying to be. As we’ve mentioned, teacher resume is a broad term covering a range of levels and niches, such as special needs education, teacher for the hard of hearing, high school teacher, elementary school teacher, kindergarten teacher, substitute teacher, etc. With such a wide variety of differences under the same heading, it is difficult to indicate one design style that will work for all of these categories. Candidates must therefore evaluate the vacancy on offer, the type of institution, and the culture they present before deciding on a design of resume to use.

What is important to note for all teacher resumes is how to design the page format and content. Educator employers need to be able to get to know the candidate through their resume easily enough to make a positive impression and convince the potential employer to call them for an interview. This is why using clear titles, headings and a straightforward layout is vital for teacher resumes.

It’s not advisable to use graphics or images within the actual resume although they may be necessary in individual cases for portfolios if the idea is to undertake a creative role such as an art teacher.

Infographics, however, are useful assets to teachers because not only does it give a clear image of their skills but also demonstrates their abilities to use technology to provide information in a range of formats for different learners’ needs.

Some teachers may even benefit by using creative resumes to display their application and profile to employers if it is appropriate to the position and institution’s environment.


It is not advisable to include a photo on a teacher resume in the U.S. If you decide to apply outside the U.S. for a teacher vacancy, you should investigate the specific country’s recruiting regulations but it is not necessary when applying within the U.S.A to put a photo on your resume because this can lead to discrimination in the recruiting process.

Ultimately, including a photo on your resume could result in it being sent straight to the trash because it is against the law for any recruiter to employ someone on grounds of their appearance.

Sections of a Resume

Varying teacher profile types can require very different resume parts but some of the main teacher resume sections to include are as follows:

  • Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Core competencies
  • Education

Additionally, an honors and awards section dedicated to any commendations or accolades bestowed upon candidates is a great way to stand out of the crowd in the recruiting process.

Professional teaching applicants and those with many years of experience might want to incorporate information about articles, essays or books published in a publications section and seminars and conferences attended because it provides evidence of continual growth and shows ongoing interest in that specific field of study or teaching in general. It is vital for a teacher to demonstrate their passion to a prospective employer.

Other optional sections to include could be:

  • Languages
  • IT skills
  • Volunteer work
  • Qualifications/Certifications

Teaching resume samples demonstrate not only the main details that each jobseeker should include depending on their role but also gives useful real life examples of how to complete each section with achievements, skills, certificates, awards and experience. For more resume help you can check out our guide to writing a resume and get advice on each individual section.

Resume Length

Although some teachers may also include a portfolio or other documentation with their job application, it is generally preferred that a teacher resume be 1-2 pages in length at most.

If a candidate is just starting out after graduation or after holding one or two positions, their resume should be no longer than one Letter size page, whereas, in some cases, for more experienced teachers or candidates who have held senior positions with more responsibility, it is acceptable to deliver a resume of 2 pages.

If you’re still struggling to get started, why not try out an online resume creator to help guide you through the process to create an original, efficient resume for teaching jobs.

Teacher Resume Section Headings

Education is an ever-evolving industry and for this reason, teachers’ resumes also constantly change to adapt to current demands. It is important to include various sections that can be adapted to the needs of each individual candidate and the vacancy they are interested in.

A teaching resume should always begin with a clear summary statement introducing the candidate’s professional profile, qualifications, and key skills which are most relevant to the position on offer.

Work experience

The work experience section of a teacher’s resume is a focal point where candidates should include all relevant teaching experience including voluntary positions and any extracurricular responsibilities held. At the beginning of a teaching career, it is advisable to also mention the field experience obtained when in training and throughout periods of study.

For entry-level applicants who may not have a long list of previous jobs, it is possible to include other related experiences such as tutoring, coaching or summer camp counselor positions which all require similar skills and knowledge.

Student candidates who are looking for teaching experience can also detail coursework they have produced and projects they have participated in to show their area of expertise and abilities.

Within the work experience section, it is essential that teaching candidates do not make a list of duties they have completed, but instead create a neat, bullet point list of achievements that they have accomplished throughout their career in each position as well as responsibilities that were specific to that role.

For these accomplishments and other details, one sure fire way to make your teaching resume stand out in the application process is to quantify examples. Quantifiable examples take into account test scores, improvements in attendance or grades, class or school size, evaluation scores and the number of teachers trained.


The skills and abilities that a teacher possesses are pivotal to their position as an educator and must be well represented in their teaching resume.

The academic sector is constantly changing and new techniques and technologies are being developed daily to use in the classroom, therefore, it is important for teaching jobseekers to include a list or section dedicated to the soft and hard skills that make them appropriate candidates for the position offered.

As technology advances and the use of it becomes ever more present in classrooms, teachers should provide a comprehensive list or guide to the IT software and hardware with which they are able to work and give examples in possible cases where this has positively affected learning. All teachers are required to have a good understanding of Microsoft office programs.

It is also highly advisable for teaching candidates to include a section dedicated to any knowledge of languages which could be beneficial to their application.


As part of an application to work in the education sector, it is vital that all teacher resumes highlight all academic and training credentials and any extra certificates they hold in the education field.

    • NOTE: Remember to check the requirements of each state and the name for your certification in that state as they are subject to change.

Teacher Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Finding the right words to include in a teacher’s resume can be challenging because it is essential to demonstrate the relevant skills and experience in a clear manner that will capture the attention of the hiring manager.

Using a teaching resume example, candidates can tailor their information to the specific job that they’re applying to, using the particular keywords which correspond to the role and company, taken from the job description and vacancy.

Each different position and school or organization may have different keywords because the responsibilities may vary according to the job role, therefore, it is necessary for the applicant to always tailor their teaching resume suitably.

It is strongly recommended that all teachers not only double but triple check their teaching resumes for errors, spelling mistakes and general formatting including spacing, type fonts, and sizes etc.

A large number of resumes are rejected daily for silly mistakes which have not been corrected on time. The importance of this is paramount as no employer is looking for a teacher who cannot provide an error-free resume.

Words to Use

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Potential
  • Development
  • Curriculum
  • Nurturing
  • Technology
  • Planning
  • Passionate
  • Commitment
  • Involvement
  • Dynamic
  • Energizing
  • Special-needs
  • Classroom management

Action Verbs

  • Launch
  • Explain
  • Chair
  • Foster
  • Teach
  • Instructed
  • Communicate
  • Organize
  • Provide
  • Coach
  • Evaluate
  • Program
  • Motivate
  • Encourage
  • Mentor
  • Research

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking English Teacher position

Resume summary statement:

Middle School English Literature teacher looking to start in High School English Lit., focused on motivating students to grow a general love for reading with a passion for constructing open dialogue and inclusive teaching strategies.

  • Prepared lesson plans for various classes of 20-30 pupils over 12 academic years with diverse levels of literacy.
  • Introduced technology into the classroom with several online reading platforms to foster interest.
  • Conducted termly student evaluations and liaised with parents for conferences to find solutions to behavioral or academic issues.
  • Organized and attended weekly staff meetings to communicate improvements and issues in the school and relating to academic concerns.
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  • 12 years
  • BA
    English Literature
  • MA
  • LSS
    Teaching with Technology Course

2. Candidate seeking Substitute Teacher position

Resume summary statement:

Trustworthy, respected substitute teacher for elementary school Math, Science, Spanish and English literature. Enthusiastic about employing different teaching methods and analyzing their efficiency for different age groups.

  • Developed lesson plans for students aged 4-12 in Spanish for full academic year.
  • Addressed bullying issues and behavioral issues, communicating with parents, teachers and students, as well as tracking progress after initial interventions.
  • Implemented a reading buddy program with local high school for early learners.
  • Guided and supported students through planned activities from permanent teachers, maintaining effective classroom management.
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  • 4 years
  • 10 years
    in education sector
  • BA
  • Spanish

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