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A relatively new but increasingly popular choice of profession is online tutoring. Technology has allowed us to connect on so many levels. Professional online tutors are now available independently as well as via either online educational platforms, teaching almost everything under the sun. This is done in one-on-one as well as in group settings, like in a traditional classroom, only online.

Creating a professional online tutor resume will help you gain more credibility, represent all your skills and accomplishments in one place and ultimately, close more clients. Whether you are applying to become an online tutor on an online teaching platform or you work solo, an online tutor resume will help you stand out from the crowd.

A lot of online tutors today bring with them previous teaching experience which comes in handy but that is not to say that newcomers in the field are not welcome.

You can use this online resume builder to make a professional online tutor resume in minutes.

Top Tips


Most recommended format: Chronological

Combination resumes also work for online tutor resumes

Use creative format only if you are associated with a creative industry


Main aspects to bear in mind:



Bolds & Highlights






  • Contact details
  • Objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship
Resume Length

Recommended: 1 x Letter page – 8.5” x 11”


Most online tutors bring with them a wealth of expertise and experience in their subject matter and in providing instruction. It is recommended to use the chronological format for an online tutor resume as it allows you to list your previous work experiences in reverse-chronological order, along with your major achievements.

For online tutors who do not have extensive work experience and history, they can use the combination format. This enables them to list and highlight their skills which are also an important aspect of a tutor’s profile. Online tutor resumes that do not contain a dedicated section for skills are missing out on communicating some of the major aspects of their professional profile.

If you are tutoring in creative arts of any kind, then depending on your profession, you can use a creative resume format. Make sure that the creative aspects of your resume do not compromise on readability and communicate the information effectively.


Design is one of the key aspects of your resume. The main job of your resume design is to lay-out your information in an easy to read manner which is also pleasing to the eyes, making your resume more attractive. The general rule of thumb is to keep it neat and clean with an emphasis on sections and proper spacing.

Using graphics, shading and multiple colors can often result in your resume to look unprofessional and informal.

For online tutor resumes, there’s every chance that you might not have to print your resume as you are most likely to send it online. Design a professional online tutor resume with our online resume builder.


Although regulations for hiring on online platforms may vary depending on the service you are using, as most online platforms require a profile photo. Using your photo on a resume, however, is not recommended.

It is illegal in the U.S. to hire someone based on their appearance and comes under discrimination laws. Avoid problems and don’t put your photo on the resume. Potential employers may end up on your profile photos when they ‘look you up’ anyway.

Sections of a Resume

Online tutors have different aspects that they need to highlight based on where they are applying. In any case, some sections are a must-have for a resume and are expected by your potential employer. Such as:

  • Contact details
  • objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications

Additionally, you can add relevant sections to add credibility and further strengthen your resume and professional profile. The optional yet important sections for an online tutor’s resume are:


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship

Due to the nature of the job for online tutors, it may also be a good idea to add sections for timings and availability and indicate time-zones and schedules.

Resume Length

Using minimalist design principles and appropriate sections, you can fit a lot of information on just one letter page size 8.5” x 11”. This is also the optimal length for a resume.

Although in case of online submissions and where portfolio and extensive additional information is required, you may easily get away with more than one page.

Online Tutor Resume Section Headings

Online tutors come in all shapes and sizes, that is to say, that there is an online tutor for just about anything that you want to learn. This makes it a highly diverse field with each individual bringing with them unique experiences and perspectives. It is important that this is reflected on your resume under appropriate sections.

These standard must-have sections for a resume enable you to format your information in easy to understand and easy to read pieces without overwhelming the reader.


A great opening statement expresses to your potential employer the kind of person you are, the kind of experience you bring and how you can bring value to the table. Craft a short yet powerful summary statement that introduces you and highlights the best aspects of your professional profile.

Work experience

After opening with a solid summary statement, the most important section is your previous work experience. In a chronological format, you list your last employments along with the dates and durations you served as well as your accomplishments and targets achieved.

How many classes have you successfully run to date, how many students have taught and the improvement in their grades in a quantifiable way? This is all valuable work experience that will strengthen your online tutor’s resume.

A neatly laid out work profile paints a fuller picture and goes a long way in getting you shortlisted.


A great online tutor knows how to transfer knowledge and enable learning, no matter what they are teaching. This naturally requires them to possess a set of soft skills that they must use in order to be effective at their job. Other than that, any technical and relevant skills must be mentioned in your online tutor resume along with any certifications for those skills that you might have acquired.


Your Educational qualifications, additional certifications, and diplomas serve as a foundation for what you are teaching online and add credibility to your professional profile. In the world of online tutoring, your experience in the field may also lead the way despite having no formal education in the field.

Online Tutor Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Depending on your field of expertise, you must use the relevant keywords to show you know what you are talking about in your resume. At the point of reading your resume, your potential employer hasn’t probably met you yet, so by your resume they are assessing whether you are capable and ‘the right fit’ for the job or not.

By using carefully chosen words in your resume, you make it more professional and credible.

For ease of understanding, including the full form of acronyms wherever possible.

Words to Use

  • Course
  • Lessons
  • Timing
  • Classes
  • Group work
  • Coach
  • Learning
  • Development
  • [subject name]
  • [Course names]
  • Student reviews
  • Patience
  • Problem solving
  • Punctuality
  • Reporting
  • Progress

Action Verbs

  • Teach
  • Schedule
  • Develop
  • Improve
  • Manage
  • Decide
  • Impart
  • Direct
  • Equip
  • Decide
  • Assess
  • Prepare
  • Motivate
  • Evaluate
  • Engage
  • Supervise

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Online tutor Role

Self-motivated independent online tutor providing exceptional tutoring services since 2010.

  • Engaged, challenged, motivated and mentored over 1000 students nationwide.
  • Improved average grade performance by 10- 30%
  • Prepared and maintain extensive student progress records
  • Conducted parent review meetings online
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  • 8
    Years experience
  • B.A.
    Arts & Sciences
  • M.A.
  • Bilingual

2. Candidate seeking Online tutor employment

Veteran online tutor with over 2 decades of TOEFL, TEFL and IELTS teaching experience

  • Train students to obtain relevant Engli sh language certifications
  • Motivate and mentor students and monitor progress
  • Classroom management, lesson planning, error correction, using multimedia and fun hands-on activities to teach English.
  • Online record management
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  • 20
    Years of experience
  • B.A English
    Teaching English as a foreign language
  • Diploma
    in E-learning

Last modified on September 9th, 2020

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