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On average, each property manager job opportunity attracts at least 250 resumes. Of all these resumes, 4 to 6 applicants will get an interview opportunity, and only one will be employed.

The job hunt process could be compared with a tenant searching for the right apartment in a big city; you have a lot of competition. So, how would you advise your potential tenants to seal the deal and rent your landlord’s apartment? You’d tell them to submit the best application! The same applies to property managers.

You need to keep a keen eye on the tiniest details in your property manager resume, including format, design, and resume length. You also need to know what to include in your resume to avoid writing a long resume that doesn’t sell your strengths.

Here are some resume ideas that will help you to develop a property management resume that will stand out.

Top Tips

  • Use clear, classic fonts, white space, and big heading
  • Your resume should be in PDF format
  • Organize each section




  • Contact detail
  • Resume objective
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Certifications


  • Hobbies
  • Voluntary work
  • Recognition and awards
  • Languages
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


First, you need to determine what experience you will include in your resume and how you will order it. It is recommended to use a chronological format as opposed to a functional one. That means beginning from your most recent/present position all the way down to your first position. Also, carefully pick and choose the experience you include. Just select the best most relevant highlights and not everything you have ever done.

You could also use a combination format when writing your property manager resume. This format helps you to show all your strengths and have the opportunity to explain your employment gaps. There are a lot of aspects that you might overlook when creating your property manager resume or even include unnecessary ones. To get the best format possible, it is advisable to quickly test out your profile in a resume generator tool to see which one looks most eye-catching.


Your resume design should match your potential employer and show that you have the experience to manage their property portfolio. Always remember that responsibilities vary from employer to employer; thus, your resume should try to match that.

Your resume should show all the aspects that your potential employer wants to see. You can even highlight the most important sections to make it easier for the employer to see without having to read the whole resume.

The perfect design also includes readable fonts, proper spacing, clear tables and lines, and bullet points. Your property manager resume needs to be sent in PDF format as this passes most easily through any applicant tracking software (ATS).


You don’t need to include a photo or any image when sending your resume. Most hiring managers don’t expect this on your property manager application. In fact, many might simply throw out your resume as adding a photo could make them worry about falling foul of discrimination laws. Therefore a profile photo isn’t ever recommended for jobs in the US.

Sections of a Resume

Your property manager resume should have clear sections for it to stand out from the rest. These sections should detail everything about you including your employment history, education, and any other relevant skill.

Some landlords concentrate more on your work experience and skills as opposed to your education. They want to be sure that you can handle their property with little supervision and you know what it entails to manage a property. Your resume outline should include the following subheaders or sections:

  • Contact detail
  • Objective of resume
  • Education
  • Skills and work experience
  • Certifications

If you still have space left at the end of the process. You could also include additional optional details such as:

  • Hobbies
  • Voluntary work
  • Recognition and awards
  • Language

Resume Length

Property manager resume should be one page only. Your aim is to provide a resume that will outline all your strengths clearly and using the most efficient use of the space possible. Longer resumes aren’t usually favored by hiring managers as they are longer to read and slow the process of selecting candidates.

Property Manager Resume Section Headings

A property manager resume should focus on three main areas: certification, work experience, and skills. However, it’s best to start with a strong resume objective. A resume objective statement can help you effectively show what the employer wants to see right from the start. In this case, you should show what you can bring to the table when it comes to property management skills and experience.


There are a few ways in which you can get the right skills on your resume. Firstly, the Certified Property Manager or CPM credential is a way for a property manager to show his/her expertise in this field.

A property manager should be able to handle all areas of property management including collecting rent, maintenance, managing complaints, and paying fees. Therefore a bachelor’s degree is required and there are a few areas that you can major in, which prepare you for these particular skills. These subjects include Business Administration, Accounting or Real Estate.

Work experience

Work experience is the most important section of a property manager’s resume. You should be able to show that you have managed property before successfully. Having the right experience will show you know how to do the job well and will also show you can deal with different issues such as conflict management, rent collection, and when maintaining a property.


What really differentiates you from other applicants is your individual skills. The skills you possess will play a big role when the employer is choosing the right person to manage their property.

Maybe you have skill in repairing properties, in which case you’ll be the right fit for a supervisor job where a building needs repairs. Furthermore, showing that you’re experienced in managing financial software and bookkeeping tools can give you a big advantage in this field. Make sure you get the right blend of hard and soft skills so that you can easily win out amongst the competition and get the job.

Property Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

To increase your chance of getting that call, you need to include the right resume keywords when developing your resume. Most applications these days pass through applicant tracking software (ATS) and those that include too few industry-specific terms are often filtered out.

Words to Use

  • Acquisitions
  • Lease/rent
  • Site Remediation
  • Land acquisition
  • Asset valuation
  • Collection manager
  • Tenant relations
  • Risk management
  • Asset management
  • Valuation models
  • MS office
  • Customer service
  • Property assembly
  • Communication skill
  • Contract administration

Action Verbs

  • Develop
  • Advertise
  • Schedule
  • Repair
  • Liase
  • Budget
  • Coordinate
  • Attend
  • Resolve
  • Analyze
  • Negotiate
  • Discuss
  • Model
  • Commission
  • Improve
  • Negotiate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking property manager role

Property manager with 5 years’ experience in successfully managing residential properties of up to 50 units.

  • Increased occupancy by 50% annually
  • Grew revenue by 10% annually
  • Developed strong tenant relationship to guarantee 90% tenant retention rate
  • Enabled successful conflict resolution
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  • 5 years
  • Certified
    property manager
  • Bachelors’ degree
    in business administration
  • Certificate
    in IT

2. Candidate seeking property manager role

Energetic, dynamic, and highly experienced property manager with a good history of success in overseeing multimillion-dollar properties.

  • Arranged contract and lease negotiations
  • Performed market research and analysis
  • Maintained working processes and standards improvements
  • Led team leadership and training sessions
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  • 10 years’
  • Certified
    property manager
  • Master’s degree
    in business administration, real estate
  • Diploma
    in IT

Last modified on October 21st, 2020

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