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Professional Resume Samples for a Math Teacher

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Math Teacher Resume Tips and Ideas

If you enjoy geometry, algebra, matrices, and other math topics, then a career as a math teacher is definitely an excellent idea for you. As a math teacher, you will teach your favorite subject in elementary, middle, and high schools, and could go on to become a professor at the university level. You will require a Bachelor’s degree in education specializing in math, and to pass a state licensing exam. Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Imparting the required math curriculum
  • Helping students prepare for standardized tests and college entrance exam
  • Show students how to use critical thinking to understand math concepts and solve problems
  • Grading assignments and exam
  • Keeping student records

You will need to demonstrate remarkable numerical, analytical, and critical thinking skills, as well as proficiency in maths. You will also require empathy and patience to handle students, especially teens. If you have all the above qualifications and would like to get a position teaching maths, you need to apply using a professional math teacher resume. Such a resume will show the hiring school your abilities and qualifications and will convince them to hire you. You can use our resume generators so you will not have to build one from scratch.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • You can use online resume templates to avail more information on the chronological resume format
  • Well-structured resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


The reverse-chronological resume format is often the best option for professional resumes. This resume format lets you begin your resume with the work experience section to ensure it easily captures the attention of the readers. The reverse-chronological order is also better recognized by HR officials; using such a format makes it easier for you to please them from the first glance.


You need to pay additional attention to your resume design to ensure that you make a positive impression on your recruiters. Your hiring panel will not consider hiring you if your resume is barely legible, is too oriental, and is simply disorganized. When designing your resume, ensure that it is not bland, but still formal and easy to skim through.

While writing your resume, white space is crucial to make the document comfortable to read and appear less stuffed. You also need to select and apply one formal resume font throughout your entire resume for uniformity. Examples of fonts you can use are Arial, Calibri, and Cambria in a legible size like 12. Having a subheading at the beginning of each new section and bulleted points rather than paragraphs will also help your resume more skimmable and easier to follow.

You can use dark colors like charcoal grey, maroon, and navy blue as column background colors to improve your resume’s appearance. When you are done with all the details and design, proofread then save your resume as a PDF to ensure it reads well on all devices.


Photos are not required while applying for a math teacher’s job.

Sections of a Resume

Resume sections allow you to provide more insight into your career progress and positive professional attributes in a fashion that is organized and universally accepted by HR professionals. Each profession has unique section requirements, all of which are incredibly important to include. The last thing you want is to leave any crucial information out. The following resume sections are the most important in a math teacher resume:

  • Resume Title: Add your professional title, i.e., Math Teacher to avoid misplacement in case of a mix-up
  • Contact information: Include your name (without title), and work contacts (email, mailing address, and phone number) for the panel to contact you. A LinkedIn profile is optional.
  • Resume professional summary
  • Professional background/ work experience
  • Additional skills and certifications: any additional competencies that you possess and are relevant to the job requirements, for instance, website design
  • Academic background

If you have little experience or have just left school, any internships and volunteer experience you have had will add work great for your work experience section. Your hobbies and interests are also optional, though they provide an insight into your personality and life outside work. If you have an interest that is relevant to your line of work, like counseling, you can include it to add more weight to your resume.

Resume Length

A math teacher’s resume should be one page long. Regardless of your level of expertise and responsibilities, aim to be brief and straight to the point so that your strongest points hit home. You can use columns to make the most of the space you have, and ensure that you do not go below font size 11.

Math Teacher Resume Section Headings


This section is the first 3-4 lines where you provide an overview of yourself as a professional; your positive attributes, soft and hard skills, level of experience, and knowledge. Focus on your abilities and what the institution stands to gain from having you on board as it is often the very first part read in every hiring process. You also need to weave in some quantifiable achievements to make your summary statement more impactful.

Work experience

As a math teacher, you need to provide your recruiters with a picture of how your expertise has impacted positively on your students. You should, therefore, focus your work experience section on your achievements as seen through your students’ academic achievements and other responsibilities you have had. You should also ensure that the details you supply in this section are tailored to suit the job requirements on the post you plan to apply for. This will help you to appear as the perfect match for the job.

Math Teacher Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The right resume action verbs and vocabulary will help your resume stand out from the rest and appear less bland and more specific. Below is a list of helpful action verbs and buzzwords that will impress the math teacher on the hiring panel:

Words to Use

  • Remedial
  • Lectures
  • Algebra
  • Technology
  • Curriculum planning
  • Teaching methods
  • Trigonometry
  • Student records
  • Instruction
  • Project-based learning
  • Geometry
  • Stakeholders
  • Concepts
  • Assignments
  • Enrichment program
  • Tuition

Action Verbs

  • Implement
  • Plan
  • Evaluate
  • Research
  • Teach
  • Grade
  • Communicate
  • Oversee
  • Guide
  • Tutor
  • Prepare
  • Organize
  • Supervise
  • Support
  • Incorporate
  • Maintain

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking middle school math teacher job

Passionate and able math teacher with five years of experience in imparting knowledge in mathematics to students using intuitive and gainful approaches to ensure students reach their potential. Looking forward to joining Acme middle school to leverage my talent in mathematics to assist students in learning various math concepts.

  • Assisted in the development of a remedial timetable to facilitate attention to students that required further assistance in math
  • Used various forms of technology, including Ms PowerPoint and iPads to enhance instruction and teaching
  • Maintained accurate and current students records as per school and district policies.
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  • Degree
    in education
  • 5
    years experience

2. Candidate seeking math teacher position

Highly accomplished and results-oriented mathematics teacher with over 15 years in teaching high school students. Have a proven track record in assisting students with learning difficulties, having achieved an overall improvement in test results by 27%.

  • Conferred regularly with parents, administrators and other stakeholders to discuss and resolve observed academic issues
  • Used targeted assessments to evaluate student progress and used the results to identify and rectify flaws in current instruction approaches
  • Imparted concepts in arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and statistics and taught students how they apply in real life.
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  • BA
    in Math
  • Diploma
    in Leadership and curriculum development
  • 15
    years experience

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