How to Include a Photo on Your Resume

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How to Include a Photo on Your Resume

Including a photo on a resume is an important consideration. First of all, should you include a photo on your resume? In some countries (including the US, Canada, and the UK), you shouldn’t include a photo because of anti-discrimination and labor laws. However, in some countries a photo is optional, and in others it’s expected.

If putting a photo on a resume is optional in the country where you’re applying for jobs you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Images can make a resume look more attractive and it can help to market yourself. There are also certain professions for which image is important, such as salespeople, bartenders, shop assistants, and recruiters.

However, by having a photo on your resume you may put yourself at risk of discrimination. A photo can reveal a lot of personal information about you which has no relation to your ability to do the job. Your gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and physical characteristics should be irrelevant. Photos can also take up valuable space which could be used to showcase your actual abilities.

Whether you decide to include a photo or not, using a resume builder is a time-effective way of producing a professional-looking resume.


How to put a photo on a resume

If you’ve decided to create a resume with a photo you have three main considerations: the choice of photo, its size, and its position on your resume.

What picture to put on your resume?

The type of resume photo you choose largely depends on the position you’re applying for. In general, the aim is to appear professional. Wearing formal clothes and taking a headshot with a serious face or a soft smile is normally effective.

However, try to mirror the company. Do some research and if you’re applying for a job at a more relaxed company, your photo should reflect this. You should wear more casual clothes and smile. Whichever style of photo you choose you should make sure its high-resolution and high-quality.

What size should your resume photo be?

Space is precious on a resume and the focus should be on the content. Your skills, work experience, and qualifications are the most important parts and attaching a large photo is a waste of space.

There is a balance to be struck. The size of your resume photo should not be so small that it’s difficult to see your face. A passport-size photo is generally large enough without taking up too much space.

Where to put the resume photo?

If you decide to include a resume photo you should place it at the top or near the top of the page. The top-right corner is a popular choice and a good one. It leaves plenty of room on the left for your contact details and your resume objective or personal statement.

There are numerous resume templates with photos which you can use. They have been professionally designed and allow you to quickly produce attractive resumes with photos.

Alternatives to including a photo on a resume

If you think that a photo will help your chance of getting a job but, for whatever reason, you don’t want to include it on your resume, there are alternatives. Many candidates include a link to their LinkedIn profile which normally has a photo which employers can see.

Similarly, if you have a personal website which includes your picture, you can include a link. Other candidates choose to send a photo attached as a separate file rather than putting it on their resume.