All about Professional Letters

Cover letters, recommendation letters, application letters, and reference letters are just a handful of the professional letters you may have to produce during a job hunt.

If you’ve spent precious time searching for jobs and perfecting your resume, don’t fall at this hurdle.

Know when it is is necessary to send a professional letter, how to construct one, and then nail it! By following our expert cover letter tips and guidelines you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the game.

How to Sign a Cover Letter


Signing a resume cover letter in the correct way is essential as it leaves the employer with a positive first impression. Learn how to end a cover letter.

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How to Send a Cover Letter Email


Knowing how to send a cover letter email is essential for making the right first impression. Learn how to write and format an email cover letter.

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How to End a Cover Letter


Learn how to end a cover letter. Discover what you need to include in the final paragraph and how to finish it correctly.

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How to Address a Cover Letter


Addressing a cover letter appropriately is key to making a positive first impression. Discover the best ways to open a cover letter.

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What Not to Put in a Cover Letter?


What not to put in a resume cover letter? Your cover letter should be as concise as possible so find out the things not you should not include.

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How long should a Cover Letter be?


The length of your cover letter is important. You want to show that you’re keen but you also need to keep it short and concise. Find out how long it should be and what you should include.

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