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Research Associate Resume Tips and Ideas

Research associates are referred to researchers who have more than a master’s degree in a specific industry and are formally employed in academic sectors. They help organizations plan and organize their strategies. Most research associates base their researches on businesses, markets, investments or the economy. Building a resume for this profession therefore requires the understanding of the line of work of the research associate and targeting the right scope of work to obtain viable results.

A research associate resume focuses on their main areas of expertise, which include but not limited to; monitoring and evaluation, data collection, analysis and reporting. The resume should also include fund proposal writing, research publications and journals, computer skills as well as developing new research proposals. Skills such as team management, budgeting and planning, developing abstracts from research work and presentation skills are also critical for this role. Using an online resume builder can help achieve this through use of relevant content and appropriate use of keywords.

Top Tips


Chronological format is necessary as it captures the most recent accomplishments, which is vital for a research associate

Functional format is not ideal

Using an online resume builder can help


Developing a research associate resume involves focusing on the individual scientific understanding and results obtained for various case studies.





  • Contact information
  • Objective of resume
  • Education section
  • Work experience
  • Research journals and publications
  • Proposals written
  • Conferences or presentations attended
  • Professional memberships


  • Language
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


A research associate resume involves an in-depth development of various information that eventually builds up to sell the individual in a unique way. A chronological format is essential for this resume as it gives more focus on the strengths of the applicant while showcasing the most recent professional and academic achievements.


This is not like any other typical resume as it needs intensive understanding of the content that is available on the resume. The right keywords, appropriate scientific spelling as relevant information needs to be established when writing a resume for a research associate. An alteration of words could bring totally different meanings when it comes to these resumes.


It is not necessary to have a photo when writing a resume for a research associate

Sections of a Resume

A research associate resume contains relevant scientific information, which is vital and different for each individual. The emphasis is often placed on the individual’s understanding of the job scope and making their content relate to the specific job. An investments research associate resume and a biological research associate will not have the same content of sections as they work with different sets of information, tools and ideas. It is therefore essential to understand the research work and create resumes that bend towards that.

Computer knowledge is critical for the research associate resume as all the data collected is analyzed and recorded on various tools on the computer. As the name suggests, a lot of research work is needed for this kind of role, and where else can we get the same if not over the internet? It is also essential when a research associate develops new proposals for different programs and a lot of evaluation is needed to prove the proposals viable for action.

It is therefore necessary to include the following sections on a research associate resume:

  • Contact information
  • Objective of resume
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Research work
  • Proposals and grant writing
  • Publication of referred journals
  • Conferences and presentations
  • Professional affiliations

Optional sections that can be included are:

  • Languages

Resume Length

A research associate resume should ideally be one page. However, more experienced research associates could have their resumes spilling over to the second page due to both the academic and professional experiences gained. The ability to accurately define the relevant information needed for the resume is necessary to ensure no work is left out as that can be costly. Various resume formats are available to help get better understanding of what is needed for a professional research associate resume. The resume should emphasize on the various successful research work that have been developed by the individual and aim to relay the necessity of the research or case studies as handled.

Research Associate Resume Section Headings

A research associate resume should mostly concentrate on research work and education.


Key skills needed for a research associate resume include the ability to collect and analyses data, laboratory management for scientific researchers, health and safety management, grant and proposal writing for funding and team work. As it may vary with each individual, the basic skills needed for s research associate resume should be met to ensure that the applicant understands the scope of work available and if he/she can handle it.

Work experience

This is essential for a research associate as it shows the development from the start to the current research study one is handling. A research associate resume focuses on research-related work experience and expounds on the role of the individual in the particular job. This is essential to understand the amount or work that can be handled by a research associate and the time frames needed to complete the projects at hand. As someone who will eventually interact with both local and international stakeholders, whether for research purposes or funding strategies, a research associate resume should identify the individual’s strengths gained over time.


A research associate resume must include the academic background of the individual as they always have a start point in science, business or economics; developing over time. It is necessary to understand that every research associate should have a good professional stranding in the sector to be able to fully identify with the daily scope of work. This means that it is very vital to include both formal education and professional work gained over time.

Research Associate Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

For every research associate resume, the right resume keywords must be used to retain the intention of the message relayed;

Words to Use

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Business forecasting
  • Leadership
  • Team coordination
  • Proposal and grant writing
  • Donor funded projects
  • Chemical analysis
  • Budget planning
  • Report writing
  • Evaluation
  • Teamwork
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Representation
  • Findings
  • Communication skills
  • Time management

Action Verbs

  • Report
  • Analyze
  • Fund
  • Deliver
  • Write
  • Research
  • Evaluate
  • Sample
  • Plan
  • Collect
  • Compile
  • Collect
  • Evaluate
  • Communicate
  • Account
  • Present

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a research associate position

Highly-resourceful and efficient research associate with a focused approach into biosystems health research. Developed a successful track record of delivering research products on time and within stipulated budgets. Designed innovative proposal and grant writing ideas which improved organizational funding.

  • Developed special skills in water, sanitation and hygiene especially in designing centralized and decentralized drinking water and waste water treatment systems.
  • Established excellent project management skills with a track record of timely project delivery.
  • Collaborated with research associates and other partner institutions local, regional and international to implement various interdisciplinary research activities.
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  • Bachelor of Science
    in Environmental and Biosystems Engineering
  • 4
    years of experience
  • EIA
    Environmental Impact Assessment Expert
  • Member of
    a professional affiliation

2. Candidate seeking research associate role

Expert research associate with a strong knowledge in forestry and natural resource management, climate and ecosystem understanding as well as sustainability management. I have a proven track record in leadership and supervision, partnerships and networking, coaching and mentorship acquired expertise of over 5 years in the research sector.

  • Successfully enhanced visibility of the organization nationally, regionally and globally through dissemination of research findings through workshops, conferences, webinar and other relevant platforms.
  • Mentored students on attachment and internship in liaison with the research center administrative officers and management.
  • Acted as the principal investigator for various successful research programs.
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  • 12
    years of experience
  • PhD in
    Natural Resources Management
  • Over 5 years
    in managerial positions

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