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Having a strong, well-written resume is essential to finding that perfect job. Having a strong, well-written resume is <strong>essential</strong> to finding that perfect job.

Just knowing how to write a resume isn’t enough, though: the resume format chosen is equally critical to deciding whether a candidate moves on to the next round or is eliminated.

With HR professionals taking mere seconds to scan a resume, poor formatting or mechanical errors cause a bad impression. And a bad impression doesn’t get callbacks.

No matter where in their career a jobseeker might find themselves, online resume templates can also provide inspiration for jobseekers intent on writing their resume themselves. But there’s no need to start from scratch every time.

Resume templates can be useful in giving jobseekers a real-time preview of what their resume can look like. The key is to pick a resume template that best suits a jobseeker’s background and experience, as choosing the wrong one can hurt a candidate’s chances.

Professional Resume Templates

Experienced jobseekers have more professional resume template options when it comes to deciding how to present their qualifications and work experience. The resume format used when writing a professional resume is also extremely critical.

The standard professional resume template is the reverse chronological format. This resume template format emphasizes the chronological development of a career and is a classic resume format used around the world.

There’s also the functional resume, which focuses on achievements. Emphasizing results over chronological progression, this resume template is perfect for anyone with significant gaps in their work history.

The combination resume template blends both types of resumes and emphasizes skills and achievements. This resume template is recommended for those looking to break into a different industry or for jobseekers with extensive professional experience.

Entry-level Resume Templates

Entry-level jobseekers should pay careful attention to resume structure and market themselves carefully. An entry-level resume template can definitely help a jobseeker organize their information in a way that will optimize their chances.

For entry-level jobseekers or those applying for their first job, describing and organizing limited work experience can seem like a daunting task. It may seem difficult to describe limited professional experience in a positive light.

When writing their entry-level resumes, entry-level jobseekers are advised to fill out their resumes with relevant volunteer experience, internships, and even hobbies that will complement their applications. Extracurricular activities are also worth listing, as well as any leadership opportunities.

A list of skills that have been learned in formal or informal settings can also prove to a potential employer that a jobseeker is ready to transfer to the workplace.

Student Resume Templates

Students generally do not have formal work experience, which makes creating a student resume a bit problematic.

Student resume templates should pay special attention to the education section. Areas to be emphasized are a high GPA, honors/awards and any extracurricular activities. It’s also good to include internships or volunteer work here.

Some student resumes templates also substitute the work experience section for a Major Projects or Major Achievements section. This will show a potential employer that the skills learned in school are transferable to the workplace.

When to use a Resume template?

Resume templates are great for those needing a bit of inspiration, or who need that little extra push to turn a good resume into a winning one. Resume templates can provide jobseekers with the necessary structure and examples to choose wisely without needing to start from scratch.

Because every jobseeker is unique, every resume will be unique. Jobseekers should take special care to select the right resume format that will help them make the best possible impression on a potential employer.

Jobseekers needing more in-depth guidance and examples can also check out our Resume Builder. It offers practical, real-life industry examples that are helpful for jobseekers who need guidance to write the best possible resume.

But our Resume Builder isn’t designed only for jobseekers who are breaking into the market. Seasoned professionals will also find a variety of options to write or edit their resume in a way that’s perhaps more up-to-date or more in line with new goals or aspirations.

Whatever the case, our Resume Builder has something to help every jobseeker hone in on their dream career.