Pharmacy Technician Resume Examples

Write a strong pharmacy technician resume with our resume examples
  • Chronological: The best choice if you have experience working as a pharmacy tech
  • Combination: A good choice if you have a certification, but your work experience is in another field
  • Keep design elements focused on creating a professional looking document that is easy to read
Resume Length

1-2 pages

Resume Samples

1. Inexperienced candidate seeking first pharmacy assistant position at an independent pharmacy:

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Sample summary of skills:

  • Nursing experience with a focus on patient-centered healthcare
  • Familiar with HIPPA, Medicare, and Medicaid compliance
  • Comfortable with medical terminology, pharmaceutical nomenclature, and common prescription drug interactions
  • Attention to detail with strong math skills
  • Strong customer service with the ability to develop long term relationships with repeat customers to promote brand loyalty
  • Excellent skills with accurate money handling and inventory management

2. Experienced Certified Pharmacy Technician seeking Lead Pharmacy Technician position at a busy chain pharmacy.

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Sample work history section:

  • Utilized pharmacy management software to maintain a customer database, manage inventory, and verify prescriptions
  • Filled prescriptions, checked for interactions, and advised customers on precise dosing procedures
  • Implemented training programs for pharmacy technicians following corporate guidelines
  • Multitasked in a busy environment with average daily sales of over $22,000
  • Prepared and mixed IV solutions and maintained intravenous inventory
  • Complied with Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance billing policies

Pharmacy Technician Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The vocabulary you use on your pharma tech resume is important to show that you have a working understanding of the lingo in the field. In addition, using the right keywords for pharmacy technicians will help your resume make it past automated applicant tracking systems (ATSs) which are performed by computers. This is particularly true if you are applying to a big box chain pharmacy outlet or large employer such as a hospital.

Here is a list of action verbs and field-specific jargon to add to your resume:

Words to Use

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Medicare
  • Medication
  • Prescription
  • Data entry
  • Medicaid
  • Efficient
  • Inventory management
  • Medical terminology
  • Insurance billing
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Accurate
  • Patient care

Action Verbs

  • Dispense
  • Count
  • Provide
  • Refer
  • Label
  • Assist
  • Measure
  • Answer
  • Prepare
  • Handle
  • Verify
  • Maintain
  • Advise
  • Calculate
  • Fill
  • Communicate

Pharmacy Technician Resume Tips and Ideas

Pharmacy technicians, also sometimes called pharmacy assistants, work to assist lead pharmacists by performing a variety of tasks including interacting with customers and patients, data entry, insurance billing, filling prescriptions, and inventory management. They work at hospitals, chain pharmacies, as well as independent drugstores.

In addition to showing that you have the required certifications for pharmacy technician jobs, you will also need to highlight that you have important transferable skills relevant to pharmacy tech work on your resume. It is important to be as specific as possible, using the right action words on your pharmacy technician resume. Below you will find vocabulary to make sure your resume stands out.

When writing your pharmacy tech resume, it is important to identify those skills and qualifications that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. Thoroughly read the job advertisement to decide which skills the employer is most in need of. Be sure that if you hold those qualifications that they make it to the top of your resume, as well as the top of each section.

Read on to learn more advice for writing a pharmacy technician resume including which sections to use, keywords, and preferred formats.

  • Chronological: The best choice if you have experience working as a pharmacy tech
  • Combination: A good choice if you have a certification, but your work experience is in another field
  • Keep design elements focused on creating a professional looking document that is easy to read




  • Contact information
  • Education and certifications
  • Work History


  • Summary of skills
  • Honors and awards
  • Objective statement
Resume Length

1-2 pages


Deciding which format to use for your pharmacy technician resume involves thinking through how much on the job experience you have to support your candidacy. The two most preferred formats are found below, along with tips on how to decide which is better for you.

Chronological format: If you have recently worked as a pharmacy tech, or in a closely related field such as retail or in a medical office, then use chronological format. This format focuses on your work history, starting with your most recent job and progressing back through previous work. This allows you to showcase the responsibilities you have had in previous roles, showing the pharmacist that you already have the skills you need to hit the ground running.

Combination format: On the other hand, if you have been working in an unrelated field, and have recently received your pharmacist technician certifications, it may be beneficial to use a combination resume format. This format allows you to use supplemental sections that are clustered around key skills that you may have gained from several previous jobs, highlighting your fit for the position.


A pharmacy technician needs to be professional and serious. After all, your patient’s health relies on your accuracy and attention to detail. Overly creative resumes are not appropriate for this position. Instead, focus on design elements that help the sections of your resume pop so the reader will quickly find your most outstanding qualifications.

Use traditional fonts, bold, and italics to set off section headings. In some cases, adding some vertical or horizontal lines can add some flare to your resume, but avoid going overboard with graphics or images. See our professional resume templates to build a resume that will help you shine.


Avoid using a photograph on your pharmacy technician resume. In some cases, including one can actually hurt your candidacy because many employers avoid reviewing resumes with photos.

Sections of a Pharmacy Technician Resume

Sections help to organize the information on your resume so that it is easy to skim read. This is important since the hiring manager may only spend a few minutes looking at each of the first round candidate resumes. Here are the recommended required sections for a pharmacy tech resume:

  • Contact information
  • Education and certifications
  • Work history

In addition, if it enables you to promote some of your stronger qualifications, these optional sections may help you showcase your strength as a candidate:

  • Summary of skills
  • Honors and awards
  • Objective statement

Read on to learn the best way to fill out these sections to create a resume that will get noticed and land you an interview.

In most cases, the length of your pharmacy technician resume should be 1-2 pages. This is usually enough room to clearly communicate your strongest qualifications and accomplishments. Remember that it is more important to be concise, with your most important qualifications listed near the top. Use the space to focus on your relevant skills and work history to demonstrate your fit for the position.

Pharmacy Technician Resume Section Headings

Keep each section of your resume focused and information dense. Where possible, include technical skills and quantifiable outcomes to impress the pharmacist who will be making hiring decisions. The key is to be specific, while focusing on the most relevant qualifications. Your goal is to show the hiring manager that you are exactly the person they are looking for.

Before filling out each section of your resume, carefully read the job description found in the job advertisement. Here is where you can find out what the priorities of the department are. Where possible, mirror the language used in the ad, or use our suggested vocabulary for pharmacy tech resumes below.


Use this section to list your certifications and licenses. List them by name and include the expiration date for annual licenses. In addition, if you have college coursework or degrees in a relevant discipline, such as pre-med or biology, then include that information here as well.

Work experience

The key to writing a strong work history section is to be very specific about the responsibilities you have held in each previous job, separated by a bullet list to make it easy to read. It is critical that you focus on those tasks that you have done which were most relevant to your future as a pharmacist assistant.

For example, if your last job was working as a cashier in a retail job, your work history should include relevant skills such as customer service, handling money, and stocking inventory. Use active language, drawing on terminology used in the pharmacy field where you can.

In addition, some of the more technical skills are more valuable to pharmacists. By emphasizing these types of hard skills first, you will show that you hold those qualifications that are most difficult to train. For example, experience working with Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance compliance and billing is considered more technical than customer service because these technical skills take longer to train.


Although not required, a summary of skills section for a pharmacy technician resume is recommended if you believe you hold all of the required and preferred skills listed in the job ad itself. As long as you are being honest, use the exact language found in the advertisement for the job, and draw from our keywords listed below to best highlight your relevant skill set.

Last modified on May 13th, 2020

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