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Sales is a highly competitive industry to work in therefore a salesperson’s resume must be outstanding for them to land an interview. As a sales candidate, the best weapon you have at your disposal is your ability to persuade. Therefore, it’s time to use this skill to your advantage on your custom resume and sell yourself to prospective employers.

Read the following guide on how to write a sales resume and try out ResumeCoach’s resume builder where you’ll find expert advice on what to include in a resume for a sales position and how to make your experience and abilities stand out to attract the attention of a prospective employer.

Top Tips

  • Chronological format = Most commonly accepted
  • Functional and combination formats ideal for jobseekers with gaps in employment
  • Use HR-approved resume templates
  • Remember to consider:
  • Section layout
  • Colors
  • Use of tables/borders




  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement OR qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Education/Training
  • Skills
  • Qualifications/Certifications


  • Conferences attended
  • Honors & Awards
  • Voluntary work
  • Languages
  • Internships
  • Personal interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


Firstly it is important to consider the structure of the ideal resume to get ahead in sales. The most commonly accepted resume format for a sales resume would be the reverse chronological format which includes a description of the job roles held up until the current date, beginning with the most recent and listing the previous positions in reverse chronological order.

With this same resume format, jobseekers are able to demonstrate not only a clear career path or progression within sales but they are given the opportunity to clearly list their responsibilities and achievements in different positions which gives a prospective employer the information they need to know about a candidate’s capabilities.

It is important to heed expert advice for structuring a sales resume to ensure the best layout for your professional profile. For example, it could be useful for certain candidates to review the combination or functional resume formats as they can be arranged to help jobseekers who have gaps in their work history, for career changers or for those whose skill set is very apt for sales whereas their experience may be more varied or not so relevant.

Formatting a sales resume goes much beyond simply choosing a style of resume to use. There are various factors that should be considered if you decide to format a resume from scratch instead of using specially-designed resume templates online.

The type of font you pick and also the size of the lettering is a crucial aspect to take into consideration because it is vital to create a clear, easy-to-read resume that will allow the hiring manager to quickly and simply find the relevant information. If you use a font size or type that is too small or illegible, your resume will find its way to the trash without a second glance.


The style and design that sales candidates should use for their resume depend almost entirely on the applicant’s profile and the company culture where they are applying. Some businesses are becoming very accustomed to receiving creative resumes in different formats, such as video resumes or ones using different materials, whereas, other companies prefer to stick to the traditional professional resume style for recruiting processes.

It is, therefore, essential for sales candidates to investigate the enterprise offering the vacancy and consider the industry before using a more original design to create their unique resume.

The following elements should be considered when deciding on your sales resume design:

  • Material
  • Colors
  • Use of tables/borders, etc.
  • Whitespace

By using an online resume builder, candidates have access to a range of different designs for ready-to-tailor resumes which can suit one profile or another in order to help jobseekers make their resume stand out in today’s competitive recruiting market.

For sales resume designs, candidates should reflect on what parts of their professional profile they wish to highlight and decide on a resume template based on the sections and structure.

Additionally, as sales profiles often need to be extrovert, confident and self-assured, the company offering sales representative or sales manager vacancies could be convinced by a more outrageous or suitably designed resume, using company colors or gimmicks based on the sector or company logo.


In the US, it is not necessary to include a photo for a sales resume. It can actually be counterproductive for your application in some cases because it goes against the laws of equal opportunity recruitment.

Similarly to not including any specific personal details such as age or marital status, which might be common practice in other countries, such as in a French, Spanish or German CV, it is unacceptable to include a photo in an American resume for a sales vacancy.

Sections of a Resume

An important part of sales resume writing is to always keep in mind who your audience is and therefore who you are pitching to. It is essential to consider the company culture and the industry you’re applying to in order to tailor the highlighted achievements to the business style and sector.

In order to customize your sales resume correctly and adapt it to the vacancy on offer, candidates should divide their profile into separate sections that demonstrate different areas of their overall candidacy.

In the case of a sales resume, the most common, standard sections are as follows:

  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement OR qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Education/Training
  • Skills
  • Qualifications/Certifications

Additional sections that could be beneficial to a sales job application include:

  • Conferences attended
  • Honors & Awards
  • Voluntary work
  • Languages
  • Internships
  • Personal interests

Any of these additional sections could be added to a sales resume to emphasize certain successful areas of a candidate’s profile. It is exceptionally important to noticeably clarify between each section and choose the most relevant details to include in each part.

Resume Length

Nowadays, it can be tempting, given the various original, creative resume styles available, to ignore the basic rules and go for whatever you feel makes you stand out in the application process. But, it is essential to maintain some order within resume writing by sticking to a 1-page or, at most, 2-page resume with only the most pertinent information detailed.

For entry-level applicants and student candidates, there is no need to exceed the standard 1-page resume.

The Letter format page that should be used for American resumes measures 8.5 x 11 inches and is the most accepted layout for job resumes in the U.S.

Sales Resume Section Headings

Along with an introductory description of their driven character, abilities, and experience, jobseekers in sales positions should also include their professional job history and academic career information in order to provide the hiring manager with an idea of their background.

Each main section for a sales resume should be tailored to fit the job description in order to match what the hiring managers are looking for. As sales positions can be developed in varying industries, it is vital that candidates establish their professional profile well in the principal sections of a sales resume.

Work experience

As well as your biggest sales accomplishments, within the work experience section jobseekers are recommended to detail their responsibilities and highlight any achievements in each position.

Within these descriptions, you can include aspects such as industry or company sales rankings, number or percentage of new clients or current client growth, occasions where you have met or exceeded sales quotas or if you have affected general sales or profit increases.

Where possible always include quantifiable results in your sales resume. Make sure these statements are comprehensive for different people in other lines of business.


A sales resume skills section should be made up of a combination of soft and hard skills as both are necessary for this profession. The core competencies section should be a defining factor in a sales resume because it is essential to show prospective employers what abilities you have within the realm of sales, as there are many different sides to this profession.

Additionally, as it is important in the sales profession to be motivated and flexible, it’s highly recommended for sales employees to include these abilities in their resumes and to demonstrate examples of each skill they possess. They can do this by introducing other facts that serve as evidence such as awards won, achievements accomplished or responsibilities carried out in previous positions.

Also, include any transferable skills which can be adapted to any market or industry in your sales resume to make sure that hiring managers can see your availability and willingness to learn and grow.


Sales resume samples also show that the best method to demonstrate experience and ability is by listing sales-related training, courses or certificates that have been awarded to the jobseeker.

These qualifications serve as evidence of hard work and enthusiasm toward the sales profession.

It would be positive to mention on your sales resume the different sales approaches or sales strategies that you have used in previous roles or that you have learned in training sessions or seminars etc.

Sales Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Sales associates in retail and other sectors can optimize their resumes by adapting them to the vacancy on offer using these resume tips and by following a sales resume example as a guide on what to include and how to stand out in a competitive industry.

Due to the likelihood of many multinational companies using ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) systems to filter through the first load of resumes sent for a vacancy, it is highly recommended that jobseekers pick their words carefully so that their resumes may reach the desk of the hiring manager after being screened successfully by any ATS system.

Keywords for sales resumes should be taken from the job vacancy advertisement, from the company website and possibly from similar adverts within the same field or from LinkedIn profiles of people who already work in this field. But should always be relevant to the vacancy you’re applying for and your character or experience.

The following are some general key terms to use in sales resumes in order to stand out of the crowd and draw attention to your unique, customized sales resume.

Words to Use

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Customer Service
  • Goals/Objectives
  • Cashier
  • Clients
  • Product knowledge
  • Determined
  • CRM
  • Communication
  • Relationship
  • Closing
  • Accounts
  • Projects
  • Strategy
  • Results

Action Verbs

  • Exceed
  • Maximize
  • Train
  • Negotiate
  • Plan
  • Analyze
  • Calculate
  • Direct
  • Promote
  • Increase
  • Solve
  • Operate
  • Perform
  • Generate
  • Improve
  • Evaluate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Sales Associate role:

Resume summary statement:

Driven sales professional, experienced and dedicated to the technology sector. With years of superior customer service, consistently exceeded sales objectives, with exceptional negotiating skills for closing contracts on new and existing client accounts.

  • Surpassed annual sales quotas for laptops, tablets, and cell phones dept. by 40% using upselling techniques.
  • Consistently offered outstanding product knowledge including new arrivals and communicated effectively with clients to help them find the right items for their needs.
  • Implemented new complaints system that allowed the company to quickly resolve client issues before escalation.
  • Trained all new staff to use POS systems.
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  • 4 years
  • Diploma
    in Business Administration
  • POS Systems
  • 6x Awarded
    Employee of the Month

2. Candidate seeking Sales Manager role:

Resume summary statement:

Responsible for teams of 20+ sales advisors, proficiently working in Spanish and English to resolve client queries, pre and post sales assistance, tracking progress and reporting to management.

  • Increased outbound sales by 25% after restructuring sales strategies and training advisors in sales techniques.
  • Developed client loyalty program that improved client retention by 30%.
  • Implemented fortnightly meetings with sales coordinators to improve communication, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Weekly reports to management regarding inventory, KPIs, principal issues and profitability.
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  • 12 years
    in industry
  • Economics
  • DELE certified
    Diploma in Spanish
  • Team of 20+
    employees managed

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