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Professional Resume Samples for an Assistant Store Manager

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Assistant Store Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

The assistant store manager position is an avenue of promotion to management. It is a rewarding position but it comes with challenges associated with running the store on a daily basis.

If you have the patience, initiative, and steely personality to rise through the ranks of a store from clerk to department supervisor, it’s only natural that you move on to be an assistant store manager.

Being a highly coveted position, landing the job at the expense of equally qualified competitors may come down to your resume. The structure, design, and content of your resume should emphasize the principles of your profession.

To help you write a personalized resume that will get you through to the next stage of recruitment, below are resume guidelines that you can apply. You can also make use our online resume builder with hundreds of predesigned resume templates to direct you.

Top Tips

  • Your resume format will depend on your work profile
  • Chronological format is encouraged
  • You can also use functional or combination format
  • The following aspects are key when designing your assistant store manager resume
  • Resume section organization
  • Titles and subheadings
  • Font type and size




  • Contact details
  • Resume objective
  • Core skills
  • Work experience
  • Education


  • Certifications
  • Promotions
  • Recognition and awards
  • Seminars and workshops attended
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


The chronological resume format is the resume format of choice for most hiring managers since it clearly shows your career progression. This format focuses on work experience showing where you were employed, the length of your employment, and the positions you’ve held.

If you do not have a long working history, you can emphasize your skills by using the functional format. You can also use the combination format, which highlights your most notable work accomplishments and lists your most relevant skills.

Use our resume templates to create excellent resume layouts. Save and send your resume in PDF to maintain format.


As an assistant store manager, your roles will include planning, organizing, and delegating duties among staff. Use your resume design to showcase your impeccable organization skills and attention to detail.

Make your resume design simple, formal, and unique enough to stand out. Focus on sectional organization, titles, and subtitles, font, and color. Divide your resume into relevant sections and use resume subtitles to indicate each section. Leave enough white space between the sections and add 1-inch margins around your resume to make it appear neat.

Use a formal font such as Arial or Calibri and make the size legible. Including some color as well as bulleted points will also make your resume easy to read. A maximum of two hues is recommended.


Including a photo in your assistant store manager’s resume is neither mandated nor recommended in the United States. A photo may disqualify your resume before it is even reviewed.

Sections of a Resume

As stated earlier, your resume should be divided into clearly labeled sections. An assistant store manager’s resume should only have the relevant sections. These sections may vary slightly depending on your choice of resume format, but the main ones include:

  • Up to date Contact details
  • Summary statement
  • Core skills
  • Work experience
  • Education background

You can include additional sections to supplement your qualifications or to give your hiring managers a glimpse into your personal life. These include:

  • Certifications
  • Promotions
  • Recognition and awards
  • Seminars and workshops attended

Resume Length

An assistant store manager resume should be brief and to the point. The position is very lucrative, and it attracts many applicants, so hiring managers have plenty of resumes to look through. It is therefore recommended that your resume length should not exceed two pages.

Use resume columns and bullet points to fit as much relevant information as possible on the limited space.

Assistant Store Manager Resume Section Headings

The key section headings in an assistant store manager resume are: resume summary, skills and work experience.


This section gives hiring managers an overview of your resume. The resume objective statement or resume summary is a four-line introduction that briefly explains the type of position you are seeking, why you want it, and what qualifications make you the right fit for the job. Use the job description to guide you in writing a summary that proves that you can handle the activities and responsibilities of the job.

A well-crafted resume summary should encourage the reader to read through the rest of the resume sections.


The skills section of your resume speaks to your value as an employee. As an assistant store manager, you will be required to provide leadership for the store. This means maintaining a safe and harmonious work environment for all staff and ensuring that sales and profitability targets are met. You should prove to potential employers that you possess the skills that will allow you to tackle these responsibilities. Your resume skills should mirror those mentioned in the job requirements. Include both technical and soft skills.

An assistant store manager should have:

  • Leaderships skills
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Money handling skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Reliability and trustworthiness

Work experience

The assistant store manager role is not an entry-level position. It is an advanced step in the retail advancement path. As such, to qualify for the job, you must demonstrate meaningful work experience. This means laying-bare your career path and your rise through the ranks.

The most effective way to demonstrate your experience is to list your previous work places, positions you’ve held, responsibilities you’ve handled, skills you’ve cultivated and achievements you’ve made.

Assistant Store Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Resume keywords sell you as a professional. They also qualify your resume as their absence makes it look generic.

Use the following resume buzzwords and action words in all sections of your resume.

Words to Use

  • Inventory
  • Budgetary controls
  • Brand
  • Managerial experience
  • Positive work environment
  • High volume
  • Fast-paced
  • Sales objectives
  • Employee relations
  • Leadership
  • Promotions
  • Store operations
  • Commercial awareness
  • Customer service orientation
  • Detail orientation
  • Store policies

Action Verbs

  • Merchandize
  • Operate
  • Maximize
  • Train
  • Delegate
  • Coordinate
  • Supervise
  • Coach
  • Track
  • Analyze
  • Prevent
  • Account
  • Collaborate
  • Manage
  • Schedule
  • Execute

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking assistant store manager job

Resume summary statement: Dedicated assistant store manager with 5 years of industry experience in retail. Strong merchandising background, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of inventory management. Skilled in customer service, communication, and leading staff towards achieving corporate goals.

  • Successfully implemented strategic product merchandising techniques resulting in high sales and achievement of margin goals
  • Helped the store manager improve monthly sales revenue by margins of up to 15%
  • Ensured that staff adhered to company standard operating procedures
  • Successfully trained over 20 sales associates turning them into high-selling team members
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  • 5 years
    of retail experience
  • Associates degree
    in BA
  • Leadership
  • Excellent
    solving problems

2. Candidate seeking assistant store manager role

Resume summary statement: Enthusiastic department supervisor with more than 8 years of experience working in stores. Possess diverse management training. Have exceptional organization, leadership, decision making, and problem-solving skills that make me uniquely qualified to assist in the management of a store.

  • Assisted in hiring, training and mentoring more than 50 personnel throughout the length of my career
  • Ensured stock levels were adequate, and the price accuracy of goods was maintained
  • Came up with retail strategies that improved sale percentages by sizable margins
  • Successfully handled complaints, returns, and exchanges
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  • 8 years
    of experience in sales
  • Bachelors degree
    in marketing
  • Trained
    in cost control and inventory management