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Getting a link building specialist resume right involves a number of special ingredients. The world of SEO is a growing and competitive one and the role of a link building expert requires specialist skills that are highly niche.

Creating a link building specialist resume that sells you as a candidate requires demonstrating your ability to form mutually beneficial partnerships with external writers, bloggers, and journalists. You should also be an expert in knowing what content resonates with a potential audience, the most effective analytical tools for measuring organic traffic and for content curation. This is obviously a lot to fit into a short document like this.

To help you keep all this on track the following guide will give you an introduction on how to create the ideal link building specialist resume and how to optimize it so that it performs perfectly. Use these tips along with our resume generator tool to create a profile that gets you picked for the best jobs.

Top Tips


Reverse chronological

  • Write in a clear legible font
  • Avoid illustrations and graphics
  • Break up long texts into bullet points
  • Spread enough white space on the page




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Certificates and courses
  • Languages
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1-2 x letter pages (8.5” x 11”)


Getting hired for a link building specialist position means demonstrating that you’ve got a good grasp of SEO and plenty of work history of collaborating with content creators and bringing organic traffic to your company. As relevant experience counts for so much in this particular profession, your resume needs to fit this requirement.

Because of this, the best choice for a resume format for a link building specialist is a reverse chronological one. This is one of the most familiar formats out there for both candidates and recruiters alike and will make your document much easier to navigate for the reader.

However, the biggest advantage of this type of resume is the level of detail it provides for the candidate’s work experience. Unlike functional resumes, it provides an in-depth look into the actual tasks that applicants have performed within a business and previous roles. This precisely what recruiters will want to see and should be what you get down on paper.


Designing a resume isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, especially if graphic design isn’t your thing. However, the good news is that a link building specialist resume doesn’t need to be a work of conceptual art. The most important thing a document like this can do is communicate the information on the page fast and effectively.

There a just a few simple tips you need to follow in order to do this. First of all, don’t overdesign the page layout. Recruiters want to know about your link building skills rather than your artistic prowess.

Secondly, keep it simple by using enough white space to spread all the information out. It’s best to avoid graphics and illustrations altogether as these will take up valuable room on the page and probably undermine the formality of the document. It is ok however to use a little color on headers and dividing lines, but that’s as far as you should go.

The font you use also plays a bigger role in the performance of your resume than you might think. Make sure that the text is consistent and legible throughout and that you use a neutral typeface. Styles like Arial and Times New Roman may seem dull but they are still some of the best fonts for communication information quickly for a reader.

Finally, to make sure the information on the page really packs a punch, break up lengthy paragraphs into bullet points. This will help the reader identify your best attributes much faster and give you a much better shot at success.


In most cases, it’s better to leave a photo off of your resume if you’re applying for a link building role in the USA. A lot of hiring managers could reject a resume with a profile picture for fear of contravening workplace discrimination rules in the country. However, if you’re applying for a job in a European country like France or Spain a photo on your resume is often expected and should be included.

Sections of a Resume

Choosing the sections you include carefully will help your resume stand out and make organizing information on the page a much simpler process. At a minimum, the sections that you should include are:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Candidates shouldn’t stop there, however. To really take your resume to the next level it’s important to demonstrate why you’re a cut above the rest out there in the job market.

This could mean demonstrating foreign language skills, highlighting additional studies you’ve undertaken to understand the ever-changing world of SEO or any special interests or hobbies that underline your passion for the field. To get this extra information across it’s a good idea to include one or more of the following optional sections:

  • Certificates and courses
  • Languages
  • Projects
  • Achievements
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

A good resume doesn’t have to be a long resume. In fact in most cases it’s better just to cut your profile down to just a single letter page. You can extend to a 2nd page if you have more relevant experience than fits on just 1 page. However, recruiters are required to read dozens if not hundreds of resumes every day and longer documents are unlikely to get read in their entirety.

Link Building Specialist Resume Section Headings

A resume in any profession needs to create a positive reaction immediately. One of the best ways to get a recruiter reading your link building specialist resume to really sit up and take notice means including an eye-catching resume summary statement.

This quick introduction can highlight your most employable skills and suitability for the job quickly and as soon as the recruiter’s eyes hit the page. If done right, it will provide the perfect incentive to keep the hiring manager reading.

Work experience

A good work experience section is the best friend of any effective resume and that is no exception in the case of a link building specialist candidate. Relevant experience is one of the most important factors recruiters will use when weighing up whether to progress your application or throw it in the trash, so you need to make sure your resume has what they are looking for.

When writing the work experience section, remember to only provide details about roles that support your expertise in SEO. Other jobs you’ve had in other sectors that don’t relate to organic traffic and online marketing can simply be left off the page. When outlining previous roles include:

  • The name of the company and where it was located
  • Your job title
  • The dates of employment
  • The key roles and responsibilities you performed

When you describe the tasks you did in previous jobs, remember to keep the information specific and numerical where possible. Focus on results and achievements that demonstrate the value you brought to the business and indicate exact statistics. Tell the recruiter how much you grew organic traffic, be clear about the exact budgets you had to work with (or how big the savings you made were) and always state the specific tools and software you used to do the work.


There’s a lot to fit into the skills section of a link building specialist. This is a role where technical ability is just as important as your ability to reach out and create positive partnerships with media outlets and bloggers. To achieve this, be sure to include one or more of the following on your document:

Hard skills:

  • SEO best practice
  • Data analysis
  • Google tools
  • HTML
  • Research
  • SEMrush
  • Social networking
  • CSS
  • Moz
  • SEM
  • Javascript
  • Relationship building

Soft skills:

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking
  • Proactivity


Whilst it is possible to get hired with no more than a High School Diploma and relevant experience, most recruiters will want to see evidence of a college degree. A bachelor’s in Digital Marketing, English or Web Development will normally be enough to help you into contention for most roles.

However, if you’re applying for a Link Building job with less experience it could be a good idea to demonstrate some formal training via a certificate course from Google, SEMrush or Moz. Additional touches like this will demonstrate your commitment to working in the sector as well as your technical ability.

Link Building Specialist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

In an SEO role such as this, using the right terminology is critical. Hiring managers will want to see you know how to talk the talk as well as walk the walk in this regard and have a clear idea that you meet the criteria of the opening.

Another reason for getting a good amount of relevant vocabulary on the page is that many recruiters today use ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). This will penalize any applications that don’t use a high enough volume of keywords or that contain spelling errors. To ensure your document doesn’t fall at the first hurdle, this should be kept in mind.

Words to Use

  • SEO
  • Influencers
  • Link aquisition
  • Mobile
  • SERP
  • Clicks
  • Organic traffic
  • Google analytics
  • Guest post
  • Keyword research
  • HTML
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Impressions
  • Social networks
  • Google tools

Action Verbs

  • Research
  • Commission
  • Strategize
  • Negotiate
  • Approve
  • Contact
  • Analyze
  • Grow
  • Monitor
  • Import
  • Perform
  • Optimize
  • Hire
  • Collaborate
  • Assess
  • Implement

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Link Building Specialist role:

  • Made contact with website owners, journalists, and bloggers to enhance site reputation and facilitate the creation of high-quality links
  • Commissioned content that attracted high engagement and improved inbound traffic by 20% over 4 months
  • Managed the company’s reputation via social media and increased influencer outreach by 50%
  • Used Moz and SEMrush tools to research relevant SEO keywords
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  • 2 years
  • B.A.
    Digital Marketing
  • Expert
    social networks

2. Candidate seeking Link Building Specialist role:

Resume summary statement:

Proficient link building specialist with a proven history of increasing online traffic via effective strategy and collaboration with influencers and online writers and media outlets.

  • Analyzed the online landscape to find potential new partners and collaborators
  • Performed due diligence on potential partner sites for toxic links, SEO best practice and online reputation
  • Increased onsite traffic by 30% during a critical campaign period
  • Set up and managed end-to-end analytics to track the performance of partner links and ensure the best quality of traffic
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  • 5 years
  • HS
  • Certificate
    Google Analytics Advanced
  • Proficient
    with Moz

Last modified on May 13th, 2020

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