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An Executive Assistant is an employee who works closely with one or a team of company executives in order to assist them to plan their work and calendars.

Executive assistants report directly to the business executive and become their right-hand person to organize their events, meetings, projects and any other elements they require to be able to complete their executive responsibilities efficiently. Therefore it is vital that an executive assistant resume is flawless and demonstrates the individual’s core strengths and experience which make them the ideal candidate for the position.

Executive assistant resumes must provide evidence of the applicant’s work experience and proficiency in office management and administration tasks as well as secretarial skills such as correspondence, clerical duties, proofreading, client relations etc.

As well as highlighting these skills and experience in an executive assistant’s resume, the candidate will also need to portray certain characteristics which are ideal for an executive assistant profile such as dedication, discretion and confidentiality.

The following executive assistant resume tips will help any aspiring executive assistant learn how to write a winning executive assistant resume for their next role.

Top Tips

  • Chronological resume format = Best for an executive assistant
  • Use formatting tools with font style and size to stand out
  • The following design aspects should be considered for executive assistant resumes:
  • Creative resume style depends on type of business, sector, candidate;
  • Colors;
  • Headings and subtitles;
  • Use of design software to create resume




  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Education/professional training
  • Skills


  • Volunteer work
  • Personal interests
  • Typing speed
  • Projects managed
  • Events organized
  • Languages
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


It is essential to provide a well-formatted executive assistant resume that will show executive recruiters that the candidate has the requisite skills and experience to undertake the new role. The resume needs to be structured and ordered to attract the attention of the hiring manager and to demonstrate the jobseeker’s ability to produce clear and easy-to-read documents, something which would be necessary were the applicant to be successful in their application.

As is with many professional resumes, the best resume format for an executive assistant position is the chronological resume structure. This resume format allows executive assistant candidate’s to list previous positions in a reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent to first-held positions. This layout permits recruiters to easily monitor career progression and get an understanding of the professional background of candidates.

Neither the functional nor the combination resume format is recommended for an executive assistant position because they do not highlight the career trajectory of the jobseeker.

Using the formatting tools available, candidates should present a resume with an intelligible font style and size in order to improve the readability factor and catch the recruiter’s eye by making the relevant information readily available and easy to find. Presentation is very important for executive assistant resumes because creating user-friendly, tidy documents will be a part of their work.


The style of an executive assistant resume should always take into consideration the type of company the applicant is interested in working for. Jobseekers should research the company culture well before deciding to use a more outlandish design that might not be appropriate for the business or the role.

Creative resumes could be acceptable for executive assistant resumes in some companies who appreciate candidate’s who demonstrate their personality through their job application whereas other organizations may not be interested in receiving this kind of resume.

In certain sections of an executive assistant resume, it could be beneficial to make use of infographics to demonstrate skills and knowledge in different areas pertaining to the industry.

Other design aspects to consider to create a resume that stands out include:

  • Headings and subtitles
  • Tables
  • Colors
  • Materials

An admin assistant resume or executive assistant resume needs to demonstrate a candidate’s ability to use word processing and design programs in order to present their level of understanding in this type of software because they will be expected to use them frequently for the role.

Creating a winning executive assistant resume can take some time if you are making a resume from scratch. It is more efficient to use an executive assistant resume template or an online resume builder to speed up the process of building an effective resume for an executive assistant position.


Candidates should not include a photo on executive assistant resumes when applying for a position in the U.S. because this can be considered discriminatory practice within the regulations for recruitment and will lead to the resume being thrown in the trash.

Therefore, jobseekers who wish to apply for executive assistant positions should not supply a photo with their job application.

If applying for a similar position outside of the U.S., it could be necessary to insert a photo on your resume but each applicant should check the regulations for the company and country where they are applying before doing so.

Sections of a Resume

In order to get yourself off to a good start as an executive assistant, it is highly recommended to spend time ensuring that you have an effective resume that demonstrates your strengths and experience which will show the company and the hiring manager how valuable an asset you would be to any company.

It is essential to include the following standard resume sections:

  • Contact details
  • Resume objective/summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Work experience
  • Education/professional training
  • Skills

In addition to looking at the job description and company website or other information for the keywords to use in your executive assistant application, for this specific position we would highly recommend learning more about the company and the Executive Officers with whom you may be working if you are successful. This way you can adapt your resume to fit their needs and present examples of ways in which you have helped similar profiles in past positions. In this case you may even find ways that you could stand out to the recruiter given previous experience, shared interests, academic backgrounds or similar projects to the executives.

The following are just some of the aspects of a candidate’s professional profile that can be presented in a well structured executive assistant resume to attract the attention of the hiring manager:

  • Volunteer work
  • Personal interests
  • Typing speed
  • Projects managed
  • Events organized
  • Languages

To learn more about how to create a winning executive assistant resume, check out our guide to writing a resume with each section individually explained.

Resume Length

A typical executive assistant resume should consist of no more than 1 Letter size page where all the relevant information can be displayed.

There is no need to include previous jobs held that are irrelevant or have not helped the candidate to develop transferable skills that make them an appropriate person for the vacancy.

Executive Assistant Resume Section Headings

The role of an executive assistant can vary greatly depending on the industry and company within which he or she works. However, there are many abilities, both personal and professional, which are generally accepted as must-haves for all executive assistant candidates.

To begin the Executive Assistant resume, each candidate should decide on an appropriate introduction to their professional profile in the form of either a resume objective, more apt for entry-level candidates or a qualifications summary or summary statement, more suited to professionals.

Work experience

When it comes to writing the work experience section for an executive assistant resume, it is vital that applicants list their previous roles in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent and giving either a small paragraph or bullet point information regarding the achievements and responsibilities assumed in each position.

The career trajectory of an executive assistant is important for several reasons. The hiring manager needs to know what types of tasks and responsibilities a candidate has had to carry out in the past, what methods or strategies they are used to employing as well as the industry and types of companies they have worked in and are therefore comfortable with. These details help recruiters make informed decisions based on whether or not the jobseeker is a good fit for the position.


The education section of an executive assistant resume should include the highest level diploma earned and any extra courses taken.

Executive assistants do not require a college degree but a university diploma in business administration or communication is preferred and would benefit applicants.

In addition to any higher education degrees, the applicant should always list any training certificates gained which are relevant to the position or industry of the vacancy. These extra certificates could be placed either within the education part or in a separate resume section.


The skills that should be highlighted on an executive assistant resume include those relating to communication abilities and the use of different technologies as these will be vital to show the prospective employer the type of profile the candidate has.

Indicating the programs you can use for scheduling, organizing and record keeping will be beneficial in your application but remember not to list any IT programs that you do not feel comfortable working with at a professional level.

Nowadays with everything becoming more and more digital, executive assistants will rely heavily on modern technology and need to have computer software training in order to carry out the tasks requested of them. This is why, in an executive assistant resume skills section, it is essential to emphasize these competencies.

Similar to administrative assistants, executive assistants must possess exemplary typing and office management abilities as well as be well versed in organizing all types of clerical tasks. As their daily tasks will involve writing up reports, sending emails, handling phone calls and all types of correspondence for company executives, arranging meetings, travel and other events etc. the right candidate will have experience in customer service with a good telephone etiquette, attention to detail and initiative in problem solving.

The personal characteristics of a good executive assistant will also be essential to include when applying for a new role, the executive assistant candidate must be an organized and reliable person who can handle sensitive business or personal information with care and maintain a confidential manner with a high EQ, being able to deal sensitively with different groups of people.

With the ResumeCoach resume maker, applicants are able to add or remove sections of their resume easily to tailor it to their specific needs for each vacancy and customize as necessary for their professional profile.

Executive Assistant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It is highly likely that when applying for a position as an executive assistant the company in question may use Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) which will be employed as a filter for the application process to eliminate those candidates whose resumes do not fulfil certain criteria required by the firm.

This means it’s essential that each applicant remember to include keywords relating to the position and company when completing their executive assistant resume.

They must include information regarding their event management abilities, meeting organization, arranging travel and general knowledge of the sector within which the executive works as well as more specialist expertise concerning the executive’s role in the company.

Although this list is a good starting point for many executive assistant candidates to use on their resumes, we advise also using the job description and company website to find more skills that are suitable for the position on offer. This will allow you to create a unique executive assistant resume with the right skills for the specific job and adapt each resume to different vacancies using the correct keywords for each.

Words to Use

  • Admin Support
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Initiative
  • Time management
  • Discretion
  • Office management
  • Decision making
  • Client relations
  • EQ
  • Project management
  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  • Events
  • Records/Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Analytical thinking

Action Verbs

  • Communicate
  • Research
  • Prioritize
  • Proofread
  • Plan
  • Improve
  • Support
  • Establish
  • Facilitate
  • Assist
  • Reserve
  • Coordinate
  • Organize
  • Schedule
  • Implement
  • Process

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Executive Assistant position

Resume summary statement:

Outgoing, detail-oriented executive assistant with over 5 years of experience organizing events and travel for C-Level Managers. Talented with IT programs, scheduling and correspondence.

  • Implemented and maintained databases for reporting productivity statistics to Executive Officers.
  • Coordinated travel arrangements for various Executives for annual conferences, and business meetings.
  • Established a recycle policy in the company that saw a 40% decrease in refuse waste and allowed for a saving of $12k per annum.
  • Organized office supplies, shopping and errands for all Executives.
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  • 7 years
  • Office
  • MS Office
  • BA

2. Candidate seeking Executive Assistant to President role

Resume summary statement:

Office-proud, proactive executive assistant with 15 years of experience working with business executives and C-Suite. Responsible for managing all admin tasks as well as generating reports, handling public relations, company correspondence, travel arrangements and event planning.

  • Office Manager for 500+ employees, ensuring best environment for productivity and comfort in the workplace.
  • Gathered data and produced reports and presentations for C-suite regarding new business verticals, events and projects.
  • Liaised with all departments to ensure correct operations and procedures, as well as to communicate all relevant information from C-suite to company.
  • Maintained calendar for CEO, CFO and CTO, scheduling meetings, reviews, events, and other appointments.
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  • 15 years
  • Chinese
  • MBA
    Business Admin
  • Office

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