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Professional Resume Samples for a Back Office Manager

Back Office Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Despite being seemingly invisible, the back office is the backbone of any firm. It is responsible for administrative and support operations that keep the front office afloat. The role of a back office manager is to provide management support for all business functions related to a firm’s operations.

Although demanding, the job of the back office manager is very lucrative and hence competitive. If you are to have the edge over other applicants for the position, you must present an impressive resume. Your back office manager resume should convey your managerial, technical, and business skills.

Creating your best back-office manager resume may prove challenging, especially if you have little experience in writing application documents. Our expert resume tips and ideas should direct you in building a winning resume. You can also use our resume generator to create your personalized back office manager resume ready in minutes.

Top Tips

  • Choose the best resume format depending on your work profile
  • You can choose chronological, functional or combination format
  • Chronological format is most common
  • Consider the following design aspects of your back office manager resume
  • Section organization and spacing
  • Titles and subheadings
  • Font size and type




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education background


  • Professional certificates
  • Promotions and awards
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


Make sure to choose the best resume format. Depending on your career profile, you can choose one of the three variants – chronological, functional, or combination. Most hiring managers prefer the chronological resume format. This format shows clear career progression in reverse-chronological order. Managerial positions require ample job experience, so this resume format should work in your favor.

If you have gaps in your resume, little working experience, plenty of experience working for the same employer, or if you are changing careers, you can opt for the functional or combination formats. These are skill-based resume formats that emphasize your skills and career achievements.

Unless directed otherwise, save and send your resume in PDF to maintain format.


An effective back-office manager must possess accuracy, attention to detail, and organization skills. In addition to including these in your skills section, you should demonstrate them in your resume design. Use design features that complement your vocation. A simple and neat design is ideal for the formal sector. In the informal sector, you are allowed to display your design capabilities but do not go overboard.

Use legible font, headings, and subheadings to segment your resume and leave enough white space for margins and for separating sections. Use columns and bulleted points to list your information neatly.


Unless appearance is a factor for employment, you should not include your photo in a back-office manager resume. A photo may expose you to discrimination. Including pictures in resumes is a popular practice in some European countries. You should do your research when applying for a job outside the United States.

Sections of a Resume

For legibility and flow, organize your resume into clearly labeled sections. Depending on your resume format and job description, the emphasis is placed on some sections more than others. A back-office manager position requires more working experience and cultivated skills than education.

The key resume sections in a back-office manager resume are:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education background

Additional sections can give your resume an edge. They can be in the form of bonus qualifications or personal activities that are of value to your vocation. These are, however, optional. They include:

  • Professional certificates
  • Promotions and awards
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

Resume length is determined by how rich your profile is. Seasoned professionals have longer resumes. However, despite having a long experience, your resume should not exceed two pages. Your back office manager resume should be brief and compact. Only include information that is current and relevant to the job posting.

Back Office Manager Resume Section Headings

Your back office manager resume must include the resume summary, skills, and work experience sections.


The resume summary serves as the introduction of your resume. Use it to communicate to your potential employers why you want the position and what skills and experience you bring to the firm. This section should summarize your entire resume in a few sentences. Include resume keywords from the job description to make your summary relevant.

Work experience

Regulatory compliance, IT services, accounting, and record maintenance are some of the responsibilities of a back office executive. Most people rise through the ranks handling such duties before getting to the position of back-office manager. Your resume must show your experience in the relevant back-office jobs.

Show your career path by listing the positions you have held in previous workplaces and the responsibilities you handled. Beyond this, also include your career achievements and skills you cultivated playing the various roles.


Almost every applicant to the back office manager position is a skilled professional. To increase your chances of getting hired, you need to know the relevant skills to highlight. Management and administrative skills are paramount, but different back-office manager positions require different skill sets. Use the job description to guide you on the relevant skills to include.

Since it is a position in management, you should include both technical and soft skills. Specialized training in the form of workshops, seminars, and professional certificates can be an added advantage.

Back Office Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

For your resume to get through the first selection process which involves automated filtering out of irrelevant resumes, it must have resume keywords that are relevant to your vocation. Resume buzzwords also make your back office manager appear more professional to hiring managers.

Words to Use

  • Team compliance
  • Resource management
  • Market trends
  • Intuition
  • Client satisfaction
  • Corporate actions
  • Finance and accounting
  • KPI software
  • Work plan
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Formal requisitions
  • Financial statements
  • Work environment
  • Competence management
  • Information management
  • Problem sensitivity

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Benchmark
  • Schedule
  • Optimize
  • Trade
  • Research
  • Organize
  • Share
  • Analyze
  • Report
  • Record
  • Audit
  • Process
  • Manage
  • Troubleshoot
  • Proofread

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking back office manager job

Detail and procedure-oriented back-office operations manager with more than 10 years of experience in back-office operations. Possess exceptional management and operational skills.

  • Assisted in the successful recruitment, training, and coaching of multiple client service teams
  • Worked closely with the implementation department to successfully launch all new clients operations capabilities
  • Maintained inventory accuracy
  • Successfully implemented corporate policies and procedures
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  • Experience
    10 years back office experience
  • Bachelors degree
    In Business Administration
  • Masters degree
    in Business Economics

2. Candidate seeking back office manager position

Enthusiastic back office supervisor with more than 6 years of experience covering trade processing. Has in-depth knowledge of corporate actions. Posses finance, administration, and leadership skills.

  • Assisted back office manager in record keeping and stock maintenance
  • Provided administrative support for all data entry
  • Diligently handled checks and check reconciliation statements daily
  • Established innovative ways for proper handling of queries
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  • Experience
    6 years of back-office operations
  • Education
    Bachelors degree in Finance
  • Skills
    Extensive leadership training