Telltale Job Interview Signs: How to Know If Your Interview Went Well

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Telltale Job Interview Signs: How to Know If Your Interview Went Well

It’s natural to finish a job interview and analyze whether it was successful or not. But how do you know if an interview went well? Sometimes, you just know either way. Maybe you nailed every question, clicked with the interviewer, and started negotiating your salary.

However, it’s not always so clear. Some experience interviewers like to keep their cards close to their chest and not give much away.

Despite this, there are always signs a job interview went well (or not!). This guide will help you to spot the telltale signs to look out for to give you an indication either way.

Although it can be useful to read how your interview went, don’t spend hours agonizing over it. You can’t change the past. Instead, think about ways you can improve your interview technique and your resume. Using a resume maker could be very effective.

Signs you got the job after an interview


Here are some positive interview signs which suggest the interviewer is very interested in giving you the job. Obviously, there are never guarantees until the contract’s signed.

1. The interview was longer than 30 minutes

If the interviewer invests a lot of time into the interview it’s a good sign. If they took time to ask you lots of questions and listened carefully to your answers they are interested in you as a candidate.

2. Positive responses to your answers

If the interviewer looks impressed by your answers it’s an excellent sign. If they nod their head in agreement or tell you it was a great answer, you clearly nailed the response.

3. They ask you about your interest in the role

A good interview should work both ways. It should be about why the job is right for you as well. If the interviewer asks you how interested you are in the position, it’s a very positive job interview sign.

4. The interviewer sells the job to you

If the interviewer had no intention to give you the job, they wouldn’t spend time telling you what a great company it is or why the role is perfect for you. If they sell the job, they want you.

5. They invite you for a second interview

This is a clear sign the job interview went well. However, you shouldn’t get complacent as you don’t know how many other candidates have also made it through the first stage.

6. You discuss the salary

Most interviewers don’t discuss salary unless they’re very interested in hiring you. Questions about your current salary and your expectations are good signs in a job interview.

Signs you didn’t get the job after an interview


As well as good signs after a job interview, there are also bad job interview signs. Here are some classic signs which suggest you probably won’t get the job.

1. The interview is shorter than expected

If you’re told the interview will last 30 minutes but it only lasts 15, this is a negative interview sign. Equally, if the interviewer gives an excuse for cutting the interview short, it could mean they are not serious about hiring you.

2. They seemed rushed at the end

If they want you for the job, they will probably finish by taking the time to listen to all your questions, introduce you to some people, and show you out of the building. If it ends abruptly, it’s not a good indication.

3. They focus on a negative aspect of your resume

If they ask a series of similar questions about a gap on your resume or something else, it shows they have concerns. There are resume formats you can use to avoid these problems.

4. They repeat questions

Repeating a question shows they aren’t convinced by your original answer. If this happens a few times during the interview it suggests they were not too impressed.

5. They don’t ask about your availability

This is one of the clearest interview signs you didn’t get the job. If they’re considering you, this is very basic information they need to know.

If you know your job interview went badly, don’t worry. Keep positive, keep applying, and keep improving. Using attractive resume templates will help you to get noticed by more employers and get more interviews.