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Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Tips and Ideas

During the formative years of your child’s life, motherhood is itself a full time job. However, as he or she grows and a transition back into the workforce becomes a possibility, you may feel daunted by the gaps in your work experience that stay-at-home parents often have.

Nonetheless, there’s no need to panic. By creating a smart stay-at-home mom resume that addresses this period of downtime in your career, you can re-enter the labor market more smoothly.

If you’re not sure how to write a resume that carefully explains your expertise in your chosen field and delicately describes your recent period of maternity leave, don’t worry. The following guide will give you a crash course on how to structure, write and present a stay-at-home mother resume that will resonate with employers. Combine these tips with our expert resume generator and you’ll be able to create the perfect resume to get your career back on track.

Top Tips

  • Recommended: Chronological
  • No career experience: Functional
  • Write in a size 12 neutral font
  • Use clear headers and subheaders
  • Add some neutral colors to borders and dividing lines
  • Choose a clear and tidy template
  • Break up information heavy text into bullet points




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Qualifications


  • Volunteering
  • Certifications and courses
  • Projects
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1-2 x letter pages (8.5” x 11”)


Unlike many other types of resume, you may need a different approach in the format structure you use. As most stay-at-home moms are out of the workforce for months or years at a time, a reverse chronological resume format isn’t the most ideal one to choose. This form of resume is normally most effective as it highlights your most recent work experience. However, if your last job wasn’t very recent then it could work as a disadvantage.

Instead, it’s better to use another sort of resume such as a functional or combination format. These both place more emphasis on your skills and expertise in the subject matter. They will still detail your work experience, however, their focus is much more on your abilities. This will give a hiring manager a much better incentive to consider you for the role on offer, than your career experience alone.


Whilst your stay-at-home mom resume for a return to work should read well, it also needs to look good. Whilst it doesn’t need to be a work of conceptual art you should work to make sure that it is an attractive, tidy and easy to read the document.

First of all, write the informative text in a size 12, easy-to-read text. It’s best to stick to tried and tested fonts, such as Arial, Calibri or Time New Roman as these are simpler to scan-read. However, you can use a little more creative license with the headers and subheaders on the page. These can be written in a bigger text and more artistic fonts to make each section stand out and make the structure clearer to understand.

The template you choose should be able to present all the information you need to fit on the page, cleanly and tidily. However, to make it that little bit more attractive, and therefore eye-catching to the recruiter, use some neutral color in the borders, headers and dividing lines.


In most careers across the USA, a profile photo on your resume isn’t expected. This is due to strict employment discrimination laws, which recruiters will be eager to avoid breaking. Therefore this is rarely a requirement and adding a photo could even be disadvantageous to your application.

Sections of a Resume

Employers sitting down to read your resume will want to see you best and most employable qualities first and foremostly. You, therefore, should seek to include the following essential sections on your resumes:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Qualifications

However, while you are on maternity leave, there are many activities and achievements you can also detail. These are especially important when you’re returning to work after a period of more than 4 months. Therefore, where relevant, you should seek to include one or more of the following optional sections:

  • Volunteering
  • Certifications and courses
  • Projects
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

Your resume in any situation should be short and concise. In the case of a stay-at-home mom, this also rings true. It’s recommended you keep your document to just a single letter page of 8.5” x 11”. However, if you have experience, achievements or qualifications that are essential, and push the text to over 2 pages, this is also possible. Overall though, the less dense your resume is the better, as many recruiters won’t read past one page.

Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Section Headings

There are many strategies you can use to address the gap in your career history during your maternity leave. One of the best places to explain these spaces in your work experience is in your career objective or resume summary section.

This couple of sentences will not only allow you to explain your situation, but it will also help you highlight your most employable skills. Additionally, you can use this section to restate your enthusiasm for your previous career or to reenter the workforce, with a demonstrable passion that will be irresistible for an organization.

Work experience

The work experience section on a stay-at-home mom resume is still highly important, although is quite different from the ones on conventional resumes. As always you should still seek to present the information about your previous roles in reverse chronological order and include details, such as:

  • The name of the company
  • Your position title
  • The dates you were employed between
  • A list of your duties in the position

However, unlike other application documents, you may wish to include jobs from further back in your career, to give a more complete picture of your expertise. Furthermore, any volunteering work and part-time work experience you’ve gained in the intervening months or years should be included. This is still practical work and is a demonstration of your eagerness to keep active professionally.


In many cases, the skills section of your return to the workforce resume will still focus on the most employable abilities in your chosen career. One big difference is that your time away from the workforce can be used to further embellish your talents and abilities.

Let’s not forget, being a mother is work in itself, and there are numerous practical skills that can be attained from your time looking after your baby. It’s a good idea to mention any skills you’ve attained during the months you were raising your children full time. In terms of hard and soft skills these could include:

Hard skills:

  • Childcare
  • Planning
  • Organization and prioritization
  • Food preparation
  • Budgeting
  • Teaching
  • First aid
  • Crisis management

Soft skills:

  • Patience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Responsibility
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Multi-tasking


If you already hold a degree or relevant qualifications for the role you’re targeting, you should naturally include it in the education section. However, bear in mind that gaining a qualification or furthering your studies during your maternity leave can also be a very encouraging sign to future employers.

There are many online courses in relevant subjects such as accounting, marketing and administration that can be completed online or in your own home whilst you’re taking care of your baby. Therefore, be sure to get this onto your resume, if this is the case.

Stay-At-Home Mom Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Using targeted vocabulary is important on almost any resume these days. Most employers currently use special applicant tracking software (ATS) in order to make sure resumes demonstrate enough expertise and industry specific knowledge before they are read by a human recruiter.

In the case of stay-at-home moms returning to the workforce, it’s essential to correctly target your career sector of choice with the right terms and action verbs. However, there are a number of key expressions which will be applicable to all parents in this position no matter the sector.

Words to Use

  • Flexible
  • Problem solving
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Adminstration
  • Enthusiastic
  • Preparation
  • Multi-tasking
  • Operations
  • Patience
  • Creativity
  • Goals
  • Collaboration
  • Responsible
  • Mentoring
  • Results
  • Leadership

Action Verbs

  • Prioritize
  • Schedule
  • Organize
  • Research
  • Plan
  • Communicate
  • Attend
  • Set up
  • Adapt
  • Cook
  • Negotiate
  • Support
  • Present
  • Create
  • Fix
  • Volunteer

Resume Samples

1. Stay-at-home mom seeking administrative role:

Resume summary statement:

Highly organized and responsible office administrator seeking a new role in the sector after a career gap of 3-years focused on raising a young family.

  • Planned and scheduled all meetings and outside appointments
  • Assisted senior management and other staff members with invoice payment for necessary expenditures
  • Created, entered and organized data within the company database
  • Managed company inventory on a bi-monthly basis
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  • 3 years
  • Certificate in
    Office Administration
  • First aid
  • Goal

2. Stay-at-home mom experience seeking a bookkeeping role without prior experience:

Resume summary statement:

Flexible, focused, motivated, and recently qualified bookkeeper, seeking opportunities for a new career direction in this sector.

  • Strong skills in delegation and prioritization
  • Responsible multitasker with a flexible approach to problem-solving
  • Handled all bookkeeping tasks for a local church during a summer festival
  • Experienced with budgeting and scheduling
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  • Certified in
    Dual Entry Accounts
  • Flexible
  • Volunteer
  • HS