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Professional Resume Samples for a Gardener

Gardener Resume Tips and Ideas

A gardener’s role in any organization is especially important; they make the grounds and buildings look appealing by taking care of the plants and flowers. While writing your gardener resume, you need to ensure that it shows your capability to handle the following roles:

  • Grow a garden to fit the company specifications
  • Trim grass, empty bins, and perform weed control measures
  • Plant and nature seedlings and trees
  • Clear rubbish from the grounds
  • Maintain and service all garden equipment
  • Ensure a safe environment for yourself and other people accessing the grounds
  • Fill reports for maintenance and requesting new materials and tools
  • Advise supervisor on costs of plants, gardens and maintenance requirements

You also need to have excellent customer support and communication skills, and the ability to handle gardening tools, equipment, and chemicals.

If you are looking to get a new gardener’s position, convince the recruiters that you are qualified with a professional gardener resume. You can use our resume templates to help you design a great resume in minutes.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • Our Resume builders will help you format your resume accordingly
  • Formal and appealing resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Background color
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


A reverse chronological resume format is the most accepted resume order in most industries. This format will help you impress the hiring manager from first glance as it is universally accepted. Moreover, if your recruiter is seeking a gardener with plenty of experience, this resume format lets you place yours at the top where the manager will readily spot it. This format is also easy to track using Applicant Tracking Systems. 


A resume is a formal document, which means you need to create a neat, well-organized, and easy to read resume layout. For a professional-looking resume, you are advised to use font size 12 of formal resume fonts like Cambria, Arial or Calibri. These fonts are preferred for being less oriental so that the recruiter is not overly distracted.

To make your resume appear less bland, consider using dark, minimalist colors as a column background for one of your columns. 

Again, use subheadings, bullets, and short easy to read sentences to express yourself and make the document easier to skim through. When you finish writing your resume, proofread it to remove mistakes and submit it to the recruiters as a PDF.


Photos are rarely required on resumes while applying for a gardener’s job. Avoid having a photo on your resume to ensure you are not subjected to any discrimination based on appearance.

Sections of a Resume

Resume sections are the main parts of your resume, in which you put specific details about your professional attributes and progress. Each section is vital in determining your suitability for the job, so pay extra attention to them. The following resume sections are most important while writing a gardener resume:

  • Resume header: the resume header is your profession, which should be typed in uppercase letters to make it prominent
  • Contact information: include name, location (address, city, and state), and the contacts you use for work purposes (email and phone number) for the company to get in touch for an interview
  • Resume professional summary or career objective 
  • Work experience: a detailed description of the jobs you have had previously
  • Academic background: your educational qualifications
  • Additional skills and certifications: any extra courses that may help edge out other job applicants

Your hobbies and interests are optional, though you can include any that fit with the company CSR projects or that portray you in a positive light. Include your volunteer and internship experience if you are a beginner with little work experience.

Resume Length

A gardener resume should be one page long. Your recruiter will take less than six seconds to skim through your resume, which is why you need to be as brief as possible. Avoid going below font size 11, and use columns to utilize as much space on your A4 size page as you can.

Gardener Resume Section Headings

All the sections listed above are essential for a gardener resume. Still, the recruiter may aim for information in the professional summary statement, work experience sections, and skills sections, which is why they are highlighted below:


This is the section right after the resume header, where you provide an overview of your career progress, time spent in the workforce, and achievements so far. Use positive adjectives to show off your excellent work ethic and a neutral tone. This section should be a maximum of five lines. 

Work experience

For the work experience section, be sure to include all the tasks you have done previously that are relevant to the current job vacancy. Be brief and ensure the tasks you put down show your ability to replicate efficiency in the new job position. List your previously held jobs starting with the most recent one; begin each post with your job title, name, and location of previous employers, then years spent working with them. Use 5-7 bullets to detail your roles.


Your skills are incredibly valuable in a gardener’s job. Your recruiters will be looking for a specific skill set to ensure that you can adequately carry out the roles in the job description. Again, this is another section that you must tailor to match the job description. In addition to a gardener’s skills, your skills section should indicate your ability to do intense manual work for hours on end, and soft skills like interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Some hard skills expected in a gardener resume include:

  • Mowing grass, trimming hedges and shrubs
  • Ability to apply fertilizers and identify plant diseases
  • Knowledge of safety practices
  • Ability to detect signs of an emergency in the compound and respond appropriately
  • Seasonal gardening tasks and adverse weather response tasks like snow clearing
  • Ability to service and maintain gardening tools

Gardener Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

To make your resume stand out and appear less plain and generic, you need to enrich it with certain action verbs to show your competencies, and vocabulary to make each section stand out. Below is a list of words chosen for your gardener resume:

Words to Use

  • Equipment
  • Power tools
  • Loan mower
  • Infection control procedure
  • OSH
  • KPI
  • fertilizers
  • Plant growth
  • Protective clothing
  • grounds
  • flooding
  • weeds
  • herbaceous
  • seasonal
  • seedlings
  • transplantation

Action Verbs

  • respond
  • assist
  • carry
  • trim
  • operate
  • collaborate
  • clear
  • aerate
  • apply
  • plant
  • Nature
  • prune
  • maintain
  • service
  • coordinate
  • supervise

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking gardener job

Able and fit gardener with excellent communication skills and passion for the wellbeing and beauty of the natural environment. Looking to obtain a position as a gardener in a reputed institution in need of a landscaping professional.

  • Planted and natured a wide variety of woody and herbaceous shrubs and plants
  • Carried out pest control, transplantation, weeding, and loan mowing as per supervisor’s directions
  • Kept an accurate record for all chemicals and fertilizers used.
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  • Experience
    6 months
  • Education
    High school diploma

2. Candidate seeking gardener job

Result oriented and personable gardening professional with two years experience in landscaping and other allied responsibilities. Possess remarkable organization skills and are safety conscious to ensure the wellbeing of colleagues and other stakeholders in the grounds.

  • Planted, maintained, and assisted in the harvesting of a vegetable garden at XYX academy
  • Supervised a team of two gardeners in the maintenance of the school grounds and clearing rubbish and weeds
  • Recommended and oversaw the application of herbicides and fertilizers for a newly planted flowerbed
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  • Experience
    2 years
  • Education
    High school diploma

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