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  • Reverse chronological or functional.
  • Our resume samples will highlight the two resume formats
  • Formal and tidy resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns
Resume Length

1 page

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking diplomat job

Samples Resume

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Passionate and reliable aspiring diplomat with remarkable organization, negotiation, and communication skills. Possess an in-depth knowledge of the political climate in Syria and are fluent in Farsi, Arabic, and Russian.

  • Superior prioritization and critical thinking skills and excellent oral and written communication abilities
  • Performed various translation duties in Russian, Arabic, and Farsi as required
  • Learned the protocol in decision-making for student visa applications

2. Candidate seeking diplomat job

Samples Resume

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Seasoned and accomplished diplomat with a specialization in economics and business law and over seventeen years of experience in foreign services. Are fluent in German, French, Russian, and Chinese, and are able to work effectively as a member of a foreign service negotiation team.

  • Analyzed and proposed measures to improve bilateral trade and investment flow between China and Korea
  • Prepared reports for major officials regarding the impact of the political climate on the economy and business relating to the EU
  • Attended and participated in economy and international relations seminars in Vienna, Lisbon, and Washington DC

Diplomat Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The ATS applications and recruiters will be seeking specific terms and vocabulary used in your profession to determine your level of proficiency. Action verbs also help in making the work experience section look less bland. Use this list of words to make your diplomat resume impressive

Words to Use

  • seminars
  • conference
  • Bilateral
  • Government protocol
  • conference
  • harmonization
  • Trade/commerce
  • Operational support
  • treaty
  • economic
  • political
  • visa
  • convention
  • International relations
  • regional
  • Border control

Action Verbs

  • collect
  • advocate
  • attend
  • furnish
  • investigate
  • negotiate
  • analyze
  • conduct
  • identify
  • participate
  • engage
  • collaborate
  • Prepare
  • Oversee
  • Travel
  • secure

Diplomat Resume Tips and Ideas

Diplomats are officials appointed by the state or other intergovernmental institutions to carry out diplomatic roles with other institutions or starts. A diplomat’s is a highly fulfilling and challenging career, especially for individuals that are outgoing and possess excellent negotiation and communication skills. Start or take your career in diplomacy a notch higher with an equally impressive diplomat resume that shows your ability to carry out responsibilities like:

  • Representing and protecting the interests of the state or organization that sent you
  • Facilitating strategic agreements, treaties, trade and commerce deals, and foster friendly relations
  • Quickly grasping the economic and political climate of a country as well as its socio-cultural dynamics to leverage them effectively
  • Support American citizens abroad by preventing fraud and human trafficking
  • Passport control and visa issuance
  • Assist in developing economic policies
  • Organize events to strengthen relationships between countries
  • Interact with foreign press members and organize for the development of culture, language, and information resource centers
  • Negotiate with foreign government nationals

A diplomat’s career is a high-stakes one whose duties depend on specific positions. However, all diplomats must possess excellent communication and conflict resolution skills, be quick learners, be fluent in several foreign languages, and have s strong background in international relations, diplomacy, international business law, or any other relevant field.

If you have what it takes to be a diplomat, then read through our resume writing guidelines to help you craft a convincing diplomat resume. You can use our resume generators to help you create a great resume in minutes.

  • Reverse chronological or functional.
  • Our resume samples will highlight the two resume formats
  • Formal and tidy resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Subheadings and bullets
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications
  • Foreign languages


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


The reverse chronological resume format is the best format for diplomats with plenty of experience. It places most emphasis on your work experience, which at this point, is your career’s strongest point. Highlighting your work history enables the hiring manager to track your career growth, challenges handled, and obtain questions for clarification during your interview. However, if you are fresh out of college, the functional resume format is the best option; it will highlight your academic achievement, knowledge, and skills, which will help you jumpstart your career. Both of these formats are universally recognized by recruiters and will help you make a positive first impression.


Your resume design is the first indicator of your organizational and communication skills, both of which are critical in a diplomat’s career. Your resume appearance will also determine the recruiting organization’s first impression of you, so ensure you please them with a neat, easy to follow through, and appealing resume layout. The use of resume subheadings and simple, easy to read bulleted points will boost its readability and guide the recruiter through to the resume sections they deem most important. You also need to use one of the official font types (Calibri, Trebuchet, or Arial) in writing your resume in sizes 11-13. No one likes a drab, white document, so stand out from the other applicants by using a resume template that incorporates some color to improve resume appearance. Still, ensure the document has plenty of white space left to make the resume easier on the readers’ eyes. Proofread the resume to eliminate any errors then convert it into a PDF so that its layout reads well on various devices.


Unless the job application requirements demand a photograph, do not add any to your resume. If the application asks for a photo, add a clean headshot to the upper-left corner of the resume or as per instructions.

Sections of a Diplomat Resume

Each section is vital when applying for a diplomat’s job. Yours is a very competitive career; thus you need to leverage every resume section to capture the recruiters’ attention and impress them.  Ensure the details you put down are accurate, honest, and valid. The following sections are required in a diplomat resume:

  • Resume title: your resume header should be your profession (Diplomat/Foreign officer), which you should type in uppercase bold letters for it to stand out.
  • Contact information: write your name and contacts (email and mailing address, plus phone number) for your recruiter to make contact with you. A LinkedIn profile is optional.
  • Resume professional summary/career objective
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications that will help you garner more points
  • Foreign languages that are important for the assignment you intend to get

A diplomat resume should be one page long. For diplomats with extensive experience spanning ten years and above, two pages are allowed. Ensure that you are as brief as possible and that you include only the most relevant details.

Diplomat Resume Section Headings

The sections highlighted below are the ones that the hiring organization will most likely focus their attention on. Therefore, read through them to help you make them impressive and impactful:

Work experience

Your work experience section should show the recruiters that you are capable of handling the new job’s duties and challenges, which is why you should tailor yours to suit the exact needs of the vacancy. Use quantifiable accomplishments and specific terms to describe your career triumphs. Also, you need to indicate your work experience starting from the most recent job held; begin with the job title you held, name and location of assignment or hiring organization, and period of tenure. 3-7 points highlighting the duties and accomplishments you had are enough.


The education section is critical in a diplomat’s career. The recruiting organization will want to confirm that your education is a fit for the new job and that your academic qualifications are from accredited schools. If you d not have plenty of experience, indicate courses and co-curricular activities that are relevant to the position. Also, include your GPA if it is above 3.0 for more points. Start with your highest academic achievement, then the name and location (city and state) of the university or school, and the years of study.

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