All about Resume Writing

What do employers look for? What skills do you need to highlight on your resume? What shouldn’t you include on a resume? These are all questions you must know the answers to. Here you will find useful information about resume writing, tips, examples and the latest trends that both, joobsekeers and employers, expect on a resume. 

Whether, you’re a student looking for your first job, or a seasoned professional, we have the expertise you need to reach your next career goal.

How to Include a Photo on Your Resume


Including a photo on a resume is an important consideration. Find out more about how to put a photo on your resume and if you should include it or not.

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How to Write Accomplishments on Your Resume


Learn how to include accomplishments on your resume to make it stand out. Achievements show that you can bring something extra to a job role and can boost your chances in a job hunt,

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Listing Awards on a Resume


Listing awards on a resume can give your resume an edge in a competitive job market. Find out what types of awards you should include on your resume.

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Including Communication Skills on Your Resume


Communication skills are central to many professions but how do you demonstrate you have them on your resume? Learn some techniques for including communication skills on your resume.

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