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Professional Resume Samples for WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer Resume Tips and Ideas

The job of a WordPress Developer involves using the WordPress Web creation tool to create and implement websites. Such skills are useful for design agencies, marketing agencies, computer system firms and anyone else who needs an attractive and user-friendly website. Some professionals work as freelancers while others prefer to work as part of a team. Either way, a strong WordPress Developer resume is good for your portfolio and in helping you land the next job.

Hiring managers look for candidates who are passionate about web technology and posses creativity for problem-solving and using the WordPress platform. Make sure that your WordPress Developer resume highlights your most relevant qualifications in the right sections.

Read on to learn about the resume sections you should include and keywords you should use in your resume. Use our online resume builder to access templates and pre-written

Top Tips

  • A chronological resume format is recommended
  • A combination resume format may be used in some instances

Consider the following when designing your resume:

  • A professional appearance
  • A simple layout
  • Section organization
  • Clarity of font




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective statement
  • Technical Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education


  • Additional certifications
  • Projects
  • References
  • Personal interests
  • Language fluency
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


Most candidates use the chronological resume format. It is the most widely accepted style since it displays an applicant’s qualifications in order. You should list your work experience and education history, starting with the most recent experience followed by the rest in reverse chronological order.

The combination resume format also involves a reverse-chronological listing of experience and education history, but much emphasis is placed on the skills section. When using this format, you should describe each skill and demonstrate it in action while quantifying each accomplishment.

Functional resume formats are discouraged for WordPress Developers because they do not give enough attention to the education and experience sections.


Since the job demands an aesthetically trained eye, the design of your WordPress Developer resume is crucial. Simplicity is often recommended, but WordPress developers are advised to show off their skills, mainly if the tasks of the vacancy include design work. Such roles include front end web development and creation of themes.

For your document to be visually appealing and easily readable, you must choose a consistent theme. Your layout, choice of font, spacing, and organization of characters in your resume should not only be professional, but it should also represent your brand.

To avoid designing your resume from scratch, consider using a resume generator to create a custom WordPress Developer resume.


Due to concerns about discrimination, it is advisable not to include your photograph on your resume. Most hiring managers will disqualify any resume that introduces an applicant’s race, gender, or sex prior to the review process.

Sections of a Resume

The secret to creating a winning WordPress Developer resume is in the selection of the sections that will make the best use of the single page that a resume is supposed to take. Choose the sections that will highlight the qualifications that make you perfect to handle the job responsibilities of the advertised position.

For WordPress Developers, the following sections are the most important:

  • Contact Information
  • Technical Skills
  • Education history
  • Work experience

If you feel that your resume could benefit from additional sections, include the following sections making sure that the information is relevant to the job posting.

  • Additional certifications
  • Projects
  • References
  • Personal interests
  • Language fluency

Resume Length

One page is the ideal resume length. The length may change depending on the space you need to include as much relevant information as possible. Applicants with plenty of relevant experience and skills can have longer resumes, but it is unwise to exceed two pages. Keep your language short and concise, and use design elements to make the most out of the short space.

WordPress Developer Resume Section Headings

It is not all sections that add value to a resume. Customize your resume for every job you apply for by choosing your section headings according to the job description. It is important that you choose the sections that highlight key competencies that qualify you for the job.


WordPress Developers must possess a long list of technical proficiencies, including programming and website design. Group your skills to clearly emphasize your areas of expertise relative to the job responsibilities of the vacancy. You can, for example, group languages, database management tools, and SEO knowledge in separate columns of a table. This will make better use of the small space, and hiring managers will be able to understand better what you have to offer. Do not include outdated technologies in your list of skills unless it is explicitly mentioned as a requirement for the position.

Since most WordPress Developer jobs require teal collaboration, it is vital to highlight your soft skills. Emphasize your interpersonal, delegating, and planning skills that will make you successful in the position.

Work experience

The experience section shows your proven ability to handle all the responsibilities of the job for which you are applying. It gives evidence of your skills in action.

When listing your work experience, keep it relevant, and use bullet points and brief descriptions. Use action verbs like facilitated, assisted, achieved, and managed to explain your career accomplishments and quantify them for greater emphasis.

List your past occupations in reverse chronological order. Avoid listing jobs over 15 years old.


In the education section, include all the relevant details of your education history. There are many resources that one can use to learn to become a WordPress Developer, but in today’s competitive job market, a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field is an essential requirement. Mention your degree and highlight the coursework that qualifies you for the job position.

Include any additional training and official certifications you hold that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

WordPress Developer Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Today, hiring managers use special tracking systems to help in finding the perfect candidate for a position. These systems are based on simple keyword searches. To avoid elimination, include key phrases in your WordPress Developer resume based on the job description.

WordPress terminology is vast, so you should keep updating your resume keywords.

Words to Use

  • Administrator
  • Backlink
  • cPanel
  • Tag
  • Excerpt
  • .htaccess
  • Open Source
  • VPS Hosting
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Pingback
  • Wp-config.php
  • Static Front Page
  • Theme Framework
  • Visual Editor
  • Plugin

Action Verbs

  • Subscribe
  • Improve
  • Generate
  • Troubleshoot
  • Host
  • Build
  • Secure
  • Interact
  • Code
  • Test
  • Monitor
  • Utilize
  • Develop
  • Coordinate
  • Implement
  • Optimize

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking WordPress Developer position

Highly-motivated WordPress Developer with a minimum of 5 years experience in designing, developing, testing, and debugging user interfaces of ecommerce technologies. Strong knowledge of PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and HTML. Proven ability in delegating developmental projects.

  • Designed and built a user-friendly website that increased customer purchases by 20%
  • Fixed bugs and optimize existing websites effectively improving their functionality and speed
  • Optimized checkout page by making it more interactive resulting in a 40% increase in conversion rate
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  • Experience
    5 years in a Web Development team environment
  • Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Certified
    Java Programming

2. Candidate seeking senior WordPress Developer role

Seasoned web developer with more than 10 years of experience in implementing and maintaining content management systems, primarily WordPress.

  • Successfully created, installed, configured and tested custom SLS plugins and content types
  • Evaluated and implemented new programming technologies and languages
  • Designed and developed high volume web service applications
  • Successfully led teams of junior developers in developing various web service applications from the design phase to the release phase
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  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    Bachelors degree in Web Development
  • Tools
    Proficiency in WordPress, Photoshop and Dreamweaver