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Web developers, also known as webmasters, build websites for companies both large and small. Many professionals work as independent contractors or freelancers while others work as part of a web development team in a company setting. Either way, a strong web developer resume can boost your online visibility as well as help you land your next job working in this growing field.

Because of a strong reliance on hard and soft skill sets, a web developer resume is somewhat unique compared to other professions. Using the right sections to highlight your most important qualifications is critical. In addition, if you will be doing front-end design as part of your job responsibilities, the design elements you choose will also be an important factor in terms of how your resume is compared to other candidates’ documents.

Read on to learn more about which sections to include, what keywords to use, and how to design a web developer resume. Or, consider jumping right into our online resume builder to get started with a professionally designed resume template for webmasters.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological
  • Functional
  • Combination
  • Because design features in a web developer’s work skillset, your resume should showcase some of your design skills

Not required



  • Contact information
  • Work history
  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills
  • Education and certifications


  • Projects
  • Professional summary
  • Honors and awards
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1-3 pages


What is the right format for a web developer resume? Great question. The answer is that it really depends on which format will best highlight your fit for the position you are applying for. Let’s take a quick look at the three main styles with some tips on when to choose them.

Chronological Format: If you have a strong work history doing web development in other roles in the past, then this format will showcase your extensive experience. The centerpiece of this format is a work history section that starts with your most recent or current position. Within each subsection, you can use a bullet point list to highlight your responsibilities.

Functional Format: This format places less focus on the work history section of your resume, and instead focuses on specific skills, often presented in clustered groups. While previous jobs are still listed, they take up much less room and generally only include your title, the name of the company, and dates employed.

If you are a freelance web developer, then this may be your best choice for increasing your online presence and for use on social media profiles, where you will promote your services. By focusing on skills, you make sure that potential clients will be able to find the expertise they are looking for in a strong web developer.

Combination Format: This is the most common format to choose for a web developer resume. It strikes a good balance between showcasing your specific hard and soft skills while also giving room to each of your work experiences to show your career trajectory.


Although not all web development roles include design work, most at least include extensive work with a web designer to maintain the look and feel of a website. Since this requires, at the very least, an aesthetically trained eye, the design of your web developer resume is important. Of course, this is even more important if you are a frontend web developer. There is a little more room for backend web developers resumes to be information dense with less emphasis on design.

Choose design elements that bring a consistent look and feel to your resume, so that the document is both easily readable and visually appealing. Remember that you are representing your own personal brand, so choose fonts and layouts carefully.

To take some of the work out of designing your resume from scratch, consider using one of our professionally designed resume templates. Once you create your resume, you will be able to customize it to new jobs from any device.


It is not recommended to include a photograph on your web developer resume, particularly if you are applying for a job in the United States. Due to concerns about the potential for discrimination, many employers may reject resumes that introduce the race, age, and gender of the applicant prior to the review process.

Sections of a Resume

The key to writing an impressive resume is to choose the sections that will make excellent use of space on the page while highlighting your most important skills and qualifications. For web developers, the following sections are strongly recommended:

  • Contact Information
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Education
  • Work History

In some cases, the following sections may also be helpful to include. Only add these sections if you feel that they will highlight qualifications that you hold that might be particularly useful for the employer:

  • Projects
  • Professional Summary
  • Honors and Awards
  • Hobbies and interests

For example, if you have a great deal of work experience, a professional summary is a way to let the hiring manager get a strong sense of how your career has oriented you to the open position as the next logical step in your professional growth. On the other hand, if you have less experience, a professional summary is unlikely to be a good choice.

Resume Length

In most cases, the length of your web developer resume should fall between 1-3 pages. The length should be determined by how much space you need, rather than trying to make yourself look more qualified with a longer resume. Stick to relevant information, keep language short and concise, and use thoughtful sections and design elements to make the most of the space on the page.

Web Developer Resume Section Headings

As mentioned above, choose section headings that best highlight your qualifications for the job that you are applying for. It is important to customize your resume for each job you apply for, and sometimes that will involve tweaking the sections to showcase your fit for the role.


In most cases, it is wise to include a section for listing your technical skills since web developers require a long list of technical proficiencies. You can go even further with your technical skills section to group your skills to make them easier for the hiring manager to understand in context.

For example, consider a table that has columns listing scripts or languages, debugging tools, database management tools, and/or deployment tools. These technical groups will help emphasize your special areas of expertise relative to the job responsibilities you will hold in your new job.

Unless the position you are applying for specifically mentions outdated technologies such as old languages, don’t list them on your resume even if you are proficient with them. For example, no one uses AJAX anymore and listing it may make you look out of date.

Most web developers work as members of a team as well as coordinating closely with other teams such as sales and marketing departments. It is important to showcase your soft skillset to potential employers as well. Emphasize communication, leadership, and your abilities to listen to people with other areas of expertise and translate their ideas into highly functional online infrastructure.

Certifications & courses

In addition to listing your degrees, be sure to include any official certifications that you may hold in this section if they are relevant to the job you are applying for. Example certifications for web developers include Adobe Certified Expert, Certified Web Development Professional, and Microsoft MCSD (among many others).


An optional section to include on your web developer resume is a Projects section. This may be particularly helpful if you are using a functional format since you won’t have a work history section to showcase specific projects you have worked on.

Think of the project section as a place to highlight the specific skills you used to design and implement websites that you are particularly proud of. In addition to listing some of the tools you used and problem-solving that you did, you can also provide a link to the project which allows this section to act as a portfolio of your work.

Web Developer Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Using the right keywords for web developer resumes is an important way to make sure your document makes it through the initial screening process. Whether that initial review is done by automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) or a human reviewer, make sure to replicate the language used in the job advertisement where possible. In addition, use action verbs rather than passive language to describe your previous work history and skillsets.

As well as using the vocabulary for web developers listed below, it is critical to be as specific as possible when it comes to listing your hard skills on your resume. For example, include languages and programs as well as technical terms that you regularly use in your work. Examples include:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Flash
  • SQL
  • Graphic user interface
  • API endpoint

Words to Use

  • Website development
  • Frontend development
  • Applications
  • User-centered design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web security
  • Compatibility
  • CRS and CRM platforms
  • Data collection and management
  • Backend development
  • Webmaster
  • Brand positioning
  • Website performance
  • Web content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Market research

Action Verbs

  • Code
  • Coordinate
  • Prioritize
  • Strategize
  • Program
  • Analyze
  • Optimize
  • Conduct
  • Implement
  • Develop
  • Streamline
  • Design
  • Communicate
  • Respond
  • Collaborate
  • Build

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a web developer role:

Technical Skills

  • Front End: HTML, TypeScript, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Sublime Text
  • Back End: PHP, Python, Apache, Ruby on Rails
  • Database Management: MySQL, MongoDG, PostgreSQL
  • SEO Tools: Yoast, EasyRedir, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Moz
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  • BA
    Web Design and Development
  • 2 years experience
    web design team for a major retailer
  • 2 years
  • CSS

2. Candidate seeking web developer role

Webmaster, (June 2010-Septemer 2013)

Allied Health Systems

  • Improved database design to improve compatibility with scalable APIs
  • Used Github and Jenkins to implement continuous data integration
  • Reduced debugging time by utilizing Log4j error statements
  • Streamlined data collection efficiency for client database of over 20,000 patients
  • Collaborated with actuaries, doctors, and hospital administrators to build a secure online customer portal
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  • MA
    Management Information Systems
  • BA
    Information Technology
  • 5 years experience
    back end web development in a healthcare setting
  • Certificate

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