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Voice actors perform voice-overs, provide voices representing varied characters, and provide audible information to audiences or users.

In the past, you had to look for a job in large recording studios to have a meaningful career as a voice actor. Such studios were few and mostly found in big cities. Fortunately, the Internet and advanced technologies have created many more voice actor jobs in multiple studios and companies.

In fact, the types of voice acting roles available have increased exponentially, ranging from voice-overs for apps, software and hardware, radio ads, corporate training, explainer videos, to audiobooks.

Considering such a wide array of voice acting positions, your resume needs to be specifically tailored to the type of job and company you’re applying to. The range of skills and qualifications in your resume should be well suited to the responsibilities you expect to serve.

Make use of these resume tips to learn how to craft yours.

Top Tips

  • Recommended: chronological
  • Optional: combination
  • Use a simple design
  • Make it easy to read
  • Arial or Calibri fonts

Yes, 8” x 10”



  • Contact information
  • Your agent’s contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Educational background
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Physical description


  • Audio recordings
  • Acting credits
  • References for past performances
Resume Length

One letter page


A reverse chronological format will highlight your work experience, which recruiters value the most.

This is a format whereby you list your experience, starting from the most recent, in reverse chronological order.

You can also opt for a second option of using a combination format which places both your experience and skills first. This can help make up for any shortcomings in your work experience.

Using our resume templates, you can set up such formats quickly in your resume. You can customize those templates through our online resume maker within minutes.


Although voice actors work within the creative industry, your resume should look just as professional as a manager resume.

Your goal isn’t to entertain the hiring managers but to show how serious and committed you are to your craft. Try as much as possible to present a simple design that’s easy to read.

Use readable fonts like Arial and Calibri.


A headshot is necessary as part of a voice actor resume. It should be a good quality, professional 8” x 10” image.

The photo should show your face and head, against a neutral background.

Sections of a Resume

One unique aspect for voice actor resumes is the inclusion of your agent’s contact information. This is a typical feature for people working in the creative industry.

That being said, most of the primary sections match other resumes, which include:

  • Contact information
  • Your agent’s contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Educational background
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Physical description

To provide a powerful case that gets you hired, you should include such additional sections as:

  • Audio recordings
  • Acting credits
  • References for past performances

Resume Length

Present your entire resume in one letter page. With a proper layout, the resume will look presentable and feature every important detail.

Voice Actor Resume Section Headings

Always provide in-depth information within the primary sections of your resume. Make sure that no potential question recruiters may have is left unanswered.

Here’s how to achieve that.


Educational qualification is vital for voice actors who want to work for established theaters and other organizations.

In fact, having such qualifications as journalism training and marketing can make you more valuable to some employers. If you work at a radio station, your journalism training will give you the capacity to properly manage such a job and even handle more roles.

Marketing is also a beneficial qualification when handling radio/ TV ads and other promotional content for companies. Being aware of marketing principles can put you in a better position to tailor your messages to suit your employer’s needs.

Work experience

You should provide statistical evidence of your achievements in past roles to impress hiring managers.

How many voiceover projects did you handle? What was the average duration of the voice over projects? Did you work on training films, video games, branding videos, and documentaries?

Giving answers to those questions will make your work experience impressive enough to convince recruiters of your ability. That’s why your resume job experience should be the lengthiest section, with bulleted lists providing in-depth details of responsibilities you handled in each position.

Besides impressing recruiters, providing statistical evidence of what you’ve done gives further proof of the duration of your work history. Someone with 10 years of experience will likely handle many more voiceover projects than another with only a couple of years of experience.


The range of skills you possess as a voice actor can influence your growth in the industry.

Employers are frequently interested in professionals capable of providing more value in their roles. If you can handle several roles, the employer may not need to hire two people to do the job that one can do. And you’ll benefit with better pay.

Several valuable skills for voice actors include the ability to handle multiple characterizations, or presenting a wide range of vocal styles.

Voice Actor Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

If you have extensive experience as a voice actor and present all the necessary details in your resume, it will automatically feature the right vocabulary. However, you need to go through it just to ensure you haven’t missed out any words specifically relevant to the job you’re targeting.

Here are some of the resume keywords to include in your profile.

Words to Use

  • Narration
  • Sound effects
  • Advertising scripts
  • Producers/ directors
  • Production value
  • Target audience satisfaction
  • Advertising sponsors
  • Voiceover projects
  • Audio design
  • Documentaries
  • Branding videos
  • Background noise
  • Radio commercial
  • Character voices
  • Post-production
  • Audio files

Action Verbs

  • Narrate
  • Proofread
  • Coordinate
  • Improve
  • Research
  • Generate
  • Design
  • Edit
  • Record
  • Submit
  • Act
  • Perform
  • Compose
  • Brainstorm
  • Transcribe
  • Read

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Voice Actor role

Formally trained Voice Actor with 20 years of experience. Possessing a decorated background of rich and diverse voice-over acting roles in theater and film. Seeking to bring forth enthusiasm, a real passion for acting, and a strong work ethic to Strasburg Theater. Expert ability to respond to imaginary stimuli with real behavior, and collaborate with others to create exciting projects.

  • Recorded and edited 60 voice-over projects, ranging from five to sixty minutes long, for video games, training films, branding videos, and documentaries.
  • Coordinated with other voice actors, producers, directors, and online radio personalities to improve production value and target audience satisfaction.
  • Researched products and generated new leads for advertising sponsors and gaming conventions.
  • Performed audio design and editing to improve overall clarity of submitted audio work using Adobe Audition 5.5 CS.
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  • 20
    years experience
  • B.A.
    Theatre Arts
  • B.Sc.
    Business and Marketing
  • Fluent in
    English, French, Spanish, and Italian

2. Candidate seeking Voice Actor role

Passionate Voice Actor with 5 years of experience seeking to work with Beats Studio Entertainment. Possessing extensive technical and acting skills through professional training and experience. Expert and qualified to work in any entertainment environment and capable of serving as a sophisticated and authoritative newsreader. Honored for using multiple characterizations and a wide range of vocal styles.

  • Voiced rambunctious girls, tough chicks, squeaky teens, children, and young mothers.
  • Prepared clean and professional audio by removing background noise, normalizing volume, and editing files using Camtasia Studio, Audacity, and iMovie.
  • Performed live event promotions and voice-over recording, plus serving as Master of Ceremonies/ hosting at local fashion, charity, and children events.
  • Acted in 100+ radio and TV commercials, performed character voices in 10 multi-platform video games, and narrated corporate video and web presentations.
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  • 5 years
    work experience
  • B.A.
  • Certified Program
    in Narration and Voice-Over

Last modified on June 4th, 2020

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