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Creating an urban planner resume using the chronological format is the best way to outline the font, colour and spacing used

Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking an urban planner role

Samples Resume

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Experienced urban planner offering services to local authorities, land owners and stakeholders by identifying and strategizing on revenue-based land properties to steer growth in the long run.

  • Improved customer satisfaction by answering their queries promptly.
  • Successfully conducted and facilitated various community workshops, seminars and public meetings related to urban planning to create awareness
  • Efficiently made deals with government, stakeholders and community leaders to accurately assess local business needs and desired

2. Candidate seeking urban planner role

Samples Resume

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Highly skilled in demographics analysis, land researches and community management as developed over my academic advancement. Willing to grow and improve organizational growth.

  • Actively participated as part of the team that did land surveys in 2 cities gaining efficient knowledge in land use and planning strategies
  • Built a strong rapport and credibility with customers as I constantly addressed their inquiries and gave relevant feedback.

Urban Planner Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

You must include resume keywords related to the urban planner position, to increase the chances of being hired.

Words to Use

  • Professionalism
  • Customer service
  • Land management
  • Stakeholders
  • Negotiation
  • Financial transactions
  • Budgeting
  • Demographic analysis
  • Bank charges
  • Innovation
  • Laws
  • Urban planning
  • Cash handling
  • Efficiency
  • Ordinance
  • Department

Action Verbs

  • Advise
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Budget
  • Research
  • Communicate
  • Negotiate
  • Coordinate
  • Propose
  • Manage
  • Build
  • Collect
  • Articulate
  • Identify
  • Inspect
  • Collaborate

Urban Planner Resume Tips and Ideas

With urbanisation on the rise, the new for new innovations on how to properly use the available land rises each day. Therefore, urban planners are getting more diversified into the idea of growth. An urban planner critically inspects a piece of land and proposes the best possible way of utilizing the area through the creation of urban, suburban or the rural community. It is not easy to find an urban planner resume without a master’s degree in the industry as a lot of research and case study goes into developing such strategic ideas.

When writing a resume for an urban planner, skills such planning and organization, public utility knowledge, resource mobilization, land size, community management and administration are all essential. An urban planner also possesses exemplary communication skills as they are required to interact with land owners, the government and the local authorities before commencing any work. With the right information outlined in the resume, getting the best urban planner resumes is as easy as finding your next dream job.

Getting the excellent urban planner resume is simplified using this online resume builder.


Creating an urban planner resume using the chronological format is the best way to outline the font, colour and spacing used






Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


The resume format for an urban planner is chronological so as to showcase all the relevant information needed to be seen first by a hiring manager. This entails showcasing the skills of the applicant, which is shortlisting the work experiences with the most recent job first. This way, it is easier to understand what the individual is working on and how they intend to improve the role they are applying to.

A lot of resume examples are available which helps in creating amazing resumes for the urban planners. Urban planners work on various case studies to understand and evaluate the various land projects that they work on. It is vital therefore, to ensure that an urban planner resume identifies the core skills needed for the role. Having a clear and defined role gives much weight to a recruiter as it shows the level of professional advancement the individual has had over time.


It is essential that an urban planner uses the right type of font when creating a resume to give a good first impression to a recruiter. Therefore, using an online resume generator is very essential to come up with amazing templates that attract the hiring manager and gives positive feedback for the jobs applied to. An urban planner resume should also be organized, with appropriate bullet points and clear sentence structures.


No photo is needed for an urban planner resume.

Sections of a Urban Planner Resume

An urban planner resume should only have sections that are relevant to the position.

With the right information available, all emphasis is placed on the applicant’s key strengths that are relevant to the role. An urban planner resume should portray the ability to acquire and close deals, prepare reports and coordinate projects from inception to the and.

The major sections include:

    • Contact information
  • Objective of resume
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications

The optional urban planner resume sections include:

  • Personal interests
  • Recognition and awards
  • Hobbies

An urban planner resume should not go beyond one page as it makes the hiring manager not interested to know what’s on the second page. The trick is to completely and efficiently describe one’s ability in one page, giving the best all at a glance.

Urban Planner Resume Section Headings

An urban planner resume should mainly focus on the work experience, education and skills acquired.


An urban planner must have a master’s degree in the industry to be considered professionally successful. This shows that the individual has intensive understanding of the job scope and has developed efficient ideas over the years that can help in steering growth and innovations. Writing an urban planner resume should give a lot of emphasis to the research work done by the individual to obtain the relevant skills they have for the roles applied. This gives a clear advantage over other applicants. Entry level urban planners however, can start off with a bachelor’s degree or a higher diploma in the industry and rise through the roles through personal development and professional growth.

Work experience

As prior explained, an urban planner capitalises on the strengths of the individual. Therefore, identifies the best areas that the applicant can excel in and expounding on the same is a way of making the resume stand out and achieving the dream jobs they wish to. If an urban planner excels in negotiation, then outlining that and explaining instances which the applicant showed this skill and successfully achieved positive results, is vital.


The skills needed in an urban planner resume must be entirely relevant to the job specification. Both academic and professional skills are necessary as it helps the hiring manager to understand the best ways to place the urban planner projects while determining the right time frames needed to complete the activities.

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