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If you have tip top IT technical skills and a track-record of setting up and maintaining systems that run like clockwork, you’ve already got the right stuff for a perfect technical support resume. Support staff are the glue that hold many organizations together. No office can run effectively without this expertise.

It is an increasingly competitive role to land but with companies using bigger and more elaborate systems, the need for technical support staff has never been greater. Therefore, standing out in this sector is more important than ever.

A candidate who emphasizes a strong focus on quality and demonstrates expert technical knowledge with excellent people skills will always have an advantage in this profession. However, getting the resume right can take a little work.

This guide will give you all the help you need to design and write an expert technical support resume that recruiters will sit up and take notice of. Don’t forget that you can take advantage of online tools like a resume maker to help you lay out your document beautifully and structure your information expertly in almost no time.

Top Tips

  • Reverse Chronological for experienced candidates
  • Functional for entry level candidates
  • Make use of white space
  • Break up your experience with bullet points
  • Use a plain 12 point font
  • Optional: Add some color to your header or dividing lines

Not required



  • Contact information
  • Resume summary statement
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Qualifications


  • Achievements
  • Projects
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 x letter page (8.5” x 11”)


For a technical support resume, you should arrange the document in a reverse chronological format if you’re already a seasoned technician. This will help you draw in a hiring manager by putting your most recent experience first. You should start with your most recent tech support role and then work backward through each of your previous positions.

However, if you’re a recent graduate or a newcomer to the technical support field then you might enjoy more success with a functional format resume. This bio style places a lot more emphasis on your skillset, rather than your experience and may give you the edge you need if you’re just starting out.


Simplicity is key on a technical support resume. You should focus on making the text readable so that your career achievements stand out. This is quite easy to achieve. Simply write in a clear font like Ariel and keep the text well spaced out. Using a liberal amount of white space to separate sections and bullet points to keep the text from getting too blocky will help keep the information from becoming impenetrable.

However, if you want to try a more creative approach to a resume for a technical support role, there are a few ways that you can add some style to the document. First of all, don’t be afraid to add a little color to header texts or dividing lines. These should be subtle and not too vibrant. Additionally, the header section with your name and contact information offers some space for creativity, where you can experiment more with distinctive fonts (although they should still be legible).


A photo is neither expected nor required on a technical support resume in the US. Due to discrimination laws, hiring managers cannot select a candidate based on their gender, race or any other visual features. Therefore adding a photo is often more harmful to a job seeker’s resume, as it may cause an HR person to disregard your profile for fear of showing preferential bias.

Sections of a Resume

When you create your technical support resume, you should split up the information into a few key sections. The most important information that your resume should convey in this case is who you are, what you know about the job and what you will bring to the role. This can be summarised in the following sections:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary statement
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Qualifications

If once you’ve added all the essential information above you still have space on the page, or you have any special plaudits that you feel should appear in your application you can also add the following optional sections:

  • Achievements
  • Projects
  • Hobbies and interests

Resume Length

The best resumes normally fit everything into just a single letter page. Resumes that are longer than this may be deemed too information heavy by a time-pressed recruiter and simply thrown out. You can keep your document to this length quite easily by tailoring your resume carefully with just the information relevant to a specific role. This will save on space on the page and will also target the job you’re chasing much better.

Technical Support Resume Section Headings

To start your technical support resume off well, it’s often recommended to condense a few of your key achievements and skills down into an engaging resume summary statement. This only takes a couple of sentences and will provide an effective introduction of yourself to the hiring manager.

Recruiters only spend an average of 6-10 seconds scan-reading each application, so the more engaging and dazzling you can make this short preamble the better. Pick out your top career highlights and be sure to weave these into these few short sentences. If all goes well, this should provide just the encouragement necessary for an HR person to read on.

Work experience

The experience section on a technical support resume is absolutely crucial. Employers will be looking carefully for evidence that you can do the job in question. For tech support staff it’s best to show versatility in your previous roles.

Working in technical support is a notoriously varied career. You need to be great at dealing with people, a computer whizz, a good planner and excellent at time management. Hundreds of people could be counting on you.

To get the best from this section, list down as many of the significant duties you undertook in each role in your career. For the sake of conciseness, you should try to avoid repetition. It’s common in most people’s careers to do the same tasks in each job. However, you can avoid repeating the same information by only mentioning the earliest occurrence of each duty you undertook and for each new job only reference the newest responsibilities you took on.


Overall it’s best to focus on in-depth technical skills that will help you stand out from the competition. Most employers will want to see that you are able to handle:

  • Service protocol improvements
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tasks
  • Diagnostic jobs
  • Helpdesk duties
  • Different types of operating systems
  • Online and data security

Aside from these in-depth industry-specific skills, you should also demonstrate the more generic soft skills that tech support employees will need in their day-to-day work. These include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Time-management
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Logistics


When recruiters read a technical support resume, they will almost always want to see evidence of an appropriate college degree. Candidates should have at the very least a computer science, physics or maths college-level qualification. However, whilst a college degree is preferred, it is possible to enter the industry with just a high school diploma and technical certification from an accredited provider like CompTIA.

Additionally, candidates with or without degrees should also demonstrate continuous learning throughout their career. IT roles are notoriously subject to change as systems become obsolete and newer interfaces and tools become available. Therefore be sure to include any certificates on your resume that show your knowledge is fully up to date.

Technical Support Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

When you sit down to write your technical support resume, be as specific as possible with the vocabulary you use. Any descriptive terms that relate closely to the job will demonstrate your knowledge in the field and give the reader a good idea of your precise skills and experience.

Additionally, this will give you a big advantage if you come up against any applicant tracking software (ATS). These often filter out resumes that don’t use enough of the specific industry buzzwords you’d expect from a seasoned technical support worker.

Finally, and perhaps just as importantly, always be sure to double-check your resume for spelling errors. Whether or not you get past any filtering software, mistakes like these are certain to remove you from contention in any hiring process.

Words to Use

  • Analytical
  • Problem-solving
  • Quality
  • LAN
  • Operating system
  • Email
  • ISP
  • Wireless
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Cloud systems
  • Passwords
  • Anti-virus
  • Networking
  • Teleconferencing
  • Service desk support

Action Verbs

  • Troubleshoot
  • Resolve
  • Install
  • Maintain
  • Configure
  • Migrate
  • Utilize
  • Support
  • Repair
  • Diagnose
  • Backup
  • Train
  • Set up
  • Restart
  • Assist
  • Optimize

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking technical support position:

Resume summary statement:

Approachable and knowledgable technical support with expert knowledge on Windows 10 optimization and cloud systems.

  • Backed up critical data and ensured protection from viruses
  • Offered effective and friendly support for employee desktop devices
  • Set-up new security protocols to ensure system protection
  • Optimized LAN systems for efficient and effective EDI
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  • 5 years
  • Certificate
    Windows 10
  • BA
  • Expert
    Cloud Systems

2. Candidate seeking technical support lead position:

Resume summary statement:

Analytical and professional technical support lead with 10 years of experience in providing quality business system management

  • Led a team of 15 tech support staff
  • Implemented action plans for business-wide system upgrades
  • Organized and presented technical training sessions
  • Planned and maintained the infrastructure of project management software
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  • 10 years
  • MA
    Computer Science
  • Certificate
  • Experienced