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Teaching Assistant Resume Tips and Ideas

Sometimes called a teacher aide, a teaching assistant helps manage a classroom to promote a positive learning environment. They often help the lead teacher with preparation and organization in the classroom and assist with vital tasks such as discipline and grading.

Teaching assistants work in a variety of situations. Some have special training in music, special education, or physical fitness for example. An effective resume for a teaching assistant position will convey the most relevant skills and qualifications to the specific job you are applying to. Your goal is to demonstrate you are a perfect fit for the job at hand.

Pay careful attention to the job description for the job you are applying for. Look for the language used in the ad and try to mirror it, as long as the information you include is accurate.

Since creativity is one of the talents that many employers seek in a teaching assistant, your resume may be stronger if you include some design elements to showcase your skills. Read on to learn more about which design elements are best, along with the right keywords to use for a teaching assistant resume.

Top Tips

  • Combination: Showcase key skills followed by your work history
  • Chronological: Emphasize related work experience by providing detailed lists of job responsibilities for past jobs
  • Careful use of design elements is appropriate

Not required



  • Contact information
  • Education and certifications
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history


  • Objective statement
  • Technology skills
  • Volunteer experience
Resume Length

1-2 pages maximum


The format of your teaching assistant resume should be chosen with one specific goal in mind: putting your top qualifications for the specific job you are applying for at the top. Keep in mind that the people making hiring decisions are busy and may only spend a few seconds choosing top applicants. You want them to be able to see your best qualifications without having to dig too deep.

Choosing the right format is usually a decision to make relative to your work experience. Here is what you need to know to decide:

Combination format: In most cases, a combination format is the way to go for teaching aide jobs. This resume style allows you to use skills-based sections to emphasize your key qualifications, followed by a brief work history to showcase your experience. We will cover the best sections to include in more detail below.

Chronological format: If you have previously worked as a teaching assistant or in a closely related profession such as childcare, you may decide that a reverse chronological style resume is the right choice. By allowing more space to detail the specific responsibilities you have had in your last few jobs, you can show that you are a seasoned and experienced employee who is ready to hit the ground running in your new job.


If you are comfortable using software for design, feel free to add some moderate levels of design to your teaching assistant resume. One of the advantages of adding some graphical elements with this job is that it can demonstrate that you have technology skills that could be relevant to the job itself.

It is easy to go over the top with design, so make sure the overall look remains professional. Make sure that any design elements add to the readability of your document, helping the reader to notice your most important qualifications.

Text boxes, light use of shading, and tables or infographics are all ways to enhance the information on the page. Choose only fonts that are easy to read and compliment each other. If you go with color, be sure you choose no more than three, otherwise, your resume can look too busy.

Avoid design elements that may make you look immature such as cartoons or graphics of animals. Where possible, choose an overall theme and make sure it stays consistent throughout your resume.

Not sure where to start? Try one of our resume templates.


It is not recommended to include a photo on your resume if applying in the U.S. However when applying for a job as a teaching assistant in other countries, it might be a good idea to check what is expected.

Sections of a Resume

Required sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Education and certifications
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history

Optional sections include:

  • Objective statement
  • Technology skills
  • Volunteer experiences

Read on to learn more details about what to include in each section, along with some samples written just for teaching assistants.

Resume Length

Use the space you need to convey all of your relevant skills and qualifications, without making it look too cramped. You want your document to be easy to read so that the busy people reviewing it will quickly see your most stellar qualities.

In general, 1-2 pages is a good length for a teaching assistant resume, with the longer length reserved for candidates with a great deal of experience and work history in the field.

Teaching Assistant Resume Section Headings

Let’s take a look at a few of the more complex sections of your resume for a teacher aide or teaching assistant position. Overall, remember that the purpose of each section is to showcase your fit for the job you are applying for. Use action verbs and job-specific keywords (from our list below) to stay on topic and put your best foot forward.


This section allows you to really hone in on the skills you possess that make you the best candidate for the job. Usually, just below your contact information, the summary of skills should include a resume objective statement, followed by a bullet list of very concise skills relevant to the job.

Read on to see teaching assistant resume samples to see what a strong summary of skill section should look like.

Work experience

Your work history should start with your most recent job, progressing backward in time. Include the dates of your employment, any specific titles that you held, and a list of job duties and responsibilities.

When filling out each section of your teaching assistant resume, make sure to choose information that is relevant to the job itself. For example, if you have work history in the retail field, working with money as a cashier is not relevant. However, the communication skills you gained through your customer service is worth mentioning as it is a soft skill you have gained in that position.


Since teaching assistants often make use of software to design worksheets or lesson plans, and often help teachers set up classroom technology such as projectors, it can be helpful to include a technology skills section as one of your optional sections.

Include information on any programs you are proficient with. If you have experience working with specialized classroom technology, this is the place to include that information as well.

Teaching Assistant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It is important to use the right keywords for your teaching assistant resume. What many people do not realize is that often the first round of screening on applications is done by computers. This is especially likely if you have submitted your resume via an online portal.

One place to look for the right lingo to use in your resume is in the job description itself. Or, make use of our free resource below which includes words and action verbs that employers will likely be looking for in this role.

Words to Use

  • Classroom management
  • Classroom technology
  • Special needs
  • Patient
  • Organization
  • Lesson plan
  • Learner
  • Study habits
  • Pedagogy
  • Learning strategies
  • Preparation
  • Curriculum
  • Learning environment
  • Communication
  • Team oriented
  • Time management

Action Verbs

  • Teach
  • Grade
  • Supervise
  • Instruct
  • Coach
  • Record
  • Coordinate
  • Manage
  • Assist
  • Aid
  • Explain
  • Enforce
  • Prepare
  • Organize
  • Listen
  • Communicate

Resume Samples

1. Experienced candidate seeking a job as a teaching assistant in a music classroom

Resume objective statement:

Experienced piano teacher and day camp activity planner seeks a role as a Teaching Assistant to expand my passion for teaching children about music.

Summary of key skills:

  • Experience planning, organizing, and managing hands-on, music-focused activities for learners of all ability levels
  • Nurturing teaching style to promote a positive learning environment
  • Strong grading, curriculum development, and classroom management skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Blackboard Learn
  • Familiar with a variety of musical instruments including piano, violin, cello, flute, and trumpet
  • 2 years of experience
    giving private piano lessons
  • Associate Degree
    in Education
  • Volunteer experience as
    Activity Coordinator at summer camp

2. Candidate seeking a teaching assistant position in a special education classroom

Resume objective statement:

I have long been passionate about working with special needs learners. After two years of working with children in the pediatric wing at XYZ hospital, I earned my Special Education Teacher’s Aide Certification. I am now seeking an opportunity to put my considerable skills and qualifications to use as a Teaching Assistant in ABC School District.

Summary of skills:

  • Two years of experience working directly with disabled children
  • Trained in Special Needs Pedagogy
  • Motivated to help each individual learner achieve their best
  • Compassionate and empathetic listener with keen observational skills
  • Dedicated professional with strong organizational, time management, and planning skills
  • Experience managing up to 20 special needs learners through guided activities
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
  • 2 years of experience as
    a nurse’s aid in a pediatric ward
  • Special Education Teacher
    Aide Certification
  • Microsoft Office

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