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Sushi Chef Resume Tips and Ideas

Great Sushi Chefs are hard to find and the same can be said for sushi chef jobs. Since it is a highly specialized marketplace, a professional sushi chef resume will help you stand out and communicate why you should be called for an interview and subsequently hired.

The job of a great resume is to highlight the best aspects that your potential employer is looking for. This includes not just your qualifications and your work experience in Japanese cuisine but also the soft skills that make you a team player as well as the ability to work in a high-pressure work environment.

Some of the responsibilities that are listed on a sushi chef resume are preparing sauces, managing food and storing food, maintaining supplies, training staff and of course, designing and serving sushi plates.

Make sure that you format and design the resume that sets you apart from the competitors and ensures that you get the interview call. Our extensive library of resume samples will help you write your own professional sushi chef resume.

You can use our online resume builder to get the job done in minutes. Simply choose a layout you like and put in your information in the relevant section headings.

Top Tips


Reverse Chronological Format


Neat and Clean

Proper use of spacing

Highlighted headings and sections

Use one of our preformatted designs






  • Resume Statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Qualifications


  • Languages
  • Certifications
  • Awards & Accolades
Resume Length

One Letter page – Size 8.5” x 11


For a professional Sushi Chef with extensive experience in the Japanese cuisines, we highly recommend going with the chronological format for writing your resume. This will enable you to showcase your abilities in the context of your previous working environments, in reverse-chronological order.

Do not forget to highlight aspects of your job responsibilities that communicate how valuable you are to the organization along with any uniqueness you bring to the table.

For Chefs with relatively less experience, you can opt for the combination resume format to balance out between experience and skills.


The design of your resume is important as it communicates certain aspects of your personality on a subtle level. A cramped and busy resume is not reader-friendly and not pleasing to the eyes, and hence communicates that the candidate didn’t put proper thought in designing their resume.

A neat and clean design with appropriate use of spacing and just enough color-tones to make things interesting really set your resume apart.


According to recruitment law within the United States, it is illegal to hire or fire someone on the basis of their appearance. Therefore, we recommend not using a photo on your resume.

However, if you’re applying to become a sushi chef outside of the U.S. you may want to check the legality and regulations accordingly.

Sections of a Resume

Sections allow us to separate important information into groups and enables the reader to quickly retrieve or glance over any specifics just by following the headings.

The main sections considered to be must-have for a Sushi Chef resume are:

Resume Statement or Professional Summary

Work experience



Adding further sections which add more credibility and unique perspective to your professional profile is also advised. Some sections to add to your resume can be:



Awards & Accolades

Resume Length

Using modern design principles and minimalistic layouts, you can fit in quite a lot of information in a relatively smaller space.

The standard length acceptable and popular for Sushi chef resumes is one letter page size 8.5 x 11 inches.

For chefs with extensive experience and applications for senior chef positions, you can add another page to your resume.

Sushi Chef Resume Section Headings

Let your potential employer know who you are and how you can contribute to their business and restaurants by focusing on your work experience and skills.


Introduce your cheffing career in a snapshot using the most powerful and relevant words that paint a holistic picture. The idea is to impress your potential employer and demonstrate your experience and expertise so take your time in crafting a short but powerful summary statement.

Work experience

As a qualified and experienced sushi chef, you are expected to list and highlight your work experience along with the key responsibilities you held at those workplaces. This is a great opportunity to show your potential employer what you are capable of and what kind of results you’ve generated for restaurants and sushi bars in the past.


Are you certified and qualified in the Japanese culinary arts? You must mention this to add credibility to your Sushi chef’s resume. Additional and relevant skills like maintaining and managing food inventory, making and creating new sushi rolls as well as customer or bar management further strengthen your resume.

Sushi Chef Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It is one thing to be a great Sushi Chef, and it is entirely another thing to be able to write about it and articulate it using the best possible words. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the words that you can use in writing your sushi chef resume. This also includes a list of action verbs to describe certain job responsibilities you may have held.

Words to Use

  • Sushi
  • Sushi plates
  • Design
  • Serve
  • Food safety
  • Creativity
  • Ingredients
  • Exquisite
  • Hygiene
  • Culinary
  • Sanitation
  • Quality
  • Consistency
  • Superior
  • Sushi bar
  • Safety regulations

Action Verbs

  • Lead
  • Create
  • Manage
  • Provide
  • Maintain
  • Function
  • Serve
  • Prepare
  • Replace
  • Increase
  • Coordinate
  • Establish
  • Supervise
  • Contribute
  • Follow
  • Update

Resume Samples

1. Sushi Chef position

Designed and executed a new menu with head chef for re-establishment of the sushi bar.

  • Prepared and presented all Sushi items, hot and cold as per norms and standards
  • Contributed and maintained hygiene and sanitation
  • Provided training and guidance on Sushi presentation and cooking
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  • 12
    Years Experience
  • AA
    Culinary Arts
  • BA

2. A candidate seeking Executive Sushi Chef Position

Award-winning Sushi Chef looking to join and lead the contemporary Japanese cuisine section and uphold the most superior standards

  • Redesigned contemporary Japanese menu as per available regional items
  • Increased customer satisfaction and word of mouth by providing only the best quality service
  • Prepared, packaged and created Sushi rolls
  • Supervised health and safety as per guidelines and regulations
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  • 18
    Years of experience
  • AS
    Culinary Arts
  • Award-winning
    Sushi Chef