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Stylist Resume Tips and Ideas

Stylists, sometimes referred to as wardrobe or fashion stylist, are fashion consultants specialized in providing fashion advice, and choosing or coordinating outfits for clients.

This is a creative role which requires the professional to conceptualize and develop fashion expressions or themes in response to certain events or in line with the image the client intends to portray.

A career as a stylist is especially suitable for an individual who has a flair for fashion and knows how to style outfits to compliment all body types. Stylists often choose to specialize in one of several areas including personal, online retail, photographic, catwalk, and blogging among others.

Typical employers of stylists are individuals (mostly celebrities and public figures), model houses, fashion houses and clothing brands. Other employers include the movie and music industry, magazines and PR events.

While there are no specific educational requirements for stylists, extensive work experience with reputable clients is the norm. And considering the intense competition for fashion stylist positions, you will need excellent resume writing skills and the right guidance to stand out. Our online resume builder can also give you an edge with a perfect stylist resume tailored to your professional profile.

Top Tips

  • The recommended resume format for a stylist is the chronological resume format.
  • Use resume templates for proper formatting
  • Yes, resume design is allowed.
  • Your resume design should satisfy the following criteria:
  • Professionally color scheme
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Legible fonts
  • Intuitive design layout
  • Consistent margin and spacing
  • PDF format




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Skills and competencies
  • Education


  • Honors and awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Languages
Resume Length

One or two letter page(s)


Ideally, the choice of resume format is influenced by the profession in question and the prospective employer’s priorities. However, exceptions can be made if the candidate’s professional profile dictates otherwise.

Candidates applying to stylist positions are encouraged to structure their resume in line with the chronological resume format. But candidates can opt for combinational or even functional resume format if they belong in one of three categories:

  • Candidates making a career change
  • Candidates with gaps in their professional experience
  • Entry-level candidates with little to no experience to showcase


Resume design for stylists is more of an expectation. This is a creative field where candidates are expected to exude creative skills. Your resume design is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve this. There are no pre-defined steps in resume design, so candidates are free to be creative about it. However, the ideal resume design should comply with the following:

  • Avoid using a word processor when designing your stylist resume
  • Only use legible fonts
  • Use a professionally acceptable color scheme and ensure consistency
  • Ensure consistent margin and spacing
  • Ensure your resume design is readable on a mobile phone
  • Submit your designed resume in PDF format


A photo should not be included in a stylist resume. It is against resume writing best practices and widely accepted hiring standards.

Sections of a Resume

Certain sections in a resume are expected while others are discretionary. When writing a stylist resume, the following are the required sections every candidate must include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective
  • Work experience
  • Skills and competencies
  • Education

These optional sections can be included as seen fit by the candidate.

  • Honors and awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Conferences/seminars
  • Languages

When making choices about which optional sections to include in your stylist resume, ensure that you chose those sections that will best showcase your unique attributes, talents, and competencies that make you a formidable candidate for the job.

Resume Length

Brevity is the key to resume writing. And despite stylist being a creative position, candidates must strive to convince prospective employers within the shortest time and space possible.

Experts recommend that stylist resume should be just one or two pages long.

Stylist Resume Section Headings

The fashion industry is competitive and employers can be selective, implying the need for candidates of stylist positions to make deliberate efforts to optimize whenever possible and take nothing for granted. And it begins with your stylist resume.

To give your employer the right impression through your resume, emphasis should be laid on certain critical sections that will help you to highlight your professional competence and creative abilities as a stylist.

These critical sections include your educational background, work experience, and the relevant skills you have acquired over the course of your career. These sections make it easy for employers to determine the candidate’s suitability. Thus, you should utilize them to sell yourself professionally.

With a bit of research about the employer’s preferences and proper guidance on how to write your experience section and education section, you’ll be more likely to achieve success.

Work experience

Competition for stylist positions can be fierce, and employers will most likely bank on candidates with an impressive display of experience. It is important that you understand the best practices in writing your work experience section before proceeding.

Once that background is set, include the title and list your experiences in reverse-chronological order. Experts recommend each experience you list should include 3-5 bullet points about your accomplishment while working in that position.

If you are an entry-level candidate, you should be aware that your internships in the styling department of a fashion-related organization also count as experience in the field. Therefore, you can include them in your resume.


Stylist positions involve practical roles and duties, you will require a range of skills to succeed in the position, and your employers expect to see these skills listed in the right candidate’s resume. You will do well to analyze the employer’s job listing, identify the required skills, and include them in your resume if you have them under your belt.

Communication is one such skill. Communication will be key, considering that you’ll need to work with a variety of people to get the job done. Other essential skills are:

  • Attention to detail
  • Time management skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Ability to stay abreast of fashion trends
  • Creative skills
  • Stress management skills
  • Teamwork


Stylists require no formal education to work, and that is because academic qualifications are not as important as creative and practical skills in the field. However, it is not uncommon for some employers to specify that candidates are required to show some academic qualification in a related field. Common educational requirements in such cases can be a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in art, photography, or some related creative field.

Your educational achievement should be listed under the “Education” heading, followed by a list of educational achievements (also in reverse-chronological order).

Stylist Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The fashion stylist position requires candidates who are exceptionally creative with keen attention to detail. As a candidate, you must be highly selective and capable of making the best choices, and this is expected to reflect in your resume as well.

Considering you will be competing with other creatives who are really good at expressing themselves, it is especially important that you take your use of words seriously and spend some time figuring out how to express yourself better.

By choosing brief and concise keywords and phrases that are peculiar to stylists or the fashion industry at large, you can build a stylist resume that correctly communicates your values and resonates with your prospective employers.

Below are the stylist resume keywords and action verbs we have hand-picked for you to include in your stylist resume.

Words to Use

  • Fashion house
  • Public appearances
  • Fashion accessories
  • Fashion techniques
  • Clothing brand
  • Body types
  • Models
  • Creativity
  • Fashionable
  • Style
  • Fabrics
  • Events
  • Outfits
  • Fashion trends
  • Wardrobe
  • Designer labels

Action Verbs

  • Advise
  • Identify
  • Inform
  • Assist
  • Design
  • Create
  • Provide
  • Collaborate
  • Select
  • Exhibit
  • Co-ordinate
  • Maintain
  • Recommend
  • Hand-pick
  • Schedule
  • Communicate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking stylist position

A creative and goal-oriented stylist with eight years of experience working for model houses and international fashion brands. Open to opportunities to showcase creative talent and fashion styling techniques.

  • Identified and matched the most suitable fashion styles for each model’s body types and sourced matching fashion accessories to complement the desired expressions
  • Offered personalized styling tips for each client’s look and personality.
  • Collaborated with photography experts and professionals to achieve the best outcome on celebrity photoshoots.
  • Developed exclusive creative designs to match clients’ taste and personality.
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  • 8
    years experience
  • Bachelor
    of arts
  • Associate’s degree
    in Fashion Merchandising
  • AICI
    Certified Image Master

2. Candidate seeking stylist position

Highly experienced and award-winning fashion stylist with a proven track record. A certified identity manager who has worked with several on-stage personalities. A big fashion trend inspiration and follower.

  • Organized wardrobe and outfit for client’s outing and public appearances
  • Sourced and ordered exclusive fashion materials and accessories to develop fashion expressions for client outings.
  • Provided in-person consultations and made recommendations on fashionable items.
  • Prepared stages, mannequins, and models for fashion brand unveiling shoots.
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  • 10
    years experience
  • Bachelor's degree
    in Fashion design
  • Certified
    Image Professional
  • Award
    CFDA womenswear award