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Professional Resume Samples for a Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher Resume Tips and Ideas

Special ed teachers work with students who are abled differently or have some sort of disability. These teachers are in charge of modifying the regular teaching program to suit the special ed student’s needs. Furthermore, they may be required to provide remedial instruction and teach basic life skills and literacy.

For one to be considered for such a position, you must demonstrate your ability to deal and train students with a wide range of mental, physical, emotional and learning disabilities. A special education teacher resume should point out these crucial tasks and duties.

Assessing the level of skill of these students, determining their critical needs, and developing teaching plans and customized education programs are also fundamental for those in this career path.

Our site intends to guide you in your effort to build an exceptional resume as a special education teacher. A special ed teacher resume should showcase your qualifications and previous work experience. It should also outline the milestones and accomplishments you achieved while undertaking other previous works.

Top Tips


We recommend you use a combined format when writing a Special education teacher resume. This implies that your resume will contain elements from both functional and chronological formats.
List your experience and achievements in a chronological format.

  • The design should highlight your certifications and accomplishments
  • Visible headings/titles

Not recommended



  • Contacts
  • Resume objective
  • Skills
  • Working experience
  • Qualifications and vocational training
  • Academic background


  • Personal information
  • Awards/Honors
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page


When you are writing your special education resume, make sure you reference the advertised job description. Also, it is important that you highlight any skills, work experience and certifications that are in sync with the requirements.

It is essential to have a clear headline or, rather, a summary statement. This statement should communicate your qualifications, abilities, and goals in a simple manner.

You may find that some schools have automated systems to screen candidates’ resumes or use some other form of systematic methodologies to rank suitable candidates. In order to get through the first round, use our resume format tips and make sure you move on to the interview stage.

The format you choose should enable the recruiting officer to identify your skills, abilities, and qualifications.

While drafting a special education resume format, you may use the combined resume format that mixes both the chronological and functional formats. This will allow you to list all the work experience that you have had in reverse chronological order. This will make it easier for the hiring manager to spot your abilities, skills, and capabilities.

Make your titles clear and visible and tailor your resume format to fit the job you are applying for.


When designing your resume for a job as a special educator, you should always emphasize your education, skills, and certifications in your special education resume. Remember to mention all the previous classroom experience that you have had as well. This will inform the recruiter’s decision of how suitable you may be for that job.

Make sure to customize your resume in a way that is precise and not tedious or crowded.


Should you include your photo in a resume? This is not advised. Photos may be used as a basis of discrimination based on your physical appearance and it is not advised.

Resume Objective

In the Summary section of your resume, always consider including this part at the top of your resume. It is the introductory part.

Find a great way of integrating your teaching philosophy, and expressing your passion for this career path while emphasizing what makes you an excellent and exceptional special education teacher. The purpose of this statement is to emphasize what you bring to the table as a special education teacher.

Sections of a Resume

The technical nature of a special education teacher requires you to possess special skills. Tailor your special education resume to fit the school and the job you are looking forward to getting.

Individualize each and every resume. If the job requires particular skills, make sure you list or highlight them. Remember to always make sure these skills are relevant to the job you are hoping to get.

Important qualities include:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical-thinking skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patience
  • Resourcefulness


Just like many other professional resumes, resume sections for Special education teachers are almost similar but may slightly vary depending on the requirements of that particular job. The common sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Professional summary/objective
  • Core qualifications
  • Skills
  • Working experience
  • Academic background

It is always a good idea to add merits like honors and awards in your resume.

Resume Length

Depending on the number of years you have been working in this field, 1 to 2 pages are considered enough. Anything beyond two pages is not advised.

Special Education Teacher Resume Section Headings

No matter your experience, your special ed teacher resume should always vary somewhat when applying for different jobs.

Remember it is a good idea to tailor your Special education teacher resume to show your level of professionalism. Your skills, experience, education, and qualifications are what will separate you from other applicants.

Special Education Teacher Resume Section Headings

Work experience

To be trusted with disabled kids and many other students, you must demonstrate your level of competence. Make sure you list all the teaching experiences, especially the ones within a special education setting. Include internships, co-curricular, and volunteer work that has been done so far and are relevant to teaching.

It is also worth noting that emphasizing your accomplishments is key. Do not state and leave it at that. State the duties under each work experience and the accomplishments attained there. You may include quotations from your previous supervisors as well or supporting data.


From the most recent qualification and education acquired, highlight your education and necessary credentials.

List all the relevant and specific degrees and certifications that are within the teaching industry.

Make sure your third section is ‘’Education’’ so it is among the first things the recruiter hiring can spot.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not focus on experiences that are not related to the advertised job.
  • Do not include too many personal details – this makes you look unprofessional
  • Do not list hobbies


Special Education Teacher Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

A teacher should always get the spelling and vocabulary right. Your sentence structure should always be easy to understand.

When you get this wrong, you are giving the wrong signal to recruiters and chances are you will not get the job, especially when you are supposed to educate people.

Below you can find the essential words and verbs that you can use when creating your special education teacher resume to help you present a stronger case.

Words to Use

  • Industrious
  • Standard
  • Founder
  • Detailed
  • Distribution
  • Keen
  • Model
  • Enabler
  • Facilitator
  • Document
  • Observant
  • Counselor

Action Verbs

  • Teach
  • Craft
  • Accommodate
  • Calculate
  • Test
  • Achieve
  • Familiarize
  • Carry out
  • Track
  • Critique
  • Acquire
  • Coach

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Special Education Teacher position

In my previous roles, I designed and implemented lesson plans using different approaches so as to reach my students aged between 3 and 7 years old.

  • Generated learning strategies for all the students with learning disabilities
  • Created behavioral plans to achieve desired behaviors
  • Collaborated with school management, fellow teachers and parents to implement student-specific education plans
  • Weekly assessment of students’ abilities based on the results from previous data and assessments
  • Trained parents and staff on non-verbal communication
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  • 6 years
  • MA
  • Spanish

2. Candidate seeking a Special Education Teacher role

In my previous roles, I was able to design and implement lesson plans by integrating multiple modalities. I have had the privilege to teach people of various ages (3 to 24 y. o.) and adapt my teaching style to each age group.

  • Generated weekly learning strategies for people with learning disabilities
  • Helped improve desired behaviors for students
  • Collaborated with school administrators to create a curriculum tailored to each student individual needs
  • Assessed students’ abilities
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  • 10 years
  • MA
  • LSS
    Teaching with Technology Course

Last modified on May 12th, 2020

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