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Professional Resume Samples for a Security Officer

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Security Officer Resume Tips and Ideas

When locks and alarms prove insufficient, security officers are needed to protect people and property against external threats and circumstantial vulnerabilities. Specific duties of a security officer vary depending on the employer but the role is defined by several common responsibilities. A compelling security officer resume should demonstrate a candidate’s experience in guarding, controlling, patrolling and monitoring assigned premises to curtail theft, violence, or vandalism.

Your security guard resume should present specific competencies that coincide with the position these include the ability to:

  • Ensure rules are adhered to
  • Secure points of entry and regulate building systems
  • Control entry and departure of employees and guests in a premise
  • Transport valuables like money safely
  • Respond to alarms and respond to disturbances accordingly
  • Safely handle firearms and other weapons required for the position

In addition to your competencies, your security officer resume should highlight your most desirable traits. These include excellent communication skills, courage in the face of danger, and the ability to identify and respond to problems, evaluate options, and implement solutions quickly.

Present an appealing resume that captures the attention of prospective employers and proves your value to them. Your formatting and design features should be flawless. If you are struggling to build your security officer resume from scratch, you can customize our resume templates or use our reliable resume builder online.

Top Tips

  • The chronological resume format is recommended
  • A professional resume layout is a gold standard
  • Send your resume in PDF format to maintain the layout

The following design features make a winning security officer resume:

  • Resume font and color
  • Content spacing
  • Use of bullets and headings




  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education background


  • Professional affiliations
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Computer skills
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Awards and recognition
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


Your security officer resume should have a proper structure that makes it easy for hiring managers to read and comprehend your content. Choose a resume format that displays your career profile in perfect order.

The goal of formatting your resume should be giving it a professional appearance. Employers recommend the chronological resume format, which organizes your career profile from the most recent experience followed by the rest in reverse-chronological order.

You can access numerous formatting features by using our expert-approved resume templates.


The goal of resume design should be to make your document visually appealing and legible. Use design features that draw the attention of hiring managers to your resume without distracting them from the contents of the document. Key design features of a well-written security officer resume include typography and decorative elements.


You should not attach any photo to your security officer resume unless directed to do so by the employer. An unsolicited photo may disqualify your resume due to the labor and anti-discrimination laws.

Sections of a Resume

Organize your resume into clear, well-defined sections. This will give it a professional appearance that is inviting and easy to read. Each section details specific qualifications relevant to the position and is introduced with a fitting heading. The resume sections of the winning security officer resume should feature your professional information as well as personal details that augment your qualifications.

The main sections of a security officer resume include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education background

Additional optional sections that may increase your chances of getting interviews to include:

  • Professional affiliations
  • Certificates and licenses
  • Computer skills
  • Volunteer experience
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Awards and recognition

Resume Length

The recommended resume length for a professional security officer resume is one page. One page is enough space to pitch your best qualifications to hiring managers. Your resume content may overflow to a second page, but anything beyond that is not recommended. Hiring managers take a very short time to go over numerous resumes, so lengthy resumes may prove cumbersome for them and are hence not recommended.

Security Officer Resume Section Headings

The resume header is the first section that hiring managers will notice. Make it clear and complete. The header should include your job title, name, working phone number, and a professional email address.


You should introduce your resume with a striking, comprehensive resume summary that leaves an impression on the hiring managers. The resume summary statement comes immediately below the resume header. It is a 3-4 sentence overview of your competencies. Your summary statement should mention your target position, most-significant career accomplishments, skills, and personal attributes that complement the requirements of the job.

An impressive resume summary statement will persuade hiring managers to read the rest of your document.

Work experience

Job training is typically offered for security officers, but employers prefer candidates who can demonstrate at least some experience handling the responsibilities of the job. Security officer experience includes internships, volunteer gigs, and temporary jobs such as concert and club security. Specialist experience is sometimes required for some security officer roles. Some employers, for example, prefer candidates with experience handling special tools for the job such as guns.

Include all the relevant experience you possess in your security officer resume. Tailor your resume experience section to emphasize your career accomplishments. Use specific examples and metrics to demonstrate your proficiency in handling various responsibilities that come with the position.


Security officers must possess some general skills to perform their job effectively. These inform the prospective employer of your ability to perform the duties of the job effectively. Security officer skills include both technical and soft skills. Technical skills such as tactical planning, surveillance, response, and weapons expertise are acquired through professional training or working experience. The required technical skills vary depending on the job description. Soft skills help security officers to interact professionally with visitors and fellow employees. Good choices of soft skills to include in your security officer resume include diligence, communication aptitude, ability to remain calm under stress, and interpersonal skills.

Include your most relevant skills in your security officer resume. Use the job description for guidance

Security Officer Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

All professions have unique vocabulary and security is no different. To demonstrate your familiarity with the job, include relevant resume keywords in your document. Resume buzzwords will not only qualify your document in the eyes of hiring mangers but also in the face of applicant tracking system scrutiny.

You can source the words to use in your resume from the job description. Use exact words and phrases as they appear in the job description. You can also use the following resume words and action verbs.

Words to Use

  • Armed
  • Intrusion
  • Panic
  • Breach
  • Zone
  • Emergency
  • Safety
  • Dispatch
  • Suspicious
  • Protection
  • Surveillance
  • Camera
  • Checkpoint
  • Law
  • Vulnerability
  • Classified

Action Verbs

  • Assign
  • Engage
  • Secure
  • Provide
  • Patrol
  • Apprehend
  • Screen
  • Monitor
  • Investigate
  • Authorize
  • Verify
  • Control
  • Violate
  • Report
  • Evict
  • Escort

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking security officer position

Dedicated security officer with more than three years of experience providing physical security, emergency response, and access control. Vastly experienced in handling security equipment and operating surveillance systems.

  • Effectively used video surveillance software to monitor properties for suspicious activities
  • Investigated offenses, collected evidence and recorded statements
  • Conducted regular patrols and monitored for signs of unauthorized entry effectively reducing cases of vandalism and theft by a considerable percentage
  • Maintained daily activity reports and presented detailed incident reports to supervisors
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  • 3 years
    of working experience
  • Associates degree
    in Systems Management
  • High school
  • Certified
    in self-defense

2. Candidate seeking security officer job

Hardworking security officer with a proven track record of securing clients’ assets against vandalism, theft, and accidents. Familiar with the procedural guidelines for the delivery of high-quality service.

  • Patrolled properties and monitored surveillance equipment to ensure maximum security
  • Set and maintained building and equipment controls
  • Verified visitors’ documents at the checkpoints
  • Warned, apprehended or evicted violators of rules
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  • 6 years
    of experience
  • High school
  • Law enforcement

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