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  • A combination format resume is best for secretary openings
  • Use a clean straightforward design
  • Write in a plain 12 point font
  • Break up the text with bullet points
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page (8.5” x 11”)

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking work as a secretary

Samples Resume

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Dedicated secretary, proficient in bookkeeping and payroll management with a decade of professional experience with administrative support, calendar management, and data entry.

  • Trained in various seminars in payroll management and bookkeeping
  • Experienced in proprietary software for data encoding, management, and planning
  • Equipped with good people skills for event coordination and schedule planning
  • Trusted with high-priority projects and committed to meeting deadlines

2. Candidate seeking work as a secretary

Samples Resume

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Experienced secretary with masterful task management skills and record-keeping capabilities.

  • Organized in handling office correspondence and client communications
  • Adept at executive and administrative support
  • Participated in various seminars on time delegation and task management
  • Trusted with high-priority projects with tight timetables

Secretary Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Hiring managers can instantly see how experienced an applicant is with the use of resume buzzwords that are well-known in the industry. Resume keywords like this are important to highlight your skills, abilities, and experience and when crafting an application document youy should be sure to try and sublty include as many of these as possible.

Words to Use

  • Office management
  • Task management
  • High priority projects
  • Resources
  • Executive assistant
  • Calendar planning
  • Bookkeeping
  • Administrative support
  • Spreadsheets
  • Data entry
  • Project management
  • Data preparation
  • Prompt
  • Punctual
  • Organized
  • Shorthand

Action Verbs

  • Manage
  • Communicate
  • Detail
  • Prepare
  • Schedule
  • Organize
  • Communicate
  • Fine-tune
  • Plan
  • Inform
  • Consolidate
  • Check
  • Coordinate
  • Correspond
  • Synchronize
  • Update

Secretary Resume Tips and Ideas

Job vacancies for secretaries are very competitive because there are very few educational prerequisites. Finding the edge is important and it starts with your resume. Your resume should reflect your experience while showcasing the multitude of skills and accomplishments that you have learned and earned throughout the years.

Whether you are a consummate professional needing a resume with accomplishments or a young millennial with no experience, we’re going to look at the best resume tips to help you land a job opening as a secretary. As you’ll see, all it takes is a mindful approach in writing a resume that will also mirror your abilities.

  • A combination format resume is best for secretary openings
  • Use a clean straightforward design
  • Write in a plain 12 point font
  • Break up the text with bullet points

Not required



  • Introductory statement
  • Contact details
  • Specific skills
  • Professional experience


  • Education and background
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page (8.5” x 11”)


The ideal resume format for a secretary position is a combination resume. A combination resume template displays all your skills and experience in one layout with equal prominence. To get the best from this design it is best to study the job vacancy and learn exactly what critera they require for the position.

The second half of your resume can be a summary of all your previous work experience. It is important to include the duration of each job and to mention work highlights for every position. These details can show your versatility for the position, which is an important factor for hiring managers when they decide if you’re a fit for their company.

An alternative format you can follow is the functional resume model. This resume style will emphasize the skills that make you unique and highly desirable as part of a company. As a secretary, it is important to create a focus on managing tasks, interaction with people and attention to detail. You can highlight these skills in resume bullet points like this:

  • Data organization
  • Correspondence
  • Task efficiency
  • Schedule planning

Mentioning these abilities in your resume can help establish your reliability and competence to the reader. It’s also a subtle way of showing your prospective employers that you have the right values and mindset to be an asset to the team by bringing dedication, precision, loyalty and critical thinking to the organization.



The resume layout for a secretary application should be straightforward, neat and formal. This is to ensure that there will be no clutter in the document. This simple design can provide maximum exposure to your skills and experience. The most important consideration is that the document is easily readable, which can be helped with bullet points and clear headers.

Alternatively, you could use a creative resume design to help mark your document with a unique personality. Your resume doesn’t have to be a work of art, however. Just make use of subtle changes that significantly make the page stand out such as a using a creative header or a subtle font switch. This can help make your resume stand out from all other applicants.


A profile photo is not required for jobs in the US. Corporate hiring managers might even be put off your resume if you include a photo as it could be grounds for discrimination. It’s recommended to avoid this step completely as it may lead to your application being thrown out.

Sections of a Secretary Resume

When writing a resume, compartmentalizing the page into sections will make it more visually appealing. A resume with an introduction will help you capture a recruiters attention straight away. Follow this with a rundown of your previous work experience.

Following that, it’s best to focus on your capabilities and qualifications. Leave ample room as well for references for your resume. Make sure you have to get permission from your referees first and that their contact details are properly updated before you send out your applications, however.

It is best to summarize all your positive qualifications on one page. This will make your document easily scannable so that all your career achievements stand out prominently. Once you’ve caught a hiring manager’s attention they should hopefully want to find out more about you and set up an interview. Try our free online resume creator to get you started on the right track.

Secretary Resume Section Headings

A resume optimized for a secretary vacancy should always start with a good professional summary. This will also become your introduction in lieu of a career objective. Focus on your skills, traits, and goals that will help the company or organization you wish to join see you as a good fit for the role. In order to do this, carefully study the vacancy you are applying to and tailor this section carefully to meet their requirements.


The objective of your resume is to inform your prospective employer about the depth of your expertise and the range of your capabilities. Therefore, if you have specific skills that will help separate you from the rest, emphasize it in the skills section.

For a secretary resume, this can include data entry, bookkeeping, calendar management and administrative support, among other things. Other skills that you can use as highlights could also be accuracy in taking notes and minutes, appointment management and location reservations.  The more detailed your resume is with these kinds of key skills, the more likely your chances of being interviewed are.

Apart from relevant office skills, there are lots of good soft skills that you can bring to the forefront such as loyalty, dedication, and honesty. These characteristics are just as important if not more important when it comes to secretarial work.

Work experience

A resume with a complete rundown of your work experience will help hiring managers get an idea of how well you work. Work backwards from your most recent position back to your earlierst. For each entry be sure to explain your duties, whilst highlighting how you’ve grown as a professional.

Having a good selection of references can be a real bonus to your application too. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t burn bridges with previous employers as a recommendation one of your former managers can do wonders in your search for your next secretarial position.

If you’re seeking references from your old managers always seek permission from them first before sending off your resume. When you have their approval, you should indicate in your resume how long you have worked with the person in question.

Last modified on June 5th, 2020

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