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Screenwriter Resume Tips and Ideas

When it comes to writing a screenwriter resume, you need to display your writing skills. Applicants should include a range of abilities to create scripts for commercial ads, soap operas, comedies, and dramas that appear on TV, in movies, and on stage. They should also prove to have exposure as a continuity writer who can write creatively and fast due to deadline pressures.

Writing creativity and extensive research skills will surely make your screenwriter resume to stand out. A good screenwriter resume must highlight an applicant’s talent and skills related with screenwriting. It is essential to accentuate your natural talent, as well as your attained knowledge and technical capabilities. Your screenwriter resume must showcase all your former jobs in the creative sphere.

If writing a good resume tends to be a challenge, you can use resume makers available online. These online resume makers are easy to use and assist candidates in highlighting their skills precisely. Additionally, the following resume guide will help you create an excellent screenwriter resume. In this post, we will share the professional and practical examples to help you learn how best to structure and create your personalized screenwriter resume. Use our guide to writing a screenwriter resume that will capture the attention of your potential hiring manager.

Top Tips

  • The resume format used is functional or combination format
  • Use resume examples to create excellent resume layouts

These aspects are important:

  • Section organization
  • Titles and subheadings
  • Colors




  • Contact details
  • Objective of resume
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Personal interest
  • Awards
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


When writing a screenwriter resume, it’s good to use a combination resume format or functional format since they display qualification and experience well. These two formats showcase skills instead of chronological work history. Additionally, when applying for a creative job post such as a screenwriter, what you are currently doing is essential than when you did it.

Besides, the combination and functional formats are ideal if you don’t have work experience in the field. Your screenwriter resume should focus on primary competencies will play a role in diverting employers limited attention to aspects that matter.

Since you will be using functional or combination resume format, ensure you expound on all the skills you have. You can as well mention any recognition or award you have achieved previously.

Your resume should have the correct style and format to allow the employers to skim the paper and still spot essential skills.

The professional online template will assist you to build a screenwriter resume that stands out.


Some of the things to look at when creating your resume is the arrangement of the sections, titles, colors and subtitles.

The organization of the section will present a positive or negative impression. So, make sure you arrange them beginning with the relevant to create a strong impression.

Bold your titles and the colors must be used to improve the readability of the screenwriter resume.

An online resume builder assists candidates in making these designs that come with a professional and striking appearance.


Photos can sabotage the hiring process since some candidates might be favoured due to their skin color. For this reason, photos should not be incorporated.

Sections of a Resume

A screenwriter resume that stands out must have a precisely arranged sections. The sections should showcase your working experience, skills and certification. Note that the employers will concentrate on skills and working experience instead of the level of education.

Read the job description well to know what you should focus on. Match the type of responsibilities needed with your experience and skills.

However, don’t take a risk of including irrelevant info that you think will impress the employers.

Here are some of the essential sections to incorporate in a screenwriter resume:

  • Contact Information
  • Objective Statement
  • Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Personal Information

Optional screenwriter resume section include:

Personal interest


Resume Length

A resume should be short and concise. A single page is enough for candidates to outline why they are fit for the position.

Screenwriter Resume Section Headings

Screenwriting is ever-evolving, and for this reason, screenwriter resume must change to fit the current demands. It’s essential to include different sections.

Start with a precise summary statement to introduce your profile and skills.

Work experience

In this section, the screenwriter’s resume should include the projects you have completed before. This can consist of video engagement scriptwriting and data migration scriptwriting.

Your goal as a screenwriter is to write an excellent screenplay. Some of the skills to incorporate in your resume include knowledge, flexibility, passion, persistence, and consistency.


Education level is an important section. Screenwriters should have at least a diploma. Their duties entail writing various pieces of art. For that reason, candidates should indicate where they acquired the knowledge of researching and writing scripts.


A script writer understands how to write different script that resonates with the audience. These skills include knowledge, consistence reliability and communication skills. Remember to include your soft skills as they will indicate your capability to relate with your audience.

Screenwriter Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Make sure the resume keywords you use are related to the screenwriter position to improve the chances of getting hired.

Words to Use

  • Action
  • beat
  • Character
  • Feature film
  • Writer
  • Director
  • Fade in
  • Next scene
  • Attachment
  • Screenplay
  • Dialogue
  • Editor
  • Beat sheet
  • Log line
  • Log line
  • Crossfade

Action Verbs

  • Crawl
  • Insert
  • beat
  • write
  • submit
  • proofread
  • Edit
  • engage
  • read
  • maintain
  • Create
  • proofread
  • Review
  • Manage
  • Reboot
  • Remake

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking screenwriter post

experienced screenwriter with screenwriting accreditation and 3 years of experience. Vast knowledge in writing scripts for dramas that appear on TV and comedies.

  • Edited and owned the scriptwriting for video content in English
  • Delivered on quarterly targets for video script creation
  • Crafted writing assignments as per the standards of conciseness, style and clarity
  • Formed and maintained a relationship with internal authors and clients
  • Worked with a database using demonstrated skills in SQL, PL/SQ, tool
  • Created ad curated strategy content to support the delivery of communication strategy
  • Supervised content for the representative facing site
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  • Experience
    3 years
  • Education
    Bachelors of Arts in Communication

2. A candidate seeking for a screenwriter post

An experienced writer with the capability to meet tight deadlines while working with subject matter professionals, acclimatising their knowledge into articles, stories and summaries.

  • Created a new series of scripts
  • Edited numerous content from other writers to improve accuracy, readability and consistent tonality
  • Created tutorial scripts
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  • Experience
    3 years
  • Education
    Degree in communication
  • Awards
    Best scriptwriter

Last modified on December 16th, 2019

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