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Working as a sales assistant is a fast past and varied role. In order to succeed in this industry it’s crucial to get the wide range of skills and experience properly organised into an effective sales assistant resume.

A sales assistant resume must show that the candidate enjoys meeting new people and has a helpful attitude. The overall friendliness and helpful attitude of the sales assistant will be one of the keys that moves the customer towards a purchase.

You need to show extensive and relevant experience of serving customers as a sales assistant. This can be done by demonstrating your proficiency of tasks like processing payments, assessing customer wants and needs, promoting special offers, providing customers with pricing information and availability of products, handling customer complaints, and other customer related issues.

In this guide, you’ll find out exactly how to format and create the most effective sales assistant resume to get selected in the hiring process. You’ll also learn how to include the most pertinent information for your next job and how to impress recruiters with your bio.

Top Tips

  • Ideal resume format = chronological format
  • Combination resume formats are not recommended
  • Functional resume formats are not recommended

Important factors to consider:

  • Page layout
  • Adapt design to the industry
  • Use plenty of white space

None required



  • Contact details
  • Resume summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills


  • Languages spoken
  • Volunteer work
  • Training courses
Resume Length
  • 1 x letter page (8.5” x 11”)


When writing a resume for a sales assistant, it is best to know which resume format is most appropriate. For a Sales Assistant, the ideal resume format is the chronological format. As retail sales jobs don’t require advanced degrees or technical training you should focus more on your experience. A chronological resume will do just that.

Along with experience, you’ll want to show that you have relevant skills in serving customers, helping them to select products so they can come to a decision, and upselling. Depending on the job, you may need to deal with stock, pricing, and customer complaints.


The design of your page should be clear and professional. You can save a lot of time by using an online resume generator to create a superb design that employers will notice. However, the key to getting your sales assistant resume right is readability.

When laying out your document use clear headers and subheaders so the reader can see exactly how your career progression has progressed and to identify different types of skills and experience. Additionally, in the work experience and skills section, break up the information into bullet point lists. That way your best achievements will stand out much better.


A sales assistant resume doesn’t require a photo. In the USA employers don’t normally select resumes with a profile photo. This is because of strict discrimination laws. Employers are normally wary of progressing resumes that reveal any physical, gender or racial features for fear of showing bias.

Sections of a Resume

There are a number of important things that you need to communicate on your sales assistant resume. You need to strike a balance between your skills, experience, and educational background. To make sure this is properly done you should include the following sections:


  • Contact details
  • Summary Statement
  • Work Experience
  • Training Events/Awards
  • Languages
  • Volunteer Work/Hobbies

Resume Length

An effective resume should be concise. Therefore it’s recommended to keep your document to just a single letter page in length. Longer resumes are likely to dissuade employers from choosing your document from the pile of competitors.

Sales Assistant Resume Section Headings

Capable sales assistants are very much in demand. For most businesses, finding competent sales assistants is a huge task as they can make or break a store. A candidate’s friendliness, flexibility, and knowledge of the sales process is precisely what counts for hiring managers.

In order to convey this information properly from the start, your sales assistant resume should start with a compelling summary statement that attests to your competency in assisting customers and leading them toward a purchase. Employers are not looking for a person to simply stand at the counter or on the sales floor; rather they want a competent person who will manage positive interactions between the company and the customers.

Make sure to include all the important sections that are make a sales assistant resume a success. Tailor the resume to fit the candidate and the proposed retail establishment in order to get the best results.

Work experience

The work experience section is the most important feature of your sales assistant resume. Make sure to include as much of your work experience as possible, especially highlighting the positions where you had the most exposure to customers. You should also seek to indicate what kind of sales quotas you were required to meet. Include numeric data where possible as evidence of your sales prowess.

If this is your first job or you are a student looking for work during your studies, place more emphasis on the next two sections. Having no experience in sales assistant roles specifically doesn’t have to be a handicap. Any and all activities related to helping people will be a key element in getting the prospective employer’s attention.


If your former employer provided you with seminars or classes on customer service or sales training, you should show this off in the education section. If you took online courses or correspondence courses of any type related to sales or customer service, they will all give your document a strategic advantage. However, the minimum qualification you’ll usually need is a High School Diploma.

Any education or training you can include in this section will be of use, as well-trained sales assistants are likely to be a lot more appealing to hiring managers. Prospective employers are aware of the benefits of training and the end result of improved sales on the sales floor.


There are a number of relevant hard and soft skills employers will be looking out for. Candidates should demonstrate a passion for helping others and show practical problem-solving skills. Additionally, a friendly attitude, good people skills, flexibility and negotiation skills can also prove beneficial on your resume.

Sales Assistant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Getting the right words on your resume can have a big impact on how many interviews you get called in for. Be sure to use a good proportion of industry and profession relevant expressions and keywords on your bio.

Recruiters will be checking carefully for vocabulary that shows a good understanding of the role. Additionally, applicant tracking software (ATS) will also be reviewing the use of language to ensure candidate resumes fit the right criteria. Therefore make sure to use as many of the terms below in order to showcase your expertise and get selected for the next step of the hiring process.

Words to Use

  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Serving
  • Products
  • Payments
  • Wants
  • Needs
  • Offers
  • Promotions
  • Complaints
  • Availability
  • Stock
  • Displays
  • Retail
  • Up-selling
  • Decision

Action Verbs

  • Assist
  • Up-sell
  • Find
  • Help
  • Decide
  • Increase
  • Process
  • Solve
  • Share
  • Conserve
  • Meet
  • Compel
  • Sell
  • Persuade
  • Introduce
  • Demonstrate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking a Retail Sales Assistant position

Experienced, friendly sales assistant focused on guiding customers towards satisfactory solutions to their retail needs.

  • Assisted with customer queries, complaints, and special orders
  • Spearheaded peak season sales push leading to a 7% increase in monthly revenue
  • Ordered and arranged delivery of brand new stock for the store
  • Helped contribute to friendly and supportive work environment
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  • 6
    years experience
  • Training course
    retail sales
  • HS
  • Expert
    problem solver

2. Candidate seeking a Lead Sales Assistant position:

Focused, customer-centric sales assistant with rich experience managing customer needs and driving increases in sales.

  • Led an incremental increase in sales revenue by 7% over 3 months
  • Maintained a customer-centric sales approach and need-based approach to the customer
  • Managed a team of 3 other sales assistants
  • Ensured customer satisfaction rating remained over 80%
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  • Expert
    customer services
  • 5
    years experience
  • HS
  • Certified
    customer service skills

Last modified on October 21st, 2020

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