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Recruiter Resume Tips and Ideas

All professionals know that in order to be considered for any top recruiter vacancies, you need a comprehensive resume. Even though as a recruiter you might already know the ins and outs of recruitment just like the back of your hand, you might find writing about yourself from the perspective of a potential employer is not as easy as you thought.

In this post, you will be able to:

  • learn writing tips for you Recruiter resume,
  • check out resume samples to help create your own application,
  • find expert guidance that will help you get that top job you are eyeing.

A Recruiter resume must demonstrate your ability to pay attention to detail. From your resume, the potential employer should be able to have an idea of your work experience, whether you possess the strengths and skills necessary for the position (like the ability to coordinate recruitment and staffing processes), and any other requirements stated in the description of the job you are applying to.

Read on for a complete guide on how to tailor your resume to fit any Recruiter job application you have your heart set on.

Top Tips


A reverse chronological format is preferred


Chronological or combined format

  • Have clear titles
  • Visible page layout

Not recommended



  • Contacts
  • Career objective
  • Professional experience
  • Educational qualifications
  • Skills
  • Certifications


  • Personal information
  • Volunteer experience
  • IT skills
  • Languages you speak
Resume Length

1 page


You may use a combination format resume to emphasize both your solid work experience and transferable skills if you haven’t been in the workforce for too long.

However, a chronological format may be preferred by most job recruiters because it is easier to track by both the potential employer and the Applicant Tracking Systems used. This format is also best for job seekers who want to display their record of consistent employment and impressive career growth.

Regardless of the format you use, a professional recruiter resume should always outline your skills and achievements from your previous work.


A key point to remember is to always send your resume in PDF format. Sending your application using this format will ensure it maintains the original appearance of the document regardless of the device or the operational system.

But before you can save your resume as a pdf, you need to get it written.

Every successful Recruiter resume should begin with a concise, deliberate, and concrete summary of the job seeker’s most important credentials and skills. Make sure to check the job description and adhere to their guidelines when it comes to information required and preferred format. A clear resume layout in which titles and headings stand out is usually a winner.


It is not ideal to attach a photo to your resume. This may enhance bias and might be the reason for disqualification from a potential job, especially in the U.S. where the submission of pictures is discouraged. Unless explicitly required, avoid attaching your photo when submitting a job application.

Sections of a Resume

The main sections in a Recruiter resume include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume Summary / Career Objective
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

You may also include a section on honors and awards. This may give you some advantage over other candidates.

Resume Length

Typically, a Recruiter resume should have a maximum of 2 pages. However, do not leave out relevant information in order to make it too short.

Read our resume writing guide for more tips on how to decide what to include in a professional Recruiter resume and what to leave out.

Recruiter Resume Section Headings

Tailor your headings and sub-sections to match the job you are applying for. The duties and responsibilities of recruiting agencies and recruiters may vary according to the workplace, the industry and even the type of company.

Work experience

Under this section, list all the places where you have worked previously.

Showcase your human resources expertise, your people skills, and your excellent communication mastery. Other important skills to mention are: teamwork, IT competencies, and time management.

In addition, you should indicate your abilities and achievements.

The work experience section is of uttermost importance when writing a Recruiter resume, especially for positions that are above entry level. You should indicate what were your responsibilities in previous roles such as implementing different recruitment campaigns, talent identification strategies, facilitating internal recruitment processes and screening applicants. This section will help the potential employer decide whether you are a suitable candidate. Clearly communicate your goals and qualifications. Under each role, indicate the duties you performed and, if possible, some quantifiable results you were part of.


After your work experience section, you need to highlight both soft and hard skills that you possess and are relevant to the job you are seeking.

Mention the skills that you did not mention in the previous sections. Some of those may be general to the industry you’re applying to. For instance, you can list your expertise using a specific ATS or any other type of sourcing software.

Make sure this section is brief, professional and clear.

The skills section is where you should showcase the assets you bring to the table besides the standard expectations that apply to many other candidates.


Here, you may start by listing your academic diplomas and degrees starting with the most recent.

At the same time, within each section of education, mention the type of degree/diploma, your GPA, and any cum laude you might have. It is also important that you list all your distinctions and honors earned during that period.

Moreover, you may also include any licenses, affiliations, and certifications that are under your name and may be relevant to the position you’re applying to.


This should be part of the introduction section of your Recruiter resume.

The career objective section is supposed to be catchy, detailed and to the point. It is worth noting that this is probably going to be the first thing the hiring manager will look at and it may be the last as well! Introduce your resume in a captivating way and save your resume from the shredder.

This section should be 3 or 4 lines that send the very same basic message: I am the right and perfect candidate for this job right here – look no more.

A good example would be: I am an experienced and a well-connected recruiter with powerful communication and listening skills who’s mastered the ability to build strong relationships with hiring managers in different work fields. I have got proven expertise in selection, sourcing, behavioral interviewing, and above all, relationship management. I am also familiar with several kinds of candidate evaluation methodologies.

Recruiter Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It is critical that your Recruiter resume does not have:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling errors

These 2 mistakes will surely disqualify you from competing for a Recruiter job. Have a keen eye when writing your sentences and avoid these simple yet common mistakes.

Choose your keywords carefully and proofread your resume before sending it to a potential employer. You can use tools like Grammarly that are available online and will help you to double-check your grammar and spelling.

Below you can find some words and action verbs you can include in your Recruiter resume to make more of an impact with your language.

Words to Use

  • Efficient
  • Dedicated
  • Supportive
  • Positive
  • Certified
  • Licensed
  • Precise
  • Gentle
  • Accurate
  • Resourceful
  • Effective
  • Empathetic

Action Verbs

  • Interviewed
  • Trained
  • Evaluated
  • Improved
  • Staffed
  • Recruited
  • Sourced
  • Reduced
  • Exceeded
  • Restructured
  • Filled
  • Hired
  • Developed
  • Supported
  • Managed
  • Maintained

Resume Samples

1. Candidate Seeking Recruiter Position

Efficient and competent senior recruiter with a six-year experience working as a staffing consultant. I have successfully staffed both start-up and corporate companies and sourced talent at different seniority levels. I have an excellent track record of effectively lowering staffing costs, expanding diversity in hiring, and maintaining staff retention rates. I can go over and above corporate staffing goals.

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  • Implement
    staff recruiting strategy
  • Enhance
    staff policy
  • Increase
    staff productivity while optimizing costs
  • Source and recruit
    qualified and talented candidates
  • Create strategies
    that will enhance talent retention

2. HR Recruiter

I have been a full-time Recruiter fulfilling roles as an Associate Manager and Deputy Consultant while working in an audit firm and a hiring agency respectively. I have successfully recruited 18 experienced hires in the past five months alone, eleven of which were senior management.

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  • Grew
    the Audit and Risk analysis team
  • Generating $150,000
    in additional revenue
  • Supported
    the Administration department for five weeks
  • Provided
    analytical research paper on productivity in the industry

Last modified on October 8th, 2019

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