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Professional Resume Samples for a Product Manager

Product Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Product Managers are tasked with the oversight, including development and delivery, of digital products. These products include websites, software applications, and smartphone applications.

Product Managers may be employed by a wide range of companies, from software development startups to hospitals to e-commerce companies. Product Managers must have good interpersonal skills, as they work closely with product engineers and company oversight. Technical and business skills are a must.

To build your Product Manager resume, you can start with an online resume builder to save time and ensure you are not missing any important information or you can check our Product Manager resume examples.

Top Tips


A chronological or combination resume format is recommended.


When designing your resume, consider:

  • Professional appearance
  • Infographics




  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education


  • Objective summary
  • Qualifications summary
Resume Length

1 x Letter page


A chronological resume format is a most commonly accepted format. Chronological resumes list your work history and educational background in reverse-chronological order, that is, beginning with the most recent. This format also includes a listing of your most pertinent skills. This type of resume allows your hiring manager to quickly and easily grasp the scope of your abilities.

You could also choose to employ a combination resume format. This format places a skills or qualifications summary before the reverse chronological listing of experience. The qualifications summary quantifies and describes your skills, demonstrating them in action.


In designing your resume, you should aim to put forth a professional appearance. Your resume should have clear section headings and ample white space surrounding each section of text.

Choose your font according to your means of submission. If you are going to submit your resume electronically, select a sans-serif font; if submitting a hard copy, use a serif font such as Times New Roman. Your font should be no smaller than 11-point and no larger than 12-point. These font choices lend themselves to maximum readability on paper or on screen.

While you should avoid distracting elements such as images or logos, you may employ an infographic in displaying your skills. Creating such a graphic also shows off your technical computing skills.


It is not necessary to include a photo with your resume. In the United States, including a photo with your resume when not asked to do so may result in rejection of the resume.

What if you are applying to a product management position in another country? Research common resume practices in that land. In some European countries, for example, you will be expected to include a photograph along with your resume.

Sections of a Resume

Your Product Manager resume should include all of the following sections:

  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education

These sections give your potential employer a grasp of your abilities and work history, as well as a means of getting in touch with you.

You can also enhance your resume by including sections such as:

  • Objective summary
  • Qualifications summary

An objective summary sums up your career so far and expresses your career goals. A qualifications summary enhances your skills list with ample descriptions and numerical data, if available.

Resume Length

Your resume should generally be limited to one page in length. Certain circumstances, such as a long work history or skills list, may necessitate a resume of two pages. Do not exceed two pages in length.

Design your resume to fit standard 8.5 by 11 inch letter-size paper in portrait orientation.

Product Manager Resume Section Headings

Choose 2-3 sections. The most important for the profession.

Your skills, education, and work history are among the most important of your resume sections. Use each section to highlight the abilities most pertinent to the job to which you are applying.


Product managers must display a versatile skillset. They should have technical know-how in order to communicate well with product engineers and to understand the systems used in the development and deployment of the product.

They should also have good interpersonal skills, such as communication and leadership, and an understanding of business.


The education required for Product Managers varies from job to job. Many successful Product Manager resumes include degrees in economics, business, finance, computer science, information technology, engineering, marketing, or applied mathematics.

Work experience

Your work history not only demonstrates your career development. It is also a chance to showcase your skills in action. Include detailed descriptions of duties in each explanation.

What if much of your work experience is outside of the product management field? You can still highlight important transferable skills. Showcase such skills as team leadership, computer or software use, business management, or mathematical skills.

Product Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

As your profession makes you intimately familiar, software seems to make the modern world go round. It should come as no surprise, then, that computer programs will be the first to read and pre-screen your resume.

How can you run the software gambit and get your resume into the hands of your hiring manager? Examine the job listing or job description for essential keywords or key phrases. Use these keywords in your resume.

We’ve compiled the following list of Product Manager keywords. When you’ve completed your resume, be sure to meticulously proofread it, correcting any errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. Such attention to detail will bode well for your work as a product manager.

Words to Use

  • Digital products
  • Product vision
  • Technical
  • Applied math
  • Websites
  • Designer
  • Economics
  • Research and development
  • Software
  • Versatile
  • Computer science
  • Contract
  • Applications
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Risk assessment

Action Verbs

  • Develop
  • Market
  • Direct
  • Engage
  • Deliver
  • Communicate
  • Negotiate
  • Engage
  • Collaborate
  • Lead
  • Launch
  • Integrate
  • Engineer
  • Manage
  • Identify
  • Ensure

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Product Manager position

Experienced Product Manager seeking to improve your company’s bottom line.

  • Managed products with annual revenue of over $250,000.
  • Developed a marketing initiative that resulted in a 2% response rate from new clients.
  • Presented strategic planning recommendations to top-level management.
  • Expanded market share by 10 percent over the course of two years.
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  • 7 years
  • Education
    Bachelor’s degree in Finance
  • Achievements
    Managed 5 highly successful product lines

2. Candidate seeking Product Manager position

Recent college graduate seeking to guide successful product launches through data analysis and the integration of research and development, marketing, and customer service divisions.

  • Graduated with honors.
  • Conducted data analysis for community hospital as part of an undergraduate thesis.
  • Completed paid internship with a consulting firm that provides product management advice to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Represented the product management department at an industry convention.
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  • 2 years
  • Education
    B.A. in Economics
  • 1 year