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Professional Resume Samples for a Probation Officer

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Probation Officer Resume Tips and Ideas

A probation officer is a professional in criminology or social work who monitors convicted offenders to oversee their integration into the community and prevent them from committing new crimes. To create a professional and compelling probation officer resume, you must demonstrate your ability to effectively handle these roles:

  • Evaluate offenders to plan an effective course of reintegration
  • Offer offenders access to resources for rehabilitation
  • Organize treatment programs
  • Conduct meetings with offenders and their family
  • Write reports on the offenders’ progress
  • Investigate offenders’ history for the courts

You can apply for a community supervision officer position, in which you will supervise persons placed on probation so that they are not a danger to the community. A pretrial service officer job entails investigating an offender’s background to verify that they can go back to society before their trial dates. All these positions have varying roles, which you should look up to ensure that your resume is as relevant to the vacancy as possible. You should also indicate your ability to work under stressful conditions, handle massive workloads and paperwork, and show empathy to offenders’ families. If you have what it takes to take on a probation officer job, then apply for one with a professional probation officer resume.

Top Tips

  • Reverse chronological.
  • You can refer to our online resume templates to view more information on the chronological resume format
  • Neat resume design
  • Margins and white space
  • Resume fonts types and size
  • Legibility and formality
  • Subheadings and bulleted points
  • Columns




  • Contact information
  • Resume professional summary
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications


  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies and interests
Resume Length

1 page


The best resume format for candidates seeking a position as a probation officer is the reverse-chronological order. This order is recommended because it will emphasize the work you have done previously, which will increase your chances of getting the position. Your work history is especially vital if you are applying for a position that requires an individual with experience in social or community work or with a strong background in criminology.


A probation officer is a position requiring an applicant with robust attention to detail, self-expression skills, and organizational abilities. Demonstrate your keenness and organization skills with a formal, well-structured, and legible resume layout. If designing a resume is giving you problems, you can use our resume builders to create a remarkable resume in minutes.

White space is key to create a neat-looking resume that is comfortable on the recruiters’ eye. You also need to reduce formatting to ensure that the panelists reading through the resume are not distracted from your impressive career information. You can have some minimalist color to make the resume stand out and look less bland.

Select one official, non-oriental resume font type and use it throughout the document body for tidiness and consistency. Official fonts recommended for writing a resume include trebuchet, Georgia, and Cambria. Use subheadings to highlight the beginning of each section and bulleted points to make your resume easy to skim through. Finally, proofread your resume to eliminate grammatical errors and submit it as a PDF.


Photos are not required when applying for a probation officer position, so do not add one to the resume. Photos are ill-advised because they make you vulnerable to bias in the hiring process.

Sections of a Resume

Each resume section counts when applying for a job as it may be the tipping point on the scale in case you and another candidate are at a tie. Leverage them well by using strong, impactful career attributes to impress the recruiter and pitch your services. Generally, the following sections are required in an effective probation officer resume:

    • Contact information: include one active email address, a phone number you use for work-related communication, and a mailing address for the hiring organization to get in touch with you for an interview. A LinkedIn profile is optional. This section should stand out clearly and should be accurate.
  • Resume professional summary: a 3-4 line introduction at the beginning of your resume where you introduce yourself to the recruiter.
  • Work history
  • Education background
  • Additional skills and certifications

If you do not have plenty of experience, use your volunteer and internship experience to add weight to the work history section, otherwise, leave it out. You can add some beneficial and positive hobbies and interests to provide a view into your life outside work.

Resume Length

A probation officer resume should be one page long. Be as brief as possible when writing your career details and include only those that are relevant to the specific vacancy. You can use columns to improve resume appearance and make full use of the space you have.

Probation Officer Resume Section Headings

All the sections mentioned above are a must-have in your resume. However, the hiring managers may pay extra attention to the professional resume summary and work experience sections, and here are some additional tips to help you capture your recruiter’s attention in these sections:


The professional summary statement is a mandatory 3-4 line statement where you provide an overview of your career, your specialization or area of expertise, time spent in the workforce, and positive career attributes. If you have little experience, you can write a career objective, which highlights your knowledge, skills, and positive professional values. The recruiters focus on this statement first, and if it impresses them, they will most likely keep reading. Use strong adjectives such as ‘motivated’ accomplished’ or ‘result-oriented’ to describe yourself, followed by your profession and level of expertise. You should also use a neutral tone and quantifiable achievements to impress the reader.

Work experience

As mentioned earlier, the work experience section is crucial in helping the recruiter to determine whether you can handle the tasks and challenges of the new job. If you have extensive experience, leave out your volunteer and internship experience, as well as other jobs that are not relevant to the advertised position. Use the job description on the vacancy advertisement as a guide for tailoring your work experience section to make it as relevant as possible.

For each stint you have help previously, start with the job title you held, the name and location of the employer, and the period of tenure. Use short, clear, and specific terms to express your duties and responsibilities in each position.

Probation Officer Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Action verbs and terms related to a probation officer’s job are incredibly helpful in making your resume more impressive. Use the following words chosen specifically for your probation officer resume:

Words to Use

  • Terms of release
  • Parole
  • Reintegration
  • Drug screening
  • Offender
  • Community
  • Rehabilitation
  • Inmates
  • Pre-sentence
  • Probationers
  • Court report
  • Adjudicated court orders
  • Caseload
  • Residence
  • Employment
  • Compliance

Action Verbs

  • Supervise
  • Impose
  • Confer
  • Assist
  • Monitor
  • Counsel
  • Interview
  • Secure
  • Testify
  • Oversee
  • Execute
  • Write
  • Assist
  • Document
  • Spearhead
  • Evaluate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking probation officer job

Able probation officer with in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system and one year’s experience in facilitating the effective return of criminal offenders to the society. Possess knowledge of programs that can rehabilitate offenders and find their way to a productive life.

  • Assisted in the preparation of court reports
  • Testified in court proceedings
  • Verified and investigated offenders’ places of residence and employment
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  • Degree
    in criminal justice
  • 1
    year experience

2. Candidate seeking probation officer

Dedicated probation officer with 10 years of experience and remarkable leadership and mentoring skills. Able to create a rapport with offenders and their family members to establish the root of illegal, non-conforming behavior and craft robust reintegration plans.

  • Investigated allegations of non-compliance and determined whether the offenders’ violations merited arrest
  • Referred offenders with substance abuse to counseling and rehabilitation facilities
  • Used technological advancements to track and supervise offenders deemed dangerous to the community
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  • 10
    years experience
  • Masters degree
    in Sociology
  • Degree
    in Criminology