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  • Chronological
  • Combination

Read on to learn which is right for your situation


Minimal design requirements. Design elements should increase readability and highlight your best qualifications

Resume Length

1-2 pages maximum

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking prep cook job at a family style restaurant.

Samples Resume

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Example summary of skills section:

  • Ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced restaurant environment
  • Motivated team member willing to help wherever needed
  • Able to lift 75 pounds with experience organizing, stacking, and labeling inventory
  • Positive attitude and reliable employee with a strong work ethic
  • Strong organization, communication, and cleaning skills
  • Focused on safety and compliance with sanitation guidelines
  • Able to follow directions with a detail-oriented mindset

2. Candidate seeking a prep cook job at a fine dining restaurant.

Samples Resume

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Resume summary statement:

Experienced prep cook seeking to grow in my career as a cook by joining the award winning team at French Table as a Cusineur.

  • Excellent knife skills and proficiency with slicing, dicing, and chopping to exact specifications
  • Experience with various stations including salads, sauces, and vegetable preparation
  • Clean-as-I-go habits and a high standard for sanitation and quality control
  • Inventory management skills and the ability to load, stack, maintain, and accurately label food items
  • Strong commitment to producing a consistent product and open to constructive feedback on how to improve

Prep Cook Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

If you want to learn how to write a resume for a prep cook, one of the most important tips is to use the buzzwords commonly used in the restaurant industry. One place you may be able to find these is by studying the job description used in the job ad if you happen to be applying to a specific job.

In addition, we have prepared a list of resume action verbs and vocabulary that you can use to make your prep cook resume look professional and polished.

Words to Use

  • Ingredients
  • Prep list
  • Workstation
  • Walk-in
  • Heavy lifting
  • Quality control
  • Delivery truck
  • Back of house
  • Team-oriented
  • Consistency
  • Accurate
  • Health and safety
  • Efficient
  • Sanitation
  • Detail-oriented
  • Manual dexterity

Action Verbs

  • Measure
  • Load
  • Wash
  • Butcher
  • Prepare
  • Unload
  • Chop
  • Maintain
  • Stock
  • Label
  • Slice
  • Operate
  • Inventory
  • Organize
  • Dice
  • Follow

Prep Cook Resume Tips and Ideas

An excellent resume for a prep cook should emphasize the key skills and work history that demonstrate you are a good fit for the position you are applying for. This position does not usually require specialized education. However, any culinary training is helpful, particularly if you are applying to a fine dining restaurant (where the job title for prep cook may be called an entremetier or cusineur).

What most employers are looking for in a prep cook is on-the-job experience and evidence that you are a reliable and dependable employee who follows directions well and contributes to a team. Since the restaurant industry is a fast-paced environment, it is also helpful to provide evidence on your resume that you work well under pressure.

Prep cooks must have or be able to learn a high degree of skill in order to prepare ingredients to exact specifications to ensure tight quality control and a consistent product. As such, emphasizing your specific skill set is a sure way to get noticed by potential employers. Read on to learn the best resume format for prep cooks as well as the right food industry buzzwords to include.

  • Chronological
  • Combination

Read on to learn which is right for your situation


Minimal design requirements. Design elements should increase readability and highlight your best qualifications





  • Contact information
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history


  • Education
  • Awards and honors
  • Reference list
Resume Length

1-2 pages maximum


There are two different resume formats that could best showcase your qualifications for a prep cook job. Below you will find a brief description of each and some guidelines so that you can choose the one that works best for your level of experience.

Chronological format: This is the standard resume format for the restaurant industry because it puts the focus on your on-the-job experience, something employers are keen to be on the lookout for. If you have restaurant or food prep experience as part of your recent work history, this is definitely the preferred format.

Combination format: Another strong format for prep cook resumes is a combination style. This allows you to lead your resume off with your key skill sets before listing your work history. If you have work experience, but it isn’t in the restaurant industry, this format gives you the option to list soft, hard, and transferable skills that show potential employers that you still have what it takes to excel as a prep cook.


Since a prep cook is not a particularly creative discipline, it is advisable to use a traditional resume design. This means that your resume should be information-dense and light on graphical elements.

Design elements should improve the general flow of your resume, leading the reader to your key skills and qualifications for a prep cook job. If you are inexperienced with resume design, consider using a professionally designed resume template to be sure you end up with a resume that emphasizes function over form.


Do not include a photo on your resume if you are applying to jobs in a restaurant. It won’t improve your chances of being selected, and it could hurt your chances if corporate rules forbid the review of resumes with photographs for fear of a discrimination lawsuit.

Instead, use the space on your resume to provide information that the hiring manager can use to determine that you are qualified, enthusiastic, and ready for a job as a prep cook.

Sections of a Prep Cook Resume

For the most part, focus on a traditional resume that has the following basic sections:

  • Contact information
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history

You should include these optional sections on your prep cook resume only if they allow you to mention specific and relevant skills:

  • Education
  • Awards and honors
  • Reference list

Here is a good example of when to use an optional section on your resume: Suppose you won Employee of the Month four out of the last twelve months at your previous job. In this case, it would be worth adding an Awards and Honors section so that you can show off this accomplishment. A potential employer will see this and take it as evidence that you are a strong employee who is reliable and dependable.

The most common length for a prep cook resume is 1-2 pages on standard paper.

Prep Cook Resume Section Headings

Next, we will dive a bit deeper into how to fill in a few important sections on your prep cook resume. Remember, keep the focus on qualifications that are relevant to the job you are applying for, emphasizing your fit for that position.


If your last few jobs were directly related to the restaurant industry, specifically working in back of house, then you may want to skip a summary of skills section and jump right into your work history.

However, if you have worked in other entry-level jobs that are only indirectly related to the work of a prep cook, then adding a summary of skills section can highlight those transferable skills most relevant to this job. Read on to find an example of a summary of skills section for a prep cook resume.

Work experience

To write an effective work history section on your prep cook resume, be sure to list all of your most relevant responsibilities that you had in past jobs. While you do need to be honest, it is okay to brag a little. In addition, it is critical that you use the right industry jargon to show off your knowledge and grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Read on to find vocabulary to use on a prep cook resume or application.


Although you don’t need to include a reference list on your resume itself, it does not hurt to prepare one to have ready if asked or to provide as a supplemental document when you apply. The chances are that potential employers will want to speak to people with whom you have worked closely in the past to verify your work ethic, skill set, and reliability.

Include the name, title, and contact information for each reference. Be sure to let your references know in advance so they are prepared for a call.

Last modified on July 1st, 2019

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