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Professional Resume Samples for Patient Coordinator

Patient Coordinator Resume Tips and Ideas

Sometimes regarded as care coordinators, patient coordinators are healthcare professionals. Granted the opportunity to work in this position, you will be required to carry out these four (4) primary roles:

  • Monitor and coordinate patient’s treatment plans
  • Educate patients and their family about the patient’s condition
  • Connect patients with other healthcare providers
  • Evaluate the patient’s condition for progress and make recommendations

The minimum academic requirement for a Patient Coordinator Position is either a Registered Nurse (RN) Licence or a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Medicine, Healthcare Administration, or a relevant field, depending on your employer.

Patient coordinators are in high demand, especially in hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, and specialty organizations care centers. These often require a minimum of 3 years of experience in patient care coordination or clinical practices to consider a candidate as qualified.

Another consideration in employing Patient Coordinators is the candidate’s skills. Desirable skills for the position include managerial skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, Relationship Building, Listening, Teamwork, Scheduling, Patient Services, and Persuasion.

Employers in the Healthcare sector are highly selective. This is because patient lives are at stake, and so is the integrity of the entire establishment. Employers understand that the reputation of a healthcare organization hinges heavily on the people they employ. Our online resume builder improves your chances of being considered. These resume writing tips and ideas will get you started on the right foot.

Top Tips

  • Chronological Format (recommended)
  • Use resume templates as formatting guide

Resume design should consent to the following design recommendations:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Professionally acceptable color scheme
  • Legible fonts
  • Clean and readable design layout
  • Consistent spacing and margin
  • PDF friendly design or convertible




  • Resume Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills


  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Awards
  • Community Involvement
Resume Length

1 or 2 letter page(s)


After your name and contact information, a carefully crafted resume summary/objective should be placed comfortably at the top of your resume. HR experts recommend you include a comprehensive list of relevant skills next, and then the Work Experience section.

A summary of your educational background should follow the experience section. Both the Work Experience and Education sections should follow a reverse-chronological order or arrangement – the most recent and most important items should be listed first.


It is always advisable to keep resume design as minimal as possible. The following are the essential guiding principles for patient coordinator resume design:

  • Ensure the design is mobile-friendly
  • Only use professionally acceptable color schemes and stay consistent with colors
  • Use legible fonts
  • Ensure a clean and readable design layout
  • Ensure consistent spacing  and margin
  • The design must be in PDF format or can be converted to PDF format.


We advise against adding a photo to your resume.

Sections of a Resume

Every section in your resume is either categorized as a required or optional section. The required sections are as follows:

  • Resume Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

Although the optional resume section allows you to add your personal touch and further impress your employer. Make sure you only include relevant sections. Here are some optional sections in a Patient Coordinator resume:

  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Awards
  • Community Involvement

When choosing the optional sections to include in Patient Coordinator resume, you should also consider the limited space on your resume and reflect on what information will portray you the best. Other information and sections can be discarded.

Resume Length

One page resume is ideal. Modern resume design templates have introduced layouts allowing candidates to fit more information on a page without compromising on readability or appeal.

Candidates with broad relevant educational background or work experience can extend their resumes to two letter pages.

Patient Coordinator Resume Section Headings

Choose 2-3 sections. The most important for the profession.

Qualification and training, knowledge and experience, and an essence of your personality are considered the most important criteria in hiring a healthcare professional in any establishment. For the same reason, a recruiter would expect the right Patient Coordinator candidates to have convincing Education, Experience, and Resume Objective sections in their resume following that particular order of importance.


There are a few educational requirements to consider when applying for the position of Patient Coordinator. Some employers require a degree in Nursing. Thus, as a candidate, you are expected to state at least a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing within the Education section of your resume to be considered.

For employers who do not mandate a nursing degree, candidates can include an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Medical Administration or relevant area. Other employers may require a Nursing Degree and a Registered Nursing License.

Therefore, you must be conversant with your prospective employer’s requirements and tailor your resume education section to follow suit.

Work experience

The experience section of your resume should provide relevant and sufficient information about your employment history. You are expected to have some experience before applying, and your employer will assess this section to see the organizations you have worked with, positions you have held, the role performed, and for how long.

If you have several years of working experience, there is always a trade-off between what to include and leave-out in your resume experience section. The key is to prioritize brevity and include only valuable information. We recommend that you list your work experience in reverse-chronological order


Let’s face it; you are applying for a considerably exerting job. Not only is the role physically demanding, but also psychologically and emotionally. You will be dealing with patients from different backgrounds under unpredictable circumstances, yet you are expected to remain professional and enthusiastic at all times.

Having satisfied the level of experience and educational requirements, your employer needs to be sure you have the drive and charisma to handle the job.

The resume objective section is where you give a professional and summarized description of your professional career, your personality, and your career goals. Don’t shy away from adjectives that best describe your attributes and your professional career.

Patient Coordinator Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

When hiring a patient coordinator, it is not uncommon for healthcare employers to take a cursory glance through a bunch of submitted patient coordinator resume. They only read further if certain sections and keywords in the resume get their attention.

The need for proper use of keywords is even more pronounced with the growing adoption of Applicants Tracking Systems (ATS), which are capable of filtering out resumes by resume keywords.

These are some of the highest occurring Patient Coordinator Resume Keywords across job listings, which hospitals, clinics, specialty care centers, hiring managers, and ATS algorithms will expect to find in your resume.

Words to Use

  • Healthcare
  • Hospital Procedure
  • Medical Professional
  • Care Plan
  • Medical Assistance
  • Medication
  • Practices
  • Policies
  • Diagnostic
  • Operating Instruction
  • Relationship Building
  • Legal Compliance
  • Case Management
  • Treatment
  • Medical Records
  • Confidentiality

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Educate
  • Schedule
  • Consult
  • Assess
  • Conduct
  • Commend
  • Develop
  • Support
  • Initiate
  • Evaluate
  • Monitor
  • Intervene
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Implement

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Patient Coordinator Position

Result oriented and highly-organized individual with well-developed client-relationship and general relationship building skills. Actively listens and builds trust in a bid to resolve personal issues hindering healthcare care services.

  • Ensure high-quality of healthcare
  • Enlighten patients on ongoing treatment procedures and the range of available treatment procedures for proper consideration and decision making.
  • Collaborate with other medical professionals to create policies and decisions in the patient’s best interest.
  • Verified patients’ insurance coverage and billing and scheduled patient appointments.
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  • Experience
    12 Years Healthcare industry
  • Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • License
    RN License

2. Candidate seeking Patient Coordinator Position

An energetic, goal-driven, and passionate individual who possesses a solid background in physician practices with five years of experience as a resident doctor. An accomplished professional with the ability to develop a reliable and long-term rapport with patients and co-working professionals.

  • Managing Hospital human resource
  • Developing, evaluating, and coordinating patients care plan.
  • Communicated and expressed ideas and recommendations regarding efficiency improvements to the management.
  • Coordinated patient information through caregivers, insurance companies, billing departments, and also according to due protocol.
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  • Experience
    7 years
  • Education
    Medical Degree
  • Master’s Degree
    Public Health Planning