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Pastry Chef Resume Tips and Ideas

Pastry chefs specialize in making baked goods, including breads and desserts. Often, pastry chefs oversee the pastry department of large professional kitchens. Or, they may own or work in a specialized bakery. Some may oversee production at multiple restaurant, bakery, or factory locations.

Duties of the pastry chef include monitoring both supplies and kitchen employees. They must make sure that needed ingredients and implements are available and that tasks are completed on time.

Would you like to begin or advance your career as a pastry chef? Cooking up a strong resume is a good place to start. You can employ the following resume writing tips along with our resume samples.

Top Tips

  • A chronological resume is recommended.
  • When designing your pastry chef resume, consider:
  • Professional appearance
  • Sections and headings
  • Margins
  • Infographic




  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education


  • Objective statement
  • Honors and awards
  • Publications
  • Portfolio
Resume Length

One page, letter size, 8.5 by 11 inches


A chronological resume format is recommended for pastry chef resumes. Not only is this the most widely accepted resume format across all professional fields, but it places the needed emphasis on your educational background.

Your chronological resume should begin with your personal contact information and a list of your most relevant skills. Next, list your work experience and educational background in a reverse-chronological order, that is, beginning with your most recent experience.

Because your education is an important factor in the hiring process, functional and combination resumes are not recommended for pastry chefs.


How should a pastry chef resume look? You should focus on presenting an impression befitting a professional chef. How can you do this?

First, select a simple, easy to read font. Recommended fonts include sans-serif fonts such as Calibri or Arial for both printed and electronic resumes. Avoid cursive script or unusual font styles, as these can become distracting and difficult to read. Use just one font throughout the entire document, sizing your font at 11 to 12 points for the body of the text.

Then, organize your work and education information into coherent sections, beginning each resume section with a resume section heading such as “Experience,” “Skills,” or “Education.” You can highlight the heading using a bold or italic font or you can make the heading larger than the rest of the text.

Finally, leave plenty of white space, called the margin, around your resume text. This adds to the resume’s clean, inviting, and uncluttered outlook and invites your reader to continue.

Optionally, you may consider the use of an infographic. Infographics convey information in an engaging way by employing images. For example, you may use an infographic to illustrate the types of pastry in which you specialize.


Within the United States, you are not advised to include a photo with your pastry chef resume unless you are asked to do so. Due to anti-discrimination laws in that country, including a resume photo when not asked could result in the dismissal of your resume.

Laws and practices related to employment differ in other lands. For example, a photo may be expected in some European countries. If applying to a job outside of the United States, research common resume practices in that land.

Sections of a Resume

A number of resume sections are essential to every resume, including your pastry chef resume. These include:

  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education

You may be able to increase the value of your resume by including additional, optional sections. These include but are not limited to:

  • Objective statement
  • Honors and awards
  • Publications
  • Portfolio

The resume objective statement is used to gain the attention of the hiring manager, perhaps highlighting past accomplishments. Have your creations received any honors or awards, or have they been featured in a print or digital publication? You should include these attributes in your resume, as they highlight your expertise and ability.

You may also choose to include a brief portfolio featuring photos of your work. This is especially the case if your expertise revolves around cake decorating or aesthetically unique pastries. But remember, keep it brief.

Resume Length

Generally, your pastry chef resume should be just one page in length. If including a portfolio, you may expand this to two pages, but do not exceed two pages.

Pastry Chef Resume Section Headings

Education, skills, and work experience are considered among the most important sections of your pastry chef resume.


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is often required. Culinary arts and business degrees are preferred. Additionally, many employers look for an associate’s degree in pastry arts.


First and foremost, your skills should revolve around baking and preparing pastries. This may include the use of ovens, mixers, and other kitchen equipment; preparing specialty breads and doughs; mixing cremes and other fillings; and cake decorating.

Management skills are also needed. You should be able to work well with others and lead them. You should also be familiar with common kitchen management practices and know how to take inventory.

Work experience

Because pastry chefs work as a department head, previous experience in the kitchen is needed. Your work experience should demonstrate that you already have the skills necessary to work independently as a chef.

You should include even unrelated work experience on your resume. For example, you may be able to highlight skills such as leadership or management in the resume job descriptions of unrelated work.

Pastry Chef Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Just as selecting the proper ingredients can make or break a recipe, choosing the right words is important to the success of your pastry chef resume. Today, many companies use intutive resume software that reads and ranks all applicants’ resumes before they ever reach the hands of the hiring manager.

In order to do well during this process, your resume should include valid resume keywords. These can often be found in the original job listing. We’ve compiled the following list of common pastry chef resume vocabulary terms to help you get started.

When your resume is complete, proofread it carefully. Correct any errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation

Words to Use

  • Pastry
  • Dessert
  • Bread
  • Baked goods
  • Products
  • Professional kitchen
  • Restaurant
  • Location
  • Culinary arts
  • Pastry arts
  • Technique
  • Menu
  • Chefs
  • Food safety
  • Industry standard
  • Confection

Action Verbs

  • Bake
  • Cook
  • Prepare
  • Manage
  • Inventory
  • Design
  • Improve
  • Hire
  • Train
  • Direct
  • Maintain
  • Supervise
  • Deliver
  • Create
  • Produce
  • Decorate

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking pastry chef position

Provided desserts for banquets and fine dining as an executive pastry chef.

  • Supervised a staff of 12 chefs and bakers.
  • Created rotational dessert menus.
  • Produced desserts for VIP sporting events and conferences held at the hotel.
  • Work well under pressure.
Your Resume in Minutes
  • Associate’s degree
    in culinary arts
  • Bachelor’s degree
    in hospitality management
  • 12
    years experience
  • 5

2. Candidate seeking pastry chef position

Creative and innovative pastry chef capable of recipe creation.

  • Inventoried and reorganized the cooler and other storage areas to ensure accessibility and proper rotation of goods.
  • Played a role in the hiring process and trained new staff.
  • Created a brunch spread that was featured in Food magazine.
  • Collaborated with the restaurant owner concerning budgeting.
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  • Associate’s degree
    in pastry arts
  • Bachelor’s degree
    in business management
  • 7
    years of experience
  • Published
    in Food magazine