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Oracle Consultant Resume Tips and Ideas

Oracle consultants are a vital part of all oracle projects with their main responsibility as a supervisor and as a bridge between the organization, its’ customers and the development teams. This requires not just the technological expertise in Oracle but also great problem-solving skills, attention to detail, time management, and communication skills as well.

Employers hiring oracle consultants prefer resumes with at least a graduation degree in Software engineering and expect the experience of working in teams and overseeing projects to completion.


Since it is a highly specialized market with a relatively smaller job scope, standing out with a professional oracle consultant resume may be more important than you think.

A potential employer reading through an oracle consultant resume is not just looking for the working knowledge of Oracle technologies, but also proficiency with essential soft skills as well.

You can try the online resume builder to create a world-class oracle consultant resume within minutes.

Top Tips


Recommended: Chronological Format




Headings & Highlights






  • Contact details
  • Objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications


  • Qualifications summary
  • Languages
  • Continuing education
  • Volunteer work
  • Publications
  • Blog
Resume Length

One letter-size page 8.5 x 11


One of the main decisions of resume writing is choosing the most appropriate format. Due to the extensive experience an oracle consultant brings to the table, we recommend to choose the chronological format. In this format, you list your experiences in the reverse-chronological order along with the achievements and highlights of your professional career.

We recommend this because the work experience plays a vital role in the selection of an Oracle consultant and this enables you to lead with the best foot forward.


Since Oracle is not a design based profession, you are not expected to have an artistically designed resume. But that does not mean that effective design principles don’t come into play. The overall design of your resume reflects your professionalism and personality. Therefore, your resume should be readable and clean with proper use of spacing.

Use 11 or 12 point font and bold section headings for maximum legibility.


Do not use a photo on your resume if applying for jobs within the United States of America. Outside of the U.S, first, check the legality as per the country you are applying to.

It is illegal to recruit anyone on the basis of their appearance in the U.S and fall under discrimination law.

Sections of a Resume

Sections with appropriate headings divide and separate the information in your resume and make it easy to follow and understand. As per your specialization in Oracle, you may add any other relevant section but as a general rule of thumb, the following sections are a must-have for an oracle consultant resume..

  • Contact details
  • Objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications

Some sections that add further credibility to your resume are:

  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Publications/Blog

Resume Length

If you deploy modern and minimalist design principles or use on our online resume builder, you may be able to fit a lot of information neatly on one page.

One letter page size is the optimum length for a resume.

However, if you bring with yourself extensive experience and detailed information that simply cannot be ignored in your resume, feel free to add another page.

These resume samples will help you write your own.

Oracle Consultant Resume Section Headings


In short, this is where you introduce yourself. Aim to make a solid first impression by crafting a short yet powerful paragraph that showcases your expertise, your experience and why you are the kind of person that needs to be hired by them.

Work experience

This is where you add the meat to your resume. For oracle consultants, the work experience section is where they demonstrate what they’ve done and goals achieved from working with previous clients. This allows your potential employer to have an idea of what kind of results are capable of generating.

Aim to add tangible business results underneath each work experience you list, along with the duration of your tenure. Adding quantified results will add tremendous strength to your professional profile and paint a holistic picture in your potential employer’s mind.


As an oracle consultant, it is important to have a base in software engineering and development along with any specialized certifications and diplomas in Oracle and relevant technologies.

Oracle Consultant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

To be great at doing your job is one thing, to be able to articulate that into a resume that is professional and unique, is another. Employers appreciate a resume that is easy to understand and yet uses proper professional language.

To make things easier we’ve compiled a list of relevant words for Oracle consultants to use and write an impressive and powerful oracle consultant resume.

Make sure to use the full form alongside any acronyms you use for it to be reader-friendly.

Words to Use

  • Risk evaluation
  • Problem Solving
  • Oracle technologies
  • Workflows
  • Attention to detail
  • Client communication
  • Team management
  • Functional
  • Java
  • Custome Service
  • Software
  • Metrics
  • Reporting
  • Processes
  • Custom Program
  • Application development

Action Verbs

  • Responsible
  • Develop
  • Monitor
  • Train
  • Liaise
  • Perform
  • Upgrade/Update
  • Maintain
  • Design
  • Document
  • Manage
  • Ensure
  • Guide
  • Create
  • Integrate
  • Implement

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Operating Room Nurse position

Worked, Developed, Supervised several custom Java Applications and consulted on several successful large database conversion projects

  • Responsible for data conversion from legacy databases into Oracle 7.x
  • Responsible for identifying and managing risks
  • Liaise between the development teams and higher management to ensure smooth completion of several projects
  • Designed and developed SQL scripts
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  • 15
    Years of experience
  • BS
  • MA
    Software Engineering

2. Candidate seeking Oracle consultant position

Looking to join a passionate team to ensure world-class oracle projects are successfully completed and delivered to clients

  • Worked in custom Java and JSP interfaces to Oracle AR
  • Created Oracle PL/SQL reports and technical documentation
  • Responsible for overseeing projects from start to finish
  • Educate and train users on new functionality
  • Integrated Oracle reports to oracle portal 9iAs Rel2
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  • 10
    years of experience
  • BS
    Computer Science
  • MA
    Software Engineering