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Professional Resume Samples for an Operating Room Nurse

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Operating Room Nurse Resume Tips and Ideas

The nursing profession is without a doubt one of the most highly challenging as well highly rewarding professions you can join. Operating Room Nurses specialize and work with surgeries, as part of the interdisciplinary team, keeping the surgery room sterile, assisting surgeons as well as prepare patients and their families for surgeries.

As an operating room nurse, you can either be a scrub nurse, circulating nurse or an RT first assistant. In any case, your professional experience and skill-sets need to be represented on your operating room nurse resume to truly communicate your specialties in the best way possible.

Since nursing is a competitive job landscape, you only get one chance to make a strong impression with your resume, before it is tossed aside with the rest of the submissions. It is therefore imperative that you take the time to learn about resume writing and create a unique resume to stand out from the crowd and get that interview call.

To keep the guess work out, you can try the online resume builder to create a wordclass operating room nurse resume, in minutes.

Top Tips


Recommended: Chronological Format


Neat & Clean

Sections and Spacing

Minimum use of graphics





  • Contact details
  • Objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship
Resume Length

One letter size page 8.5 x 11.5


Choosing the right format for your resume is of utmost importance. The most common formats used for resumes are the chronological format, the combination format, and the functional resume format.

For an operating room nurse resume, we highly recommend going with the Chronological format.

This allows you to lead with your work experience in the resume by listing them in reverse-chronological order. Mention your job dates and duration as well as any highlights and accomplishments during your tenure. This gives your potential employer a bird’s eye view of where you’ve worked and what kind of specialties and experiences you bring on board.

Since operating room nurse is a highly specialized job, your work experience plays a vital role in getting your employer interested and getting you the interview call!


Since Nursing is not an arts-based profession, you can get away with really simple designs when designing your resume. The rule of thumb is to keep it neat and clean.

Using our resume builder, you can simply pick and choose the style and design of your resume and fill in the information to create a world-class operating room nurse resume easily.


It is against the law within the United States to hire anyone on the basis of their appearance. It is therefore advised not to use your photo on the resume.

Depending on where you are applying in the world, you may in some cases get away with a photograph, but to avoid any problems, first check the legality in the country you are applying to.

Sections of a Resume

In order to separate information and make it easy to read, a professional resume is always divided into sections, outlined by corresponding headings and design elements.

The main sections that a perioperative nurse resume must have are:

  • Contact details
  • objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications

Some sections that are not mandatory but add further credibility to your resume are:


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship

Resume Length

Although the modern resume standard length is a one-pager, nursing is one of those professions that require in-depth knowledge and extensive experience. This means that for operating room nurses, you can easily present a two-pager resume.

Try not to keep the information short and crisp without compromising on anything vital that you want to communicate to your potential employer.

These resume samples will help you write your own.

Operating Room Nurse Resume Section Headings


Think of it as a firm handshake and a big smile on your face. The opening summary statement of your resume is like a great first introduction, and you don’t get second chances.

Use this section to craft a short yet powerful summary to introduce yourself and create a solid first impression.

Work experience

For an operating room nurse, the work experience section is the most important section. Many people use this section to only list their work history and duration but this is also a great section for you to showcase your skills and achievements. Underneath each job post, mention your key responsibilities and highlight your best professional aspects.

Quantifying your role into tangible results and articulating that in your work experience will represent you and the value you bring, in the best way possible.


As an operating room nurse, you are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing along with any specializations and further education in the form of diplomas and certifications that you may have achieved over time.

Operating Room Nurse Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

It can be a challenge to write your resume, especially if you haven’t updated your resume in a long time. We’ve compiled a list of industry-centric words for you to use in your resume along with a list of action verbs to explain the responsibilities you held, using only the best words.

This helps you articulate things better and your potential employer can notice that when reading your resume.

Make sure to use the full form alongside any acronyms you use for it to be reader-friendly.

Words to Use

  • Sterile
  • Perioperative
  • Pre-Surgery preparation
  • In patient care
  • During/Post Surgery assistance
  • Supplies & Equipment
  • Operative procedures
  • Safety precautions
  • Specialized duties
  • Emergencies
  • Scrub
  • Operating Circulating nurse
  • Surgical procedures
  • Health History taking
  • Problem solving
  • Policies & Procedures

Action Verbs

  • Prepare
  • Assist
  • Monitor
  • Help
  • Administer
  • Clean
  • Ensure
  • Maintain
  • Care
  • Participate
  • Instruct
  • Function
  • Mentor
  • Train
  • Serve
  • Responsible

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Operating Room Nurse position

Provide preoperative and intraoperative care to patients in a hospital setting as well as emergency mobile hospital units

  • Responsible for scrub and circulating
  • Responsible for identifying and resolving practice unit problems
  • Continuously monitored, analyzed, and helped improve the performance of all aspects of clinical activities
  • Led patient decontamination teams
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  • 19
    Years of experience
  • BS
  • MS
    Biomedical Science

2. Candidate seeking Operating room nurse position

Assisting in Performing of surgical procedures and post-op care. Assessed, planned and implemented the total care of patients.

  • Maintained supplied and assured cleanliness of area
  • Cared for specimens and cultures as directed by policies…
  • Delivered patient evaluations
  • Educate and train staff and students
  • Participated in Quality assurance (QA) programs
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  • 15
    years of experience
  • BS
  • MA

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