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Office Manager Resume Tips and Ideas

Office managers provide advanced administrative services to make sure that the workplace runs smoothly. They often serve as the point of contact for vendors and suppliers, create standard operating procedures for various roles, and sometimes perform human resource responsibilities such as hiring and training employees.

The typical job requirements for an office manager include either extensive experience doing administrative assistant work in various contexts or advanced college degrees such as an MBA.

Office managers use a wide variety of hard and soft skills to perform their duties. As such, it is critical that an office manager resume is designed in such a way as to highlight relevant qualifications in an easy to read format. Since most recruiters only spend a few seconds on each resume during the first round of reviews, a summary of skills section is highly recommended.

It is also important to understand the unique needs of your potential employer and tailor your resume to fit those needs in the best way possible while remaining honest about your qualifications.

This guide will give you the information on the best skills to emphasize on your office manager resume as well as design tips and formatting advice. If you want to get started right away, try our professional resume builder.

Top Tips

  • Combination
  • Chronological
  • Functional

Decide which format to use by reading our guide below.


Moderate levels of design are encouraged





  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history


  • Awards and honors
  • Objective statement
Resume Length

1-2 pages


Deciding on the right format for an office manager resume comes down to which style will best showcase your specific technical and transferable skills relevant to the exact job you are applying for. The right format often comes down to your level of education and experience as it relates to this position.

Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best format:

Combination format: Usually this format is the best for this job. It allows you to put a list of your most relevant skills at the top so it will get noticed. For a skill based job such as office manager, this is a major advantage.

Chronological format: If you already have a great deal of experience as an office manager, then this format allows you to put your emphasis on how you have picked up a wide variety of skills in various administrative roles. By providing detailed bullet lists of responsibilities in your work history section, you can still highlight specific qualifications.

This format has the effect of showcasing that you may have much more experience than other candidates, offering you a competitive advantage if you are a seasoned office manager.

Functional format: In rare cases, a functional format resume works for office manager positions. This resume style may make sense if you are changing careers or returning to the workforce after a long absence. This style of resume takes the emphasis off of your work history and places it on your skills, usually grouped into different types such as technical, soft, and transferable.

Functional resumes take special resume design skills to pull off well. Be sure to use a professionally designed resume template to make sure your document communicates that you are a serious and qualified candidate.


Since office managers need to be proficient with common office software such as MS Word, Adobe, and various spreadsheet and presentation programs, adding in some design elements can help you demonstrate some of your strengths in the technical department in a way that will help them get noticed.

However, it is very easy to overdo design. Be sure your design elements add to the readability of your office manager resume by drawing the eye to your top qualifications. If a design element is distracting or immature looking, don’t use it.

Avoid the temptation to overdo it with color, fonts, and graphics. A simple, sleek, and professional looking document is what you need to convince potential employers that you are professional, organized, and serious. Learn more about balancing traditional and creative resume styles.


In most cases it is better to avoid using a photograph for your office manager resume. In some cases, it can even hurt your chances because it can land your resume in the discard pile. Use the space to provide more detailed and relevant information related to your qualifications for the job instead.

Sections of a Resume

The sections of your resume should be chosen to highlight your strong fit for the position you are applying for. It is important to customize the information on your resume, including which sections to include, for each individual job you are applying for.

This is especially true for office manager positions because they often have very different responsibilities depending on the size, organization, and staff pool from one office to another. You should choose sections that add to your case that you are an excellent fit for the needs of the office you want to manage.

More or less required sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Education
  • Summary of skills
  • Work history

In addition, if they will allow you to better target yourself to the job you are applying to, consider adding these optional sections:

  • Awards and honors
  • Objective statement

Let’s look at an example of where a resume objective statement for an office manager job might come in especially handy.

Imagine you are reading the job advertisement and notice that the office in question includes a focus on working with out-of-state vendors while maintaining compliance with federal regulations in the construction industry. Two of your last 4 jobs included administrative work in the construction field.

An objective statement in this case makes a lot of sense because it would allow you to make sure your experience in that specific industry gets noticed right away by the hiring manager. You can identify their need and position yourself as the perfect candidate to handle it.

Resume Length

Since office managers are at an advanced stage of a career in administration, resumes are generally expected to be between 1-2 pages. Allow your accurate and relevant information to be the guide. Padding your resume with irrelevant work experiences can backfire, making you look even less qualified for the work you are applying for.

Office Manager Resume Section Headings

Again, choose resume sections that allow you to show off your strongest qualifications. Here is a more detailed look at how to fill out each section to your best advantage:


Of course, if you have any college degrees, it is important to list them here. However, you should also include any certifications or coursework you have taken to master relevant office software. These kinds of qualifications can demonstrate the kind of expertise that employers are looking for in this moderately technical job.


Your skills section is an opportunity to cover the specific skills that you have. The place to start is under “required qualifications” in the job ad. Make sure you mirror the language in the ad on your office manager resume skills section.

In addition, be sure to read on to find the critical keywords and industry lingo to best write your skills in a language that will resonate with the hiring manager. Use active verbs, technical buzzwords, and numerical demonstrations of your accomplishments where possible.

Work experience

Use your work history section to demonstrate specific skills, talents, and qualifications. Try to use synonyms rather than repeating the same words over and over. Use active language to showcase the actions you took in each role. For more tips, read on to the vocabulary section below.

Office Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

To create a professional office manager resume, it is important that you use the right language to convey your experiences and expertise. Below you will find some of the top keywords and action verbs for office manager resumes.

Using this vocabulary, you can make sure that your resume will make it past automatic applicant tracking systems (ATSs) which use keywords to search for the first round of candidates. If your resume doesn’t make it past that layer of review, it may never even be assessed by a human being.

Words to Use

  • Operational procedures
  • Multitask
  • Correspondence
  • Human resources
  • Efficiency
  • Administrative support
  • Customer service
  • Leadership
  • Intra-office communication
  • Maintain inventory
  • Vendor and supplier management
  • Technical proficiency
  • Protocol
  • Process shipping and receiving
  • Travel logistics
  • Budget

Action Verbs

  • Delegate
  • Coordinate
  • Prioritize
  • Implement
  • Supervise
  • Streamline
  • Support
  • Recruit
  • Manage
  • Organize
  • Schedule
  • Train
  • Communicate
  • Maintain
  • Assist
  • Plan

Resume Samples

1. Experienced candidate seeking office manager position in a small real estate office.

Resume summary statement:

Seasoned administrative guru with property management experience and a business degree seeks to facilitate smooth running operations at Happy Farms Real Estate.

Summary of skills:

  • Extensive experience as an Administrative Assistant in the real estate context
  • Property management experience including coordinating with vendors, service providers, and contractors
  • Strong leadership skills with a keen eye for streamlining processes to maximize efficiency
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a focus on relationship building
  • Technically proficient with MS Office Suite, Dropbox, Google products, and more
  • Associate degree
    in business
  • 3 years
    as an Administrative Assistant
  • 2 years
    working in property management

2. Candidate seeking office manager position at a large corporate office.

Resume summary statement:

Experienced Office Manager seeking to use my education and expertise to streamline the office operations for the Big Box team.

Summary of skills:

  • Advanced degree in business administration with a focus on optimizing workflow
  • Extensive administrative experience in various roles
  • Experience writing and implementing standard operating procedures to streamline operations
  • People-oriented individual who facilitates strong relationships based on clear communication
  • Strong technical skills in a variety of programs including MS Office Master Certified
  • 5 years
    as an Administrative Assistant
  • 2 years
    as an Office Manager in a small real estate firm
  • Certifeid
    in MS Office