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Office Assistant Resume Tips and Ideas

Office assistants play an important role in ensuring office operations run smoothly. They carry out tasks such as filing, typing, keeping records, answering calls, and preparing official documents.

The great thing about being an office assistant is that you are not confined to specific fields. You can seek employment in technology, manufacturing, education, medicine, legal, and any other sector. However, you may need specialized training for certain industries.

When seeking an office assistant job, the applicant must indicate industry-specific training. Work history, education levels, and skills must also be outlined.

The best way to write an office assistant resume is to indicate the skills that are relevant to the job requirements. Aligning resume sections with industry-specific requirements places you in an excellent position to be hired.

Top Tips

  • A chronological resume format is ideal
  • Applicants can use online resume generators

Consider the following factors:

  • Content spacing and organization
  • Colors
  • Resume layout, titles, subheadings




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective, summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications


  • Hobbies
  • Awards and honors
  • Languages
  • Voluntary work
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


The best resume format for an office assistant job is the chronological format. You should begin by highlighting your most recent work experience. Hiring managers find this format easier to gauge the capability of applicants by checking their career history and skills.

It is wise to describe the roles you played in every organization you have worked at. If you attended training, mention any sessions or courses too.

Readability is also a significant consideration when crafting an office assistant resume. Fonts such as Arial and Calibri are recommended. When your content is legible, the hiring team can trace your career progression easily to find the relevant information quickly.

A professional office assistant resume increases your chances of being hired. As such, you should use excellent resume layouts. You can get insights from professional resume samples or use online resume makers to create an office assistant resume that leaves a lasting impression.


A good design will make your office assistant resume stand out. Some of the main aspects to consider include content organization and spacing, colors, titles, and subheadings.

The content should be organized into specific sections with proper spacing to enable hiring managers to skim through. Besides that, make sure the colors don’t distract from the crucial details in your work experience, skills, and other crucial information.

Titles should be written in bold or in larger font size in order to stand out and allow potential employers to easily and quickly find the information they’re looking for.


In the US, photos are not required in office assistant resumes. This helps reduce discrimination during the recruitment process.

However, in Europe, applicants should sometimes include a headshot to ensure their profile is considered in the application process. Countries such as Germany and Spain practically always include a photo in their resumes.


Sections of a Resume

The office assistant resume sections should demonstrate your career progress. Make sure to emphasize your qualifications.

You should know that every section of your resume has a role to play. Don’t disregard certain parts just because they don’t seem valuable. When employers have evaluated everyone, and they want to choose between a few applicants with similar qualifications, it’s the small details that will make the difference.

Moreover, displaying laxity in small details can give a bad impression. Therefore, you must place as much effort on the little aspects as you do on the major sections.

The most essential resume sections for an office assistant position include:

  • Contact information
  • Resume objective, summary statement or qualifications summary
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Certifications

Optional sections to include in an office assistant resume include:

  • Hobbies
  • Awards and honors
  • Languages
  • Voluntary work

Resume Length

The recommended office assistant resume length is one page. This length is enough for applicants to convince hiring managers of their suitability for the role on offer.

Office Assistant Resume Section Headings

The most important sections for an office assistant resume include the work experience, skills, and education.

Work experience

It’s important that you detail all the relevant aspects of your work history. Hiring managers are interested in knowing the length of time you have been in the industry and the organizations you have worked for.

But don’t just dump all your work history on the resume. You should first figure out which experiences are most relevant to the job you’re applying for. You can even mention the specific responsibilities in your past jobs that match the description of the job you’re applying for.


An office assistant must have specific skills relevant to a particular industry and others which are helpful to carry out their general responsibilities. Therefore, you should indicate the capabilities you gained through your previous work experience and training.

The best way to decide which skills to include is by starting with a master list of skills that you possess, as well as the skills generally required in such a job. Then, narrow down to the skills that match the specific job description. This way, you’ll be sure not to leave out any vital skill.


The educational achievements required will vary based on the office assistant job description and industry. Your resume should contain any courses taken and certifications gained.

It’s vital that you present as much detail as possible. At all costs, you must never present any information that’s vague and hard to understand.

However, if certain details could produce a negative effect on the potential employer or recruiter, you should leave them out. For instance, you should only include your GPA if it’s high; otherwise, leave it out.

Office Assistant Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

For an office assistant resume to stand out, applicants must use keywords that are commonly used in this position.

Words to Use

  • Files
  • Inventory
  • Data
  • Budget
  • Scheduling
  • Documents
  • Analytical
  • Calendar
  • Checks
  • Mail
  • Team
  • Supply
  • Records
  • Memo
  • Computer
  • Support

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Prepare
  • Format
  • Cooperate
  • Organize
  • Write
  • Facilitate
  • Develop
  • Call
  • Type
  • Analyze
  • Perform
  • Schedule
  • Manage
  • Communicate
  • Resolve

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking an office assistant role:

Resume summary statement: Dedicated and goal-oriented office assistant with 3 years’ experience. Ability to meet strict deadlines without supervision.

  • Planned and coordinated meetings and events successfully
  • Welcomed visitors and directed them to the appropriate offices
  • Organized business trips for the whole company as well as executive travel
  • Contributed towards budget preparations and creation of presentations.
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  • 3 years’
  • Bachelor
    of Business Administration
  • Certification
    Office Assistant
  • IT

2. Candidate seeking a medical office assistant role:

Resume summary statement: A dedicated medical office assistant with knowledge in preventative healthcare. Skilled in time management and timely completion of tasks. Focused and dedicated to customer service.

  • Carried out marketing duties to retain patients and attract prospective clients
  • Scheduled and rescheduled patients’ appointments with doctors
  • Contributed towards the monthly newsletters
  • Collected payments and checked patients out
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  • 9 months
  • Bachelor
    of medicine and surgery
  • Diploma
    in Business Administration
  • Certification
    Office assistant

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