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The role of Nurse managers has evolved over the past decade. Not only the Nursing job landscape is becoming more competitive and demanding, the integration of technology has also incorporated computer skills into the job description as pretty much mandatory.

This means your resume must reflect and highlight your skills appropriately, with the right sections and formatting to stand out, and make a strong impression.

Nurse managers of today are not just leading their nursing staff in hospitals and clinical settings, they are also leading the nursing profession into the modern age.

The core responsibilities remain the same of course. You are expected to manage the staff, oversee patient care, make decisions about schedules, subordinates, and budgeting, etc. Topclass nurse managers possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. They build strong teams and wear multiple hats throughout the day. It is vital for a winning nurse manager resume to include as well as highlight these qualities.

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Top Tips


Most recommended format: Chronological

Combination resumes also work for nurse manager jobs

Use pre-formatted nurse manager resume templates


Main aspects to bear in mind:



Bolds & Highlights






  • Contact details
  • Objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship
Resume Length

Recommended: 1 x Letter page – 8.5” x 11”

Maximum 2 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


Most nurse managers bring with them previous work experience of hospitals and clinics where they have served and performed gaining valuable experience. It is recommended to use the chronological format for a nurse manager’s resume, as it allows you to list your previous work experiences in reverse-chronological order, along with your role and responsibilities.

The combination format may also work for nurse managers as it allows them to highlight their specialties and demonstrate expertise in multiple or specific areas of work. Depending on where you’re applying and level of experience, you will know which format will work best for you.

We advise you to stay away from the functional format for nurse manager resumes. Your education is of course important, but employers at this level of designations are interested; first and foremost in your previous work experiences and skillsets that you bring to the table. Education in these sectors only serves as a foundation. Leading with your strong work experience gives you a stronger chance to win that interview!


Although the design is not a primary aspect of the nurse management profession, this does not mean that your resume should neglect it. The job of your resume is to attract the attention of your employer and get them interested enough to give you a call!

Make sure that there is no shading or use of graphics to compromise on readability. The look and feel of the resume have to be clean, readable and attractive. The use of appropriate spacing, formatting, and sections will help you design a professional nurse manager’s resume.

Do not compromise on the quality of paper it is printed upon. Remember that this piece of paper is what your employer is going to meet on your behalf before they actually meet you. It is important to make a strong impression and use high-quality paper to print your resume on.


It is not necessary or recommended to use a photo in your professional nurse manager’s resume. Not only will this be seen as discrimination, but it is also actually against the United States law to employ someone on the basis of their appearance.

So to avoid any potential problems, do not include a photo in your resume. However, if you’re applying to the European Union or elsewhere in the world, you will have to check their recruitment regulations about the use of photo in that particular country.

Sections of a Resume

A nurse manager’s resume reflects different aspects of a nurse manager’s professional profile. This is done by using sections to separate and identify information such as their training and knowledge, skills and work experience along with other information relevant to the job vacancy. The following are the main sections of a nurse manager’s resume that are expected from your hiring manager’s point of view.

  • Contact details
  • objective/summary statement
  • Work experience
  • Skills
  • Education/Professional Training
  • Certifications

Apart from these main sections, there are additional sections that you can add to make your resume more unique and attractive. These sections lend further credibility and help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.


  • Languages
  • Seminars/Conferences attended
  • Awards
  • Volunteer work
  • Internship

Additionally, due to the high-pressure environment and nature of work in the nursing profession, it may also be a good idea to indicate shift availability and flexibility.

Resume Length

The nursing profession is one of those professions where the resume can exceed the regular one-pager limit. Due to the details involved in the job, your potential employer must see all that you bring to the table and this can easily become a challenge to fit all the relevant information on one page.

Hence, focus on providing your employer all the relevant information along with expertise and additional aspects that lend credibility and weightage to your resume.

Nurse Manager Resume Section Headings

Nurse managers are relevant to almost all sub-sectors of healthcare and hence it is imperative that you research the particular sector in detail when applying. You will have to know which of the sections are the most important in your hiring manager’s point of view and include them accordingly.

In any case, for a standard nurse manager resume, the following sections are a must-have.

Work experience

One of the most important aspects of your resume is the work experience section. Many people make the mistake of only listing their previous jobs, employment dates, and duration, and move on. This section is a golden opportunity to show your employer what you can do for them. Under each job listing, make sure you list your accomplishments, tangible goals and targets achieved and aim to paint a picture of your capacity and capabilities in your employer’s mind.


There is no doubt that nurses are the backbones of any healthcare system. Hence, nurse managers play a vital role in keeping, maintaining and improving this infrastructure smoothly and efficiently.

Nurse managers curate several soft and hard skills that are vital to performing their job. It is of paramount importance that you list both your technical as well as people skills as well as your proficiency with medical software and hospital management systems.


Although nurse management is mostly a management role, you are required to have the basic knowledge of nursing as well as. You are expected to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing but if not, a non-nursing related degree along with relevant management experience may also qualify you to be a nurse manager.

Nurse Manager Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Since there is no one-size fit all, you need to tailor your nurse manager resume according to the place you are applying to. Nursing covers a wide spectrum of health care services, information needs to be worded in a way that is easy to understand and yet communicates your grasp on the profession.

You may include acronyms for specializations or certain techniques and machinery but wherever possible, include the full term as well.

Words to Use

  • Healthcare
  • Management
  • Schedule
  • Patients
  • Teamwork
  • Certified
  • ICU/CCU management
  • Records
  • Clinical
  • Patient care
  • Staffing/ Staff
  • Compassion
  • Focused
  • Work under pressure
  • Decision making
  • Governance

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Train
  • Develop
  • Improve
  • Manage
  • Decide
  • Mentor
  • Direct
  • Deal
  • Decide
  • Assess
  • Administer
  • Review
  • Evaluate
  • Document
  • Supervise

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Nurse Manager Role

Experienced Nurse Manager of a hospital-based emergency center. Maintain and manage staff and record-keeping of radiology, nursing and admitting staff.

  • Patient Satisfaction scores of 97%
  • Developed an observation unit in the Emergency center
  • Maintain 1% Staff turnover rate
  • Prepared and maintain laboratory under COLA and CLIA
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  • 18
    Years experience
  • B.S.
  • M.S.
    Healthcare Administration
  • Trilingual

2. Create your Nurse Manager Resume in minutes

Responsible for employee development, resource management, planning and budgeting of quality and patient satisfaction initiatives.

  • Member of Nurses Improving the care of Health System Elders (NICHE) team
  • Provided payroll, scheduling excellence.
  • Maintained records and staff up to the highest hospital standards
  • Rolled out electronic medical record (EMR) system
  • Introduced and maintained the practice of hourly rounds
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  • 8
    Years of experience
  • A.S.
  • Diploma
    in Staff Management & Admin