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It doesn’t matter if you have a face that makes everyone stop breathing, you need a professional modeling resume if you want to get your dream modeling job. You must prove to the hiring managers that you possess the necessary experience and skills for the job.

Presenting a resume that features all the vital information in the job description is a great way of securing an interview that will ultimately land you the job.

Top Tips

  • The reverse-chronological format is best
  • Use a resume builder to create a flawless format
  • Improve your resume’s aesthetics with proper organization, clear font and the right content spacing
  • Save your Model resume in PDF format to maintain the layout (send your resume in PDF format unless otherwise stated)




  • Contact information
  • Model bio
  • Portfolio
  • Work experience
  • Skills


  • Resume volunteer experience
  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests
  • Recognition and awards
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


The reverse-chronological order is the most ideal resume format for a model resume. It puts the most recent wins first. It also makes all the important information about your career easy to find.

A resume builder should provide you various beautiful resume templates to enable you to keep your resume format perfect and intact.


When it comes to a model resume, recruiters are mainly focused on aesthetics. You need to craft an eye catching resume if it is to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

An engaging model resume will always give you an advantage amid the sea of fellow job seekers. Use clear, legible fonts leaving enough white space between words, sentences and sections.

An online resume generator can help you create a striking yet professional model resume.


Photographs are what modeling is built around so photos are a must in a model resume. Include a portfolio in your resume. A portfolio is made up of a model’s photographs. It is a fashion model’s real resume. It shows how the model looks in photographs since this may be different from how they look in person. This can be presented in person at a casting or online.

You must have a portfolio website with all your shoots if you are to compete effectively with the other models.

Sections of a Resume

Your resume should have very clearly organized sections. Potential employers should be able to find all the relevant information in your model resume with ease.

The major sections relevant to a graphic designer resume include:

    • Contact information
    • Model biography
    • Modeling portfolio
    • Work experience
  • Resume job skills

Optional sections that could help the resume stand out include:

  • Resume volunteer experience
  • Hobbies
  • Personal interests
  • Recognition and awards

Resume Length

The ideal resume length should be at most one page long. If you have plenty of experience, you can make it two pages. However, make sure that you do not fill your resume with unnecessary information that will put off the hiring managers.

Model Resume Section Headings

Model resumes should focus mainly on the model biography, model portfolio, education and relevant skills.


Model biography

The model biography is like a short commercial of your career. In a model resume, the biography section highlights your work experience. You need to prove that you can prepare for a shoot, pose, and catwalk and perform all other activities demanded of a model. List your work experience starting with your most recent placement and add the rest in reverse-chronological order.

Use your model biography to quickly grab the attention of recruiters by packing it with your best achievements. Include all your relevant measurable accomplishments.

If you are relatively new with little to none professional modeling experience, talk about your transferable achievements from other areas of your life.

Model Portfolio

This is arguably the most important section of a model resume. It includes your basic contact information featuring your full name, updated phone number, professional email address and a link to your portfolio website.

Your portfolio website offers a destination for agencies and recruiters interested in your work.


Education may not be a qualification for the modeling profession but it can act as an added advantage. In the education section, include the school name and location, degree and duration. Find out what the recruiter wants from the job description and link these skills to your achievements in school for example excellence in photography classes or theatre.


Since you do not need an education to be a model, the skills section is very important. You prove your ability to be a model by showcasing your skills. This has to be a mix of soft skills and attributes. Soft skills include coordination, physical fitness and communication.

Do not simply list your modeling skills. Attributes on the other hand include your physical description and technical skills. Examples of attributes include 34/25/36 and photo shoot production skills.

You must provide proof by linking your skills to past experience.

Model Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Resume vocabulary demonstrates your deep knowledge about modeling. Use resume buzzwords and action verbs commonly used by Models to impress the hiring managers.

Words to Use

  • Catwalk
  • Director
  • Billing form
  • Editorial print
  • Beauty shot
  • Clear skin
  • Day rate
  • Contact sheet
  • Composite
  • Chart
  • Haute couture
  • Head sheet
  • Tear sheet
  • Stats
  • Mother agent
  • Mini book

Action Verbs

  • Showcase
  • Identify
  • Test
  • Fit
  • Model
  • Attend
  • Compete
  • Participate
  • Create
  • Book
  • Runway turn
  • Dance
  • Organize
  • Promote
  • Meet
  • Strike poses

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Model role

Modeling Agency. 34/25/36, 5’8”, 125 lbs. Seeking to add value for L.L. Bean’s clients.

  • Modeled for 30+ clients on runways and in advertisements including Vita Coco and IMG
  • Appeared in 20 commercials for strong local brands
  • Recognized as the agency’s top model three years in a row for consistency and reliability
  • Commended by agency for professionalism
  • Posed and walked the runway a dozen times for high profile clients like Etonic
  • Built strong relationships with agency customers
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  • 5
    years experience
  • Degree
    in photography and video production

2. Candidate seeking Model job

Energetic, new fashion model with 2 years experience modeling at local venues for charity. Modeled regularly for the art department at NYU. Commended for professionalism and awarded for my modeling prowess.

  • Excelled in theatre and photography classes
  • Presented clothing and beauty products at local charity events
  • Promoted NYU at various beauty pageants
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  • 2
    years experience
  • Bachelor of Arts
    in English Literature
  • Crowned miss NYU
    two years running