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Medical Biller Resume Tips and Ideas

The job of Medical Billers revolves around handling all aspects related to billing patients following up on payments from health insurance companies. Their responsibilities include maintaining and updating medical records in the hospital’s database, coordinating with insurance companies and explaining medical charges to patient’s families. To qualify for a Medical Biller position, one must possess an array of skills from accounting and IT to communication and attention to detail. These skills must be clearly highlighted in an applicant’s resume alongside other competences in the education and work experience sections.

Medical Billing has become a very sought after profession in recent years, attracting more applicants than ever before. For this reason, employers have become more thorough at recruitment. Job applicants, therefore, need to be more pro-active in how they write their resumes. Hiring managers often go through a lot of resumes to fill a Medical Biller Position. To be considered for an interview amid hundreds of other job seekers, it is essential to create an impressive resume. If you are having problems crafting your Medical Biller resume, follow the tips and resume guidelines below or use our online resume builder.

Top Tips

  • Chronological format is highly recommended
  • Combination format can be used when there are gaps in employment history
  • For a flawless format, use a resume template

Consider the following key design aspects

  • Section organization
  • Use of white space
  • Titles and sub-titles
  • Font size and color




  • Contact information
  • Resume objective/ resume summary
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Education


  • Additional certifications
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Personal interests
  • Volunteer work
  • Languages
Resume Length

1 Letter Page = 8.5” x 11”


A well-structured Medical Biller resume displays an applicant’s organizational skills, which are vital in the profession.  Potential employers can easily identify competencies that qualify an applicant for a job position. Achieving the perfect resume format involves making use of the right formatting tools. One may also use a resume template if formatting from scratch is too much trouble.

The chronological resume format is the most common because it clearly shows an applicant’s career progression. When using this format, you should arrange your education and career information starting with the most recent and followed by the rest in reverse-chronological order. For applicants with gaps in their work history, the combination resume format is recommended. This format puts more emphasis on the skills section with career accomplishments, only highlighting the specific skills.


Your resume design layout should be impressive to hiring managers. A simple, professional design is encouraged when crafting resumes for healthcare providers, and Medical Billers are no exception. While creative resumes are impressive, caution should be taken not to distract hiring managers from the information on the document since it is of greater importance than the document itself.

Your Medical Biller resume should be in a legible and consistent font. The sections should be neatly structured with enough white space between them. The titles and subtitles should be concise and used in the right places.

A crucial resume tip to consider is that you should save and send your resume in PDF to maintain the format and design features.


Do not include your photo in your Medical Biller resume when applying for a position in the United States. In other countries, however, you may be asked to include your headshot in your resume.

Sections of a Resume

You must present your competences in sections. Well-organized sections may capture the attention of your potential employers, but the content in these sections will determine if you get called for an interview or not.

The most important sections to include in a Medical Billing resume are:

  • Contact details
  • Objective of resume
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Education

Resume Length

Your resume length should not exceed two pages. This is enough space to present your case to potential employers. You can use tables and columns to maximize the space that your resume covers.

Medical Biller Resume Section Headings

The most import resume section headings in a Medical Biller resume are:

Work experience

Hiring managers pay a keen eye on the professional work experience section as they want to know what the applicant has been engaged in before seeking employment in their practice. The amount of work experience needed varies with the complexity of the job opening. The minimum experience required is always indicated in the job description. If you do not have the minimum job experience requirements, you can focus on highlighting your training and skills that qualify you to fulfill all the potential duties of the job.


Healthcare providers must possess some form of training. Education certificates provide evidence of this training. Training in business and accounting is usually the basic requirement for the role of Medical Biller. Such training can be from an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Health Care Administration, or any other related discipline.

In addition to your core education competences, you should also include any relevant additional training, certificates, and licenses. This could give you a definite advantage over other applicants.


The Medical Biller profession requires knowledge and skill in several areas. Your resume must demonstrate all the competencies that indicate your fitness to hold the position. You should at least be knowledgeable in insurance guidelines, CPT and ICD-10 Coding, bookkeeping procedures, and relevant computer systems. Each job, however, needs varying skills, and these are described in the job description. Emphasize and quantify your skills using resume action words, facts, and figures.

Include your soft skills in this section. Soft skills important to the position include team work, patience under pressure, problem-solving skills and language skills

Medical Biller Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Use resume buzzwords specific to the Medical Billing profession to demonstrate your familiarity and understanding of the field.

Words to Use

  • Code
  • Invoice
  • Claim
  • Payout
  • Co-insurance
  • Clearing house
  • Applied to Deductible (ATD)
  • Estimate
  • Reimbursement
  • Insurance
  • Service
  • Capitation
  • Cost
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Benefits
  • Allowed Amount

Action Verbs

  • Collect
  • Manage
  • Bill
  • Claim
  • Estimate
  • Practice
  • Update
  • Arrange
  • Appeal
  • Process
  • Research
  • Identify
  • Oversee
  • Resolve
  • Review
  • Pose

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking Medical Billing Senior Administration Role

Enthusiastic Medical Biller. Skilled in complex data interpretation and risk assessment with 5-year experience

  • Calculated and evaluated patients medical charges
  • Submitted claims, and attended to all patient inquiries made by insurance companies.
  • Generated highest gross revenue for three consecutive years
  • Worked with independent adjusters to fix insurance payments 15% above average.
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  • Experience
    5 years
  • Education
    Bachelors in Healthcare Administration
  • Certifications
    Licensed Medical Biller

2.Candidate seeking Expert Medical Billing Role

Seasoned Medical Biller with more than 11 years of experience in the profession. Proficient and up-to-date in current Medical Billing computer programs. Has excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, and strong written and oral communication skills.

  • Optimized revenue performance for the clients
  • Appropriated and sent billing documents to the clients and insurance companies on time
  • Created an efficient system to protect the hospital form virtual breaches
  • Provided technical guidance to junior Medical Billers
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  • Experience
    11 years
  • Education
    Master of Science in Medical Coding