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Loss Prevention Officers Resume Tips and Ideas

Loss prevention officers resume writing tips can help you find the ideal career in the profession you want to do. Having the correct information placed onto the resume can help you gain the attention you need within a busy workforce.

Through the use of a specific loss prevention officer resume format, you can showcase the dedication and passion you have for this profession, as well as the knowledge needed to correctly do the job.

Loss prevention officers have to have a wide range of resume job skills to showcase. These skills include technical, observational, and dedicated skills to catch shoplifters before a loss occurs. Showing your qualifications for this particular profession can help to obtain and highlight the specific loss prevention officer training, knowledge, and background you have.

The strengths, experience, and objectives of the individual applying for this profession should be shown on the resume layout. The industry has a need for this type of professional, and the correct resume format can showcase these skills.

Loss prevention officer positions require a specific resume that shows of specific training and skills mandatory for this career. By finding the perfect examples that fit will with the career, the individual is better able to achieve the goals they’re after. Use our guide to writing a loss prevention officer resume with tips and examples that are easy to follow.

Top Tips

  • Ideal resume format = combination format
  • Chronological resume format is also ideal to use
  • Functional resume format is not recommended

Important factors to consider:

  • Page layout
  • Titles
  • Objective section
  • Highlights




  • Contact details
  • Objective statement
  • Highlights
  • Work experience
  • Education


  • Skills
  • Volunteer work
  • Certifications
  • References
Resume Length

1 x Letter Page – 8.5” x 11”


When putting together a loss prevention officer resume, it is important to consider the resume format you’d want to use. The right resume format will be best suited to the information you’re placing in it.

A chronological resume is the most recommended type of resume for many jobs. It is an organized resume that portrays the highlights and key competencies of candidates and lists their work experience. This is another ideal format to use, but not necessarily the best for the loss prevention officer role.

The combination resume provides the interviewer with an idea of not only your past work experiences, but also the skills that you possess. Since a loss prevention officer needs required skills to adequately do the job, these skills should be highlighted above the work referenced, education, and certifications the person has had.

In addition to the above formats, which are subjective, it is important to always use text formatting. This will provide a resume that is clear and easy to read. The interviewer should not have an issue finding the necessary information they want to know on the page that is handed to them. It is also recommended to be careful while using bold and italics, as these can reduce the readability of the loss prevention officer resume.


The design of the loss prevention officer resume is one that should be clean-cut, to the point, and provides a lot of information in a small amount of space. It should be well-thought out and organized.

The candidate has to show the interviewer that they have a broad background, but that they are not over-the-top or flashy when it comes to their work ethic.

It is important to use clear titles and headings while designing the overall layout, because you need the important information to be broken up and put into easily digestible pieces.

It is not necessary to use pictures, graphics, or info charts within the resume, as this does not pertain to the particular position of loss prevention officer. This position is mostly based on a clean look with an organized way of showcasing the person’s skills and talents for doing the particular job role.


It is not advisable, or necessary, to use a photo of yourself on your loss prevention officer resume in the U.S. If you will be applying to a loss prevention officer position outside of the United States, you may have to include identification, but this is something to find out should you need to apply outside of the country.

Including a photo on your resume can lead to the person not getting the job because they’re unable to hire someone on their appearance alone. It is important to stick with text on the resume, rather than adding a picture.

Sections of a Resume

The main loss prevention officer resume sections are generally the same, as the position doesn’t vary much with each place. The sections to include are:

  • Contact details
  • Objective statement
  • Highlights
  • Work experience
  • Education

Any type of certification that you have had that shows that you are a security or IT professional can be beneficial at showing you’re able to do the job that is required.

It is vital that the professional shows that they have a strong security background. This is because the loss prevention officer is a specialist that provides this type of security for the business or company that is hiring them. This should be showcased on the resume.

Other optional sections that can be included are:

  • Skills
  • Volunteer work
  • Certifications
  • References

Loss prevention officer resume samples showcase the main details of the person and the skills that they have, but also how well they are able to do the work.

Resume Length

It is recommended that a resume is no more than one page in length, as this can become too much for a person to read. If the loss prevention officer resume is longer than a page, then it should only include references which take another half page, if it cannot fit on the original full page.

Use an online resume creator to help you through the process of creating your very own loss prevention officer resume. Creating an effective, original resume to apply for the career you want is important.

Loss Prevention Officers Resume Section Headings

Loss prevention officers are in an ever-changing world of technology. This means they need to keep up on the amount of technological information they know. This is why it is important to showcase the previous work that has to do with this type of security and IT, as well as skills, and other information.

Work experience

This should be a focal point for those that are creating a resume to showcase their work. They want to show off the work they’ve previously done, as well as the specific security positions they’ve held successfully in this work experience section.

This is the field experience the person has gotten before going into the workforce. This section does not have to include any jobs that were had before this type of security position, unless there are no other related positions that the person had.

Creating a neat, bullet point list of achievements is highly recommended under each position. Your accomplishments should be highlighted in the resume, as you need to show the skills that you have, or what you’ve done in past positions that could help this particular company or business.


The skills that a loss prevention officer possesses is an important factor to consider. Since the job has a lot to do with the technology that is used to keep the company secure, the candidate has to showcase their skills in the IT department.

It is important to show off those software, hardware, hard and soft skills, the knowledge you’ve learned, as well as other specifics to list on the skills section of the resume. Do you know crime prevention methods? How to write up reports when there are security incidents? How well you do with shift work, and other relevant skills to the position.

Loss Prevention Officers Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

The words that are used in the loss prevention officer resume have to go along with the skills and necessary role of the officer. The information should be presented to the interviewer in a clear manner.

By using a loss prevention officer resume example, you can tailor your information to the examples that are given, and the job are looking to obtain. Gaining the attention of the hiring manager is the goal.

Tailor the resume to the specific company or business that you are going to be applying to. You want to ensure that you’re providing the necessary action words that are showing you’re interested, committed, and able to do the job.

Words to Use

  • Officer
  • Security
  • Responsibility
  • Technology
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthy
  • Certified
  • Experienced
  • Surveillance
  • Patrol
  • Prevention
  • Crime
  • Safe
  • Professional
  • Procedures
  • Checks

Action Verbs

  • Explain
  • Provide
  • Watch
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Observant
  • Resolve
  • Perform
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • Coordinate
  • Conduct
  • Assist
  • Enhance
  • Investigate
  • Prepare

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking loss prevention officer

Experienced candidate seeking a loss prevention officer position. Available for swing, rotation shifts and flexible. High attention to detail, experience with security programs and technology with great communication skills.

  • Provides complete security forms and reports
  • Ability to detect issues before they become worse, and diffuse them accordingly
  • Able to provide security under cover or out in the open
  • Information on the laws and other specifics of the area regarding the security measures needed to be taken
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  • Experience
    8 years
  • Education
    BA in security
  • Certifications

2. Candidate seeking loss prevention agent

Long-time, experienced, dedicated loss prevention specialist looking to fulfill a loss prevention agent role in a fast-paced environment. Able to pay attention to the highest detail, open communication skills, clear, quality reporting, as well as having the necessary education in securities for the area.

  • Open communication skills with teammates and others
  • Provides quality security measures and catches security issues ahead of time
  • Knowledge on the natural laws for the area and the securities that are required
  • Works with local law enforcement agencies as necessary
  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    BA in security
  • Skills
    High attention to detail