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Professional Resume Samples for Logistic Coordinator

Logistic Coordinator Resume Tips and Ideas

Logistics coordinators oversee the movement of orders and supplies. They make sure necessary materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there in order for the business to function. They also help ensure the timely processing of orders, aiding customer satisfaction.

Logistics coordinators must be communications oriented and willing to please. They must facilitate teamwork between various departments. They must also be well organized, a good leader, and timely.

If the position of logistic coordinator is right for your next career move, you can create your logistic coordinator resume. Base your design on our professional resume samples, or employ the following expert resume writing tips.

Top Tips


A chronological resume format is recommended.


When designing your logistic coordinator resume, consider:

  • A professional appearance
  • Sections, headings, and margins
  • Paper quality




  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education


  • Objective statement
  • Language fluency
  • Certifications
Resume Length

One page, letter size, 8.5 by 11 inches


A chronological resume format is recommended for logistic coordinators. This type of resume begins with your contact information and a skills list. These are then followed by your work history and educational background in reverse-chronological order.

Because education is an important factor for logistic coordinators, functional and combination resume formats are not recommended.


How should a logistic coordinator resume look? You can use an online resume template or one of our professional resume samples to achieve a professional appearance.

Select an easy to read font such as Arial or Calibri. Your text should be 11 or 12 points. Group your information into sections, and use a resume section heading before each. Sections may include “Experience,” “Skills,” “Education,” and others. Leave ample space, or margins, around each section of text.

If printing your resume, consider also the paper quality. Select a high-grade resume or business paper, such as linen or cotton.


You will not be required to submit a photo along with your logistic coordinator resume. In fact, including an unsolicited photo with your resume in the United States could result in the rejection of your resume due to strict anti-discrimination laws.

Sections of a Resume

A number of resume sections are important to every professional resume, including those of logistics coordinators. Essential resume sections include:

  • Contact information
  • Skills
  • Work history
  • Education

Why are these sections so important? They provide the most basic information your employer will need to determine whether you are a good fit for the job. You can enhance your value as a potential employee by populating other additional sections, such as:

  • Objective statement
  • Language fluency
  • Certifications

How can these optional resume sections benefit you? The objective statement is used to capture the attention of your hiring manager, perhaps by highlighting a past accomplishment. Do you have any special certifications, including but not limited to OSHA safety training or heavy equipment operation? Including these in a certifications section shows that you have an intimate understanding of these logistical concerns.

Do you speak a language other than English? If so, this should also be included on your resume. Being bilingual is a real asset in the increasingly diverse global economy.

Resume Length

How long should a logistic coordinator resume be? Generally, you should limit your resume to one page in length.

Logistic Coordinator Resume Section Headings

Choose 2-3 sections. The most important for the profession.

Education, skills, and work experience are of primary concern when planning your logistic coordinator resume.


At least a bachelor’s degree in logistics or supply chain management is generally required in this field.


Logistics coordinators should have in-depth understandings of logistics, supply chain management, regulations pertinent to their industry, and economics. Computer proficiency is a must.

Soft skills needed include organization and planning, time management, scheduling, and customer service. Interpersonal and leadership skills are necessary for training new employees. Writing skills are needed for completing paperwork and creating reports. Accuracy, problem-solving, and attention to detail are additional preferred skills. As already mentioned, fluency in a language other than English can represent an added bonus.

Work experience

Previous experience related to logistics is ideal. This could include but is not limited to working as a buyer, in the shipping department, or other parts of the company that require planning, scheduling, or the movement of goods.

Even unrelated work experience is of benefit and should be included in your resume. You can take advantage of the resume job descriptions to highlight transferable skills.

Logistic Coordinator Resume Vocabulary & Writing Tips

Before it reaches human hands, your logistic coordinator resume will likely be read and rated by resume analysis software. This software is designed to look for pre-determined resume keywords to determine whether you are a good fit for the job.

To score well, your resume should contain the same keywords. Where can you find these keywords? Examining the original job listing in a good place to start. For your convenience, we’ve also contrived the following list of common logistic coordinator resume vocabulary terms.

When your resume is complete, be sure to proofread it carefully. Look for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Correct them before submitting your resume.

Words to Use

  • Supplies
  • Regulations
  • Trade
  • Situational awareness
  • Orders
  • Organization
  • Business
  • Equipment
  • Schedule
  • Accuracy
  • Products
  • Security
  • Customer service
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory
  • Materials

Action Verbs

  • Coordinate
  • Process
  • Regulate
  • Report
  • Facilitate
  • Plan
  • Record
  • Organize
  • Move
  • Transport
  • Train
  • Manage
  • Ensure
  • Adhere
  • Write
  • Transfer

Resume Samples

1. Candidate seeking logistic coordinator position…

Successfully managed over $5 million of inventory and equipment in a fast-paced environment.

  • Maintained a high level of situational awareness concerning more than 200 personnel in high-risk jobs.
  • Extended the company’s 5-month record of no time-lost injuries to 13 months.
  • Ensured that all rules and operating procedures were observed and enforced.
  • Maintained accurate records of personnel, equipment, raw materials, and finished products ready for shipment.
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  • Experience
    10 years
  • Education
    Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management
  • Skills
    Set records in safety

2. Candidate seeking logistic coordinator…

Oversaw not only product movement but security and disposal of hazardous materials with a 100 percent safety record.

  • Coordinated and administered training of new staff as well as regular training sessions for all team members.
  • Oversaw XYZ Corporation employees as well as temporary personnel assigned from other agencies.
  • Worked in a position of oversight for 5 years, during which time no injuries or accidents were reported.
  • Planned, organized, and implemented more than 13 major logistical movements of waste and supplies.
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  • Experience
    7 years
  • Education
    Bachelor’s degree in logistics
  • Certification
    OSHA safety training in hazardous materials handling